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Soooo many people have experienced a breakthrough with this!

While doing research for a masterclass, I realized that the longevity of relationships revolved around many things, but most importantly one thing seem to be the secret of couples who’ve been together 20+ years….

This one thing has allowed them to:

  1. Be more open to a new love after past relationship failures, and how to get their new partner to be more understanding of them during this transition
  2. Be more mindful of their emotional triggers that set off a spiral of negative emotions toward their new partner based off issues from past relationships
  3. I also mentioned part of this secret in a book, and how it’ll make your man (or woman) cherish you, because they’ll be 100% CLEAR on how you feel & your intentions …so they’ll never have the need to seek attention from anywhere else
  4. How to use it to stop arguments and disagreements in their tracks. Many amazing relationships have fell prey to constant arguing which is an emotional drag and eventually makes a woman/man desire their partner less, which leads to other issues and eventually a break up.
  5. Last but not least this single thing saved a couple’s marriage of 20 years after one partner woke up one day and felt they loved their significant other, but was no longer in love with them…

I’m going to break down what they did, and how you can apply it if you ever find your relationship in a similar situation (and trust with a long term relationship it’s inevitable)

The good thing is you can start implementing it immediately, and see a significant difference in how much you enjoy your relationship

BUT, you can’t implement this secret UNTIL you get over your trust issues.


Because you won’t allow yourself to put in the work required to get the result with the all the negative emotions clouding your judgment and I don’t want to waste your time.

So, I’m going to help you get over that past relationship trauma,

Release all that emotional baggage,

And teach you the one secret that long time married couples shared as their reason for getting through the tough times and enjoying a fulfilling relationship.

Are you in?

If so click the link below to get access to my Trust Issues Masterclass at a very special price.

Click below to add this to your long lasting relationship advice war chest:

==> Get Trust Issues Masterclass

With Love,

Stephan Speaks

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