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Relationship Advice Doesn’t Work…

Read below on why I believe Relationship Advice Doesn’t Work….

Guess what? Nothing works if you don’t put in the necessary effort to get the results.

You know what really bothers me?

When people complain about NOT getting the results they want, but when you look at their day to day they didn’t put in the necessary effort in order to get them. see it on social media day in and day out.

When I created my Stephan Speaks brand I sought to solve a huge problem in the relationship coach and advice community where people were simply capitalizing off broken hearts and minds…

without a care in the world if any of it actually would help them get better, more fulfilling love lives and relationships

Anytime I dive deep into why a person isn’t getting the love they want it comes down to one thing:

They simply didn’t do what needed to be done to get the results they desired.

Rather getting over past hurt so they can learn to trust and love again,

or dealing with the habit of attracting men that aren’t emotionally available,

or why they keep ending up in dead end relationships that waste years of their life and go nowhere….

…the content I’ve created in my new 4 week program Single & Ready addresses all of that and more.

I put it together after surveying over 1 million of my followers on Instagram and learning what they felt was holding them back from a long lasting, fulfilling relationship and love life.

I put it all in the course:

  • 4 week transformational course with pdfs, a workbook, and audios to take you from single to being ready to love again
  • Change your approach to love and dating so you can attract the men you truly desire and stop attracting men who don’t fit your current needs and what about you is repelling them
  • Have a program hold you accountable to truly transform your outlook on attracting the man you deserve and one who deserves you at your best
  • Proven advice and tips from a certified Relationship coach who has transformed over 150,000 love lives through books, courses, and live seminars
  • BONUS: Get 3 of my best selling books. God Where Is My Boaz, Why Men Overlook Good Women, 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Ex Back.
  • BONUS 2: Group coaching call where I’ll personally answer any questions that keep you up at night about love, life, and relationships.
  • The 2 bonuses are only for those who you join today September 12, 2018.
  • It’s also over 60% off today. After that I have to bring it back up to the original price.

Here’s what one early course taker had to say:

“This is an awesome course! I was only on week 1 and it already had provided me with an amazing revelation that has truly improved my life. Stephan is powerful and helpful all the way to the end. For me it was a mind-blowing experience.” – Lakeisha Dixon

Give me 4 weeks and I’m going to prepare you for the love and relationship you deserve.

The cart is only open for 3 days, and I’m only allowing 50 students as I want to get you results.

After that no more can join.

After joining if you don’t feel you’ve received the type of information and personal guidance you need to take your love life to the next level then I don’t deserve your money.

You’ll get a refund.

So, you have nothing to lose, but dead end relationships and a unfulfilling love life.

Get the relationship and love life you desire at the link below:

Join Single and Ready

With Love,

Stephan Speaks

P.S. I’m only letting 50 people into this course. As I want to make sure people get the attention they deserve as they follow along. I’m leaving the cart open for 3 days and then it closes.

I’m giving out bonuses today only.

When you join by the end of today (September 12, 2018) only you also get to join me on a group video call where I will personally answer your questions about love and relationships. (Something I charge over $399 for with 1on1 clients. You get for free)

And 3 of my books.

Even if you’re currently in a relationship this course will personally help you give and receive the type of love you deserve.

Join today to get all the bonuses mentioned above.

P.P.S. I love you regardless.

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