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❌ 5 things you should AVOID doing after a break-up

In my book ‘Love After Heartbreak” I break down 5 things everyone should avoid doing immediately following a break up and the 4 steps you SHOULD be doing instead:

PG 9: what most people do to get over heartbreak which actually makes it worse and prolongs the healing

PG 17: Learn the 4 step healing method I developed through years of relationship consulting

PG 29: The promise you must make to yourself to start the healing so you can find love again

PG 31: How early influences and experience shape your life long expectations of love

PG 57: The True meaning of ‘Hurt People, Hurt People’ and why you shouldn’t be entertaining love until you’re truly healed

A reader’s testimonial clearly explains exactly what the book helps you with and hearing a complete stranger endorse this guide is much more powerful than I can and obviously would… because I wrote it LOL!

Read the testimonial below from Lisa:


“Stephan Labossiere’s latest book, Love After Heartbreak Volume 1, gives you the information you need to heal from life’s inevitable hurts and disappointments. He reveals the five things you should avoid doing and then guides you through his easy to follow 7-step process.

Each step is detailed in three chapters to help you understand pain, release it and experience “Deeper Healing.”One of the things that I love about this book is that Stephan Labossiere shares not only his knowledge of heartbreak but his personal experiences as well.

He makes you feel like you are not alone in your pain when he states, “I’m walking with you through this process” and “I’m there with you, holding your hand.” Stephan and his clients have successfully completed this process and you can too.

If you are ready to free yourself from the negative cycle of emotional hurt and “experience your best life and truest love” get your copy of Love After Heartbreak Volume 1 today.” – LISA


And the thing is many of us don’t realize we suffer from heartbreak, or misguided examples of what love looks like.

So while were entering and exiting relationships we’re carrying bad habits and a bruised emotional state into new relationships unknowingly….

Which sabotages what could’ve been a great relationship.

Basically starting with a weak foundation that can’t even withstand the uncertainty that comes with getting to know a new person.

Love After Heartbreak will guide you through the steps to reveal your lingering pain and past relationship trauma and then take you step by step to heal.

Get your copy now using the link below:

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With Love,

Stephan Speaks

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