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This Will Eat Your Relationship ALIVE!

please avoid this at all cost…

Love After Heartbreak reader MSL had the following to say about the book:


“I wish I knew the words to express how powerful this book was. I didn’t know how much pain I was carrying until I read this.

Going through the steps outlined in this book, helped me to release so much hurt that I had been carrying for years! I am so grateful for this book Stephan.

Thank you God for using him in this way to bring us healing and hope.” – MSL 


This is exactly why I wrote this book.

Many of us are carrying emotions and past trauma from previous relationships which is the reason why most of our relationships are DOOMED before they even begin.

  • Yes people cheat
  • Yes people lie
  • Yes people grow out of love
  • Yes there’s a honey moon stage


None of that matters if you’re already emotionally damaged from past relationships.

You’re not ready to handle the ups and downs that come with sharing your life with another person.

You’re not ready to love openly and therefore may scare away the Man God has for you just because of trust issues from the past.

And what’s worse is…

Most of us don’t even know it.

We think the way we act in a relationship is normal, the way we respond to hurt is normal, the way we treat the opposite sexc is normal, when really deep down inside.

You’re hurt.

And you’re jeopardizing finding the love of your life with toxic ways that we have learned from past relationships and hurt that we carry from past heartbreak…

But, you can only identify and get better by truly knowing how to spot it.

That’s why I wrote ‘Love After Heartbreak’ to help you spot past relationship trauma from heartbreak and show you easy to follow steps to identify it, and finally heal so that you can openly love again without any bias.

And right now you can get your ebook copy for only $9.97 or paperback for $14.97!

Click the link below and learn how to identify the hurt and the steps you need to heal:

GET IT ==> Love After Heartbreak eBook

GET IT ==> Love After Heartbreak Paperback

With love,

Stephan Speaks

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