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Your Single Girlfriends Don’t Want You to Find Love – Here’s Why

Browsing through my comments on Facebook I came across a lady (virtually in tears) over how her relationship ENDED, because she took advice from her girlfriends..

Not just ANY girlfriends,


SINGLE, girlfriends 

Ever heard the saying ‘misery loves company’,

Not saying all single people are miserable, but if you’re a so-called friend and you give advice that ends with your friends SINGLE

….you might be!

And it’s not my place to tell you honestly they ain’t ya FRIEND…

At-least not one that wants to see you in a relationship while they watch from afar wishing you were heading out for girls night with them!

But it is my place to tell you that’s why your emotional state can control how you think and act…

Let’s be honest most of us have been BURNT (cheated on, ghosted, time wasted etc) by a relationship

And no matter what you think those situations still haunt your MIND

and still control your reactions to certain things within a relationship…

And a single girlfriend who’s been hurt or scorned doesn’t have the advice you need, because it’s skewed toward the opposite of your goal due to her being blinded by past relationship trauma…

We ALL need healing so we can stop the cycle of ‘they’re no good men, they’re no good women, these **** ain’t ish’ their words not mine!

In my ebook ‘Finding Love After Heartbreak’ I teach you step by step how people have ELIMINATED past relationship trauma…

FOUND long lasting love after being hurt over, and over again!

We all think we’re ‘good’ and know exactly what we’re looking for, but trust ME. We don’t. You’re not good. And it is affecting your past, present and current relationships.

Just look what reader Latifah A. had to say about the book:

“I wish I knew the words to express how powerful this book was. I didn’t know how much pain I was carrying until I read this. Going through the steps outlined in this book, helped me to release so much hurt that I had been carrying for years! I am so grateful for this book Stephan. Thank you God for using him in this way to bring us healing and hope.”

…she thought she was ‘good’ too, but quickly found out she was carrying a lot of pain!

So here’s what to do next.

Click the link below and get your copy and let the healing begin.

==> Finding Love After Heartbreak eBook

==> Finding Love After Heartbreak Paperback

You have nothing to lose but pain, and a great relationship to gain.

With love,

Stephan Speaks

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