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DO THIS before your next relationship… ✔️

There are many ‘ideas’ on what should be done once you leave a relationship…

….get over somebody by getting under somebody new

….get revenge

….get back with an ex because you’re lonely

….switch teams (race, gender whatever)

NOTHING will erase the hurt, pain or memories!

Rather it was your fault, his fault, BOTH your fault..

You should do this before doing ANYTHING else.



Because, the last thing you want to do is get into another relationship with emotional baggage just to kill what could’ve been a great love if you were in the right mindset and emotional stance.


I know, I know…

“easier said than done Stephan”

But if you know anything about me I don’t give ’empty’ advice and I”m here so you never feel as if you’re in this alone!

That’s why I’ve done the ground work for you…

By learning from my own relationships, relationships of coaching clients, and interviews conducted before writing my book “Love After Heartbreak”

Where I show you step by step how to break the cycle of carrying emotional baggage from one relationship to another just to end up back single and bitter. Again!

If you’ve ever been in a relationship (yeah this book is for ANY and everybody who’s ever been in a relationship) you need this book as it will help you identify emotional baggage you have from past relationships hurting your current relationships…

How to heal from them,

and then become the best partner you can be to your current lover or future relationship.

Get your copy at the link below:

==> Get ‘Love After Heartbreak’ for as low as 30% OFF 💞

With Love,

Stephan Speaks

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