The Real Reason Men Cheat....

While most women think men cheat, because

...they're men.

That's hardly true, and during my research for my new book "How to Get a Man to Cherish You" there was a recurring reason men admitted to cheating.

And guess what?

It had nothing to do with lack of intimacy from their lady, nothing to do with trust issues, nothing to do with a baby mama (hate that word), or an ex he wasn't over.

Matter of fact I WAS even surprised, because it had NOTHING to do with any of the usual reasons women suspect their man of cheating!

And trust me its a good thing, because its a simple fix.

It's so simple that if you're currently in a relationship you can start doing it TODAY and lessen the chance of your man ...entertaining, stepping out, or even having a second thought about ANY other woman.

If I was you I'd grab my copy and swing on over to Chapter 12 where I break down how to apply it to your love life and relationship.

But be careful!

Because the result is you being cherished and smothered with love.

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How to Get a Man to Cherish You

With Love,

Stephan Speaks