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Most of my testimonials are from women trying to break a cycle of bad relationships or having bad examples of a good relationship or how a specific book helped them get to the next level…

So just about any point in the right direction based on my years of coaching 100’s couples can steer them toward success…

BUT when another “love” professional leaves me a glowing review, it makes my heart smile and lets me know just how much impact my books are creating in the world…

And how relevant my strategies are to what women are going through…

Check out a testimonial by one of my professional peers about my ebook ‘Love After Heartbreak… this is probably the biggest co-sign my work could ever receive!


Truly amazing book! The content in this book helped me get through a trying time.

Even as a Love coach – I found a lot of valuable nuggets to get me through an unexpected breakup. I appreciate how easy to read the book was and how much support and guidance were given to help me heal.


Now as a love coach, she technically KNOWS a good bit when it comes to love, but she still found value in the book and could’ve missed out on it if she had decided ‘been there, learned that’ based on her profession….

Don’t let that be you!


When speaking about this book, I always like to let people know it isn’t just for people who are going through a breakup….

This book is for ANYBODY who has experienced hurt with love, family members, friends, romantic partners, and even God (the book will explain that further).

And it will give you the guidance and clarity you need to experience healing, peace, and love in your life.

From my experience as a coach, I’ve realized many of us have unhealed wounds that sabotage what could’ve been great relationships due to past breakups.

So do yourself (and your future lover a favor) and get a copy of Love After Heartbreak using the link below:

==> Get ‘Love After Heartbreak Vol. 1’ for as low as 30% OFF ❤️

With love,

Stephan Speaks

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