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Are you single? 🤔

One huge mistake most single people make…

Are you single?

I ask, because one mistake I see people make ALL too often is falling in love, before they are SINGLE-SINGLE…

Not as in you’re currently NOT going on dates and NOT going out with any, one particular person..

But, as in you’re heart isn’t COMPLETELY free from past love, pain, and hurt….

All too often we move on, before we’re truly ready to love freely AGAIN…

And you know what happens?

We end up hurting the person that could’ve been the one. The Man God sent for you….

As much as I hate the saying ‘hurt people, hurt, people’ it’s very true in this case!

Not on purpose, but because we’ve been scarred, traumatized, mislead, done wrong..

And just want to AVOID it happening again at any cost!

And when we enter a new relationship without healing first…

We carry ALL that weight on our heart and when we see ANY red flags from our past relationships creeping up in our new love we REACT…

In a way that will seem completely unreasonable to whomever we’re dating, because they didn’t deserve it, but it’s because it’s NOT them we’re acting out on ….

It’s these old emotions.

Old emotions that many of us don’t even know we have until they rise to the surface and we’re acting out of character wondering why we’re so heated in the first place…

It’s because you never properly healed!

I want to help you do that. Step by step.

First we need to identify these emotions (that you don’t even know exist) which I help you do in my book ‘Finding Love After Heartbreak’.

Then flip to page 17 and apply the 4 step healing method I’ve developed through years of successful relationship consulting!

Get your copy below to let the healing begin:

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With love,

Stephan Speaks

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