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– M. Sparks

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See for yourself what women are saying about the bestselling book God Where is My Boaz?:


I didn’t want to put it down! God Where Is My Boaz is an awesome, insightful read. I would highly recommend this book to every single woman whose desiring to be married. It’s not easy to wait on God, this book is going to help you tremendously in your preparation season. I love the fact that it’s coming from a wise single mans heart. Buy it! You won’t be sorry!

Kimberly Pothier a.k.a. Real Talk Kim,

I thoroughly enjoyed Stephan’s interpretation and explanation of the Ruth & Boaz story. I was particularly impressed by the real answers he provided to common problems that single women face. As an advocate for single women, I always encourage my sisters not to settle, but instead prepare to become the wife they want to be. I loved his no-nonsense approach, as he empowered women to prepare not just wait! I encourage single women to enjoy this quick-read and make a conscious effort to apply these principles in their dating lives!

Koereyelle Dubose, A Great Resource For All Women!

God Where is My Boaz? isn’t tips and tricks on how to get a man. This book will assist you in taking a deeper look within to help you prepare and position yourself for the love and man who is truly best for you.

This book isn’t just for single Christian women, it’s for all women who desire God’s best in their lives. Walking that path isn’t always easy; however, embracing it and understanding what has hindered your progress is exactly what you need. Don’t waste another second not getting all that you deserve!.


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What People Are Saying About the Best Selling Book: God Where is My Boaz?


Now I although I’ve already found my Boaz, I was interested in reading this book just to see what the hype was about and how accurate it really was. The content in this book is PRICELESS! And even if you already have your Boaz, it still gave me some insight on things I can do better even in my own marriage. If you’re serious about “finding your Boaz” then you really need to make the small investment and read this book.

Christine St. Vil, An AMAZING book!

Whether you have been doing all you think you should be doing and have come up short, or if you don’t know where to begin at all; this is the book for you. Stephan’s advice encourages singles to step up to the challenge of preparing for the role of the wife Boaz is looking for. The message of this book is compassionate yet, not sugar-coated; Stephan always points back to a solid relationship with God. He is not just harping on the benefits of Biblical precepts, but explains how to attain success with them. This is a book with great balance of teaching and practical example.

Linda NewBerry, Compassionate, yet Not Sugar-Coated!

What I love the most about God Where Is My Boaz is that the author he gives great spiritual feed back on how woman can over look many red flags or misleading feelings. Also the fact that he referred you back to our creator for confirmation on what he speaks about. Prayer is the safe line to any doubt in starting a relationship with someone.

Miriam Enriquez, Genuine and informative

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  • Natasha Finley

    If the point is to discover what is preventing us from finding our Boaz then there is no expectation other than to leave this reading an improved woman. This book has a very fluid Q&A format that will answer almost every question we may have as a woman concerning the topic aforementioned. Even beyond the very informative Q&A we can look deeper into the story of Ruth and Boaz to find truth there.

    While healing is stressed by the author as a probable prerequisite to compel our mate; the story of Ruth and Boaz may show something slightly different. Two things that stood out to me the most in this work was the respect Boaz had for Ruth and his unspoken obligation to her. If we recall Ruth had just lost her Husband, Brother-n-law and Father-in-law and it was mentioned that she experienced depression as would most in such a case. Naomi suggested that they move to prevent starvation as well as find provision. One can gather that Ruth was in a healing process if
    not state of pain as well. However through it all she maintained a level of
    integrity that allowed Boaz to be compelled to her by way of her character. He
    didn’t take advantage of her in her weakness yet he saw to it that she was
    protected and had everything she needed for survival. She as well didn’t allow
    her state to cause her to compromise her integrity when in Boaz’s private

    I’d like to believe that your Boaz may find you in your pain as well as delivered from it. Some pain is chronic and some is acute. While we all wish to heal and be as close to 100% as possible before finding our mates the truth is this may not always be the case. What makes the difference is your character during your pain and what steps you’re taking to move beyond your hurt. Being quite realistic the loss of a loved one
    may never fully offer resolve but a life with the sorrow under control is indeed possible. I’d like to think of Boaz as her complementary care during her
    pain. This was a very insightful read and my points are from one angle. With
    such insight I believe that each reader will certainly find the jewel that they
    need in “God Where is My Boaz.” Thank you Mr. Labossiere.

    • kurtstull

      Boaz wasn’t obligated to her.

      • Telly

        Yes he was. Remember it was customary in that time when a woman became a widow, the next responsible male in the husband’s family was to take care of/and/or marry her

        • kurtstull

          But he wasn’t the next.

          • Telly

            True. But he was the one to step up to the plate

          • kurtstull

            And “stepping up to the plate” is the opposite of doing something out of obligation, which was the very reason for my post.

            I must say, I find it lamentable, but sadly predictable among today’s worldly women, when they cannot even recognize the voluntary nature of this man’s good deed. But it is especially appalling when even among Christian women, it seems so hard for them to give him the credit he deserves. Or maybe they are just as blind as any unsaved woman in darkness, naturally convinced of her own status of privileged worthiness.

          • Telly

            Truth. Stepping up to the plate is different from being obligated to do so. Here’s the deal, all those in the line before him that were ALSO obligated to do so chose NOT to step up…and he did. I think the whole reason why we as women are looking for our Boaz is because HE DID do what others wouldn’t. And sadly, THAT is hard to find EVEN among today’s self proclaimed “Christian” male. It has NOTHING to do with “privileged worthiness” as it does just understanding our worth as daughters of the KING and sisters in Christ. We are NOT deserving of ANYTHING GOD gives but through CHRIST we are made WORTHY.

  • Rebecca Lynn – The Love Coach

    Awesome book for every woman looking to take her personal growth to the next level!! Stephan’s wisdom and heart for women is so apparent. A must read!!

  • Tiria Mason

    Great book and now available at

    • Guest

      have you tried the arrows…up up down down press b and then a than b and then a again and then hit select key twice and then start key, that should do it!

  • Crystal Ann Rose

    Looking forward to purchasing this BOOK!!!!

  • Fermin Villarreal

    My books on my crazy life and almost three deaths,now handicap.

  • Shawna

    This book was so real on 100 different levels an now I see why you are a great author this book was awesome looking forward to read many more. This book helped understand me a little more as well Thank You so much!

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  • David

    You can always look on the Club, a new service that currently offers all their services for free, for the first 5000 members free for Life.

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  • Iweka florence

    I purchased the PDF version but I have not been able to open the file,I have tried re-downloading countless times and it keeps showing the same message( couldn’t open file because the file is either corrupted or damaged) each time. Please,i need help because I really want to read this book.

    • Email me at so I can get that fixed for you Iweka

    • Sis. Tami Aiken

      I tried to download it, it just showed me a lot of codes and number and it is very long. So if someone have read it and like to pass it on so i can get my Boaz. Please in the name of JESUS.

  • Shawnta

    Any one want to bless me with a book?

  • Lisa Mincey

    I would love this book also but can not afford it. If you have read this book and don’t mind selling it for a reasonable price, please email me at lisamincey39@…Thank you so much in advance…

  • Diana Qtqute Garwood

    Can anyone feel sorry for me and loan me a copy that you have read already?

  • Christy Marie Hawkins

    I would love to read this book. I’ve been telling my dad, I’m waiting for my Boaz. I must get that book ASAP…

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  • kurtstull

    Any advertisement that pumps,”You are an Amazing Woman” I don’t trust.

  • Felecia

    I paid for this book an I never received it where should I look or who should I contact. My purchase date was sometime in February.