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“I YELLED at him, shoved him away, and told him he was just like everyone else, and while I was in the mirror crying, I didn’t even recognize this woman. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t his fault, and I just caused our first BIG argument for no reason. I feel like I ruined US”…. – Colleen

This was part of a story from one of my readers…


This is exactly the reason why ‘Love After Heartbreak’ is a MUST-HAVE book for anyone who wants a long-lasting relationship.

Two healed people will make for a much more stable relationship than two hurt people…

WHICH is the reality of most relationships. Two people are dealing with a traumatic past while getting to know someone completely new.

It’s not impossible, but it won’t be without its major UPS and DOWNS.

It’s so bad now that most people think ‘arguing’ is just PART of a relationship. NOT TRUE!

Arguing is part of a relationship if you’ve only ever been in relationships where you argue instead of discussing, communicating your needs, and comprehending!

But you only get to that place by first healing because no matter how much you may want to have a grown-up discussion, most eventually succumb to their emotions, and all the peace goes out the window, and in comes the yelling!

So when you’re not healed from the past. You’re simply building up emotion to let loose on the wrong target…

And when you do that, you’re setting yourself up to ruin what could’ve been a great relationship.

I’m happy to tell you that not only did Colleen (the woman from the story above) repair her relationship, but she also repaired her mental stability from past relationship trauma by hiring me as a coach.

More importantly, she included the steps in my book ‘Love After Heartbreak’ into her recovery…

Everything I showed her was pulled from this book!

I live by it. Thousands of people have purchased it, used the information inside, and seen an instant improvement in their mental ability to welcome new love, unbiased opinions about that love, with a completely open, non-judgmental heart!

Get your copy of ‘Love After Heartbreak’ below. Sit down. Take notes, and get ready to unpack years of relationship trauma so you can have a healthier relationship and dating life:

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With love,

Stephan Speaks

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