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💔 Why New Years (love) Resolutions Rarely Work

Happy New Years!

I hope you brought it in with friends and family you LOVE!

You ever wonder why some things (like New Years Resolutions) just don’t work out for you?

…it’s because there’s something bigger, and better that God has already in store for you.

And it is no different when it comes to your love life.

No matter how much you WISH that man would act right,

no matter how much you PRAY that man will act right,

…he just can’t seem to get his ISH together

Because there is a God fearing man, your soulmate, your better half that God created just for you.

And, until he knows you’re ready, you’ll keep running into what I call ‘lessons’.

Lessons are the men you need so that you can become the woman you’re intended to be in God’s eyes.

Lessons are the men who prepare you to truly appreciate the man God intended for you.

Lessons are the men God sends to test and make sure you’re ready for the blessing that is the Man God has for you.

BUT, some men are just a waste of time.

In my ebook ‘The Man God Has for You’ I show you how to see, and navigate through the men who are lessons, avoid the men who are just a waste of time, and continue to build, and prepare yourself for the man God ultimately created just for you!

AND, how to attract him faster, recognize when it’s him, and how you can strengthen your relationship with God through it all.

Learn to attract the man God intended for you for the New Year:

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With Love,

Stephan Speaks

P.S. Here’s what readers are saying about The Man God Has For You.


“Absolutely great book! It was so eye opening. I think everyone should read this book before getting into a relationship. It can save you a lot of heartache, by making sure you pay attention to the red flags.” – Niki S.



Is the man you’re currently dating the Man God created for you or another test or just a waste of time? Learn the red flags.

Get your copy now.

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