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Best Piece of Relationship Advice I Ever Received (Why Am I Single Lead In)

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Read below to get the best piece of love and relationship advice I’ve ever received….

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Some of the BEST dang love advice I’ve ever received was:

“Give your best to your partner. Never calculate how much you’re giving—- just keep on giving. This is a sure recipe for happiness”

Meaning don’t count the score cards, don’t tit for tat. Just give, because you care. Not because you expect something in return, but because you genuinely love them.

When you’re with the right person, they will reciprocate, but your focus remains on pouring into them what they need.

Not only did this advice open my eyes to how many of us don’t truly tap into giving with love and pouring into the specific needs of our partner, but it helped me realize where I fell short with giving MORE to you without expecting anything in return.

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