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Healing Heartbreak Episode 1: It’s Okay to Be a Cougar

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Cougar dating has become much more common these days. However some women are still struggling with feeling comfortable dating a younger man.


In the first episode of Healing Heartbreak, Stephan tells you the most important thing to focus on in a relationship is a deep connection. Age doesn’t matter. Listen below:

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  • Jennifer

    Sound advice. Healthy perspective. I am SO proud of you, Stephan. Praying as you continue to surrender to His will.

  • Cris

    Happy to hear your talk Stephan! 😊 It inspires me more in my current relationship.

  • Victoria Howard

    This is great information Stephan. Connection is very important. Another thing I got from this is not allowing others to speak into the relationship unless they see something wrong in the character not the age .

  • Bridget Abrandnewme Harris

    This was awesome! I’m currently dating a younger man….of 14 years…..and have gone through these emotions, especially wondering what people will and are saying. While I don’t feel he is “the one”, it has nothing to do with his age and everything to do with us being evenly yoked. We are comfortable with one another, as we’ve been dating for a bit over 6 years. And while, yes, I’ve known the relationship is basically over for a while it’s hard to disregard someone that genuinely loves you. Thank you for the advice.

    • Collette Michelle

      Been with and now married to a younger man for almost 18 years ❤❤

  • B Denise Hollis

    Thank you so much for this. I’m 53 (like ‘Victoria’ people think I’m much younger) and I mainly attract men much younger than myself. I have no problem dating them but most often stop myself from pursuing anything more. Not because I worry about what anyone will think but more so because they more than likely want a family of their own and I have no desire to have anymore kids.

    I feel that this is also a message to be shared with younger men who are attracted and seriously interested in older women to let them think about the aspects and dynamics of this type of situation.

    Thanks again.

  • Tessa Walter

    Thanks for the tips for staying open and dating younger . I have always been skeptical when it comes to dating young guys . There are just so many factors to take in consideration . I eased off my skepticism a little when a close friend of mine recently starting dating this amazing younger man . Their genuine connection made me realize that character NOT age should play a bigger role in desiding who you date . Well , at least I started being a little bit more open to the idea of dating younger . Still learning though .

  • Red jay

    If someone called me a “cougar”, I would be ready to slap them. We need to get away from these stereotypes that degrade us because some stupid entity or social media thought it was cute. We are African American women who deserve much more than being called an animal. What are the men counterparts called? Guess what…they aren’t.

  • Red jay

    On the subject: I personally am not interested in dating “my son”. There’s only so much maturity a person can have because much of it is based on life experiences. You cannot have the level of maturity of a person who has lived longer than you; hence, your rule on not “speaking down” to them confirms that difference.
    Now this is not to say that you should not date a much younger man…you’re a grown woman…do what at YOU want to do. My concern is not about what your friends and family think, but your capability to maintain your confidence level and overcome your insecurities and comparisons about yourself vs. other women; being completely comfortable and not territorial, jealous or anxious.

  • J. Mitchell

    Reading this at an appropriate time in my life. Realizing that perhaps the opinion of others is more important to m than it should be.

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