God Where Is My Boaz - A Woman's Guide To Understanding....

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GOD Where’s My Boaz is a woman’s guide to understanding what is hindering her from receiving the love and relationship she truly deserves. A practical and spiritual approach to the issues a lot of women are facing. A straight forward and easy to read book that will help you:

green check Recognize and overcome the obstacles in love & relationships
green check Take steps towards truly becoming the blessing you hope to receive
green check Feel empowered, encouraged, and focused on progress

This isn’t tips and tricks on how to get a man. This book will assist you in taking a deeper look within which will help you prepare and position yourself for the love and man who is truly best for you.

This book isn’t just for single christian women, it’s for all women who desire God’s best in their lives. Walking that path isn’t always easy, however embracing it and understanding what has hindered your progress is exactly what you need. Don’t waste another second not getting all that you deserve.


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Amazon Best Seller: God Where is My Boaz?


Now I although I’ve already found my Boaz, I was interested in reading this book just to see what the hype was about and how accurate it really was. The content in this book is PRICELESS! And even if you already have your Boaz, it still gave me some insight on things I can do better even in my own marriage. If you’re serious about “finding your Boaz” then you really need to make the small investment and read this book.

Christine St. Vil, An AMAZING book!

Whether you have been doing all you think you should be doing and have come up short, or if you don’t know where to begin at all; this is the book for you. Stephan’s advice encourages singles to step up to the challenge of preparing for the role of the wife Boaz is looking for. The message of this book is compassionate yet, not sugar-coated; Stephan always points back to a solid relationship with God. He is not just harping on the benefits of Biblical precepts, but explains how to attain success with them. This is a book with great balance of teaching and practical example.

Linda NewBerry, Compassionate, yet Not Sugar-Coated!

I thoroughly enjoyed Stephan’s interpretation and explanation of the Ruth & Boaz story. I was particularly impressed by the real answers he provided to common problems that single women face. As an advocate for single women, I always encourage my sisters not to settle, but instead prepare to become the wife they want to be. I loved his no-nonsense approach, as he empowered women to prepare not just wait! I encourage single women to enjoy this quick-read and make a conscious effort to apply these principles in their dating lives!

Koereyelle Dubose, A Great Resource For All Women!

What I love the most about God Where Is My Boaz is that the author he gives great spiritual feed back on how woman can over look many red flags or misleading feelings. Also the fact that he referred you back to our creator for confirmation on what he speaks about. Prayer is the safe line to any doubt in starting a relationship with someone.

Miriam Enriquez, Genuine and informative

This is an easy read! I was only on the first chapter and it already had an amazing revelation from a person who has sat in the presence of God and heard His voice. Great beginning….and it was powerful and helpful all the way to the end. For me it was a mind-blowing experience.

Lakeisha Dixon, God Where Is My Boaz Is Filled With Ah ha Moments

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