😀 I don't trust ANYBODY!...

Stephan "I don't trust anybody..."

Stephan "there aren't any good men out here."

Stephan "what happened to love like our Grandpa and Grandma shared?"

...these are the types of DMs I get, and some of them have a point!

For the most part, they're all suffering from a single thing: 'TRUST ISSUES" with a sprinkle of bad habits!

Meaning they've been hurt, didn't heal properly, and now they have trust issues and bad habits they carry along to new relationships that don't have 'ish to do with the past!

...Knowing this, late last year I created a webinar called the 'Trust Issues' Masterclass which received a standing DIGITAL ovation from everyone in attendance LOL!

Why? Because they learned how to...

  • Get over past hurt so you can have a better outlook on finding a fulfilling relationship.

  • Stop sabotaging their relationships before they can begin based off of past trauma and trust issues.

  • Learn to love with a pure heart again, without the baggage.

  • Start to enjoy the dating and love process again so they're fully accepting of a new relationship


If you've been a part of my email list for awhile, you'll know I rarely put this thing for sale!

So, when I do it usually gets 1,000's of downloads and then we shut it down!

So today it's back on sale. You can get it at the links below, but after 500 people click 'place order now' and purchase it. (Attendees last year paid $97. You'll only pay $37)...

I'm shutting the registration page DOWN.

...usually opens back up in a couple of months. But I wouldn't bet my relationship on it. Click the link below...

Get ==> Trust Issues MasterclassΒ 

With love,

Stephan Speaks