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Stephan Labossiere has a rare blend of compassion, insight and honesty. He understands relationships, and is a supportive partner and guide on your journey to creating the love and life you want.

Lisa Marie Bobby, PhD, Licensed Therapist




Real Life, Real Talk, Real Relationships : Life and Relationship Coaching

Life and relationship coaching is designed to give intelligent, successful, motivated people like you the tools to create, attract and live the relationships and life that you desire. Just like a personal trainer helps you raise your game for health and fitness, Stephan Labossiere will guide you to an amazing, fulfilling, authentic life and relationships.

Life and Relationship coaching is about understanding yourself and the opposite sex. It’s about creating your fulfilling future.

Keep reading to learn what it’s like to work with me as your life and relationship coach.

We will begin by exploring what’s important to you in your life and designing, with crystal clarity, your amazing and fulfilling future, because it’s much easier to find something when you know what you’re looking for.

We will then assess honestly, openly and truthfully where you are right now to clearly see the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We will work together to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of life and relationships, and help you discover your fulfilling future in an enjoyable way.

Who are your typical clients?

I work with men or women, who are single, in a relationship or separated/divorced/bereaved, because I believe everyone deserves a positive, fulfilling, healthy life.

If you genuinely want to improve your life and your relationships you can be sure I can help you.

  • I work with women and men
  • Singles, couples, or divorced
  • People who desire genuine, honest, and effective guidance
  • Ready to make changes and start enjoying a better quality of life
  • Improve their careers, and make progress with their purpose.
  • People who want to experience happier and more fullfilling relationships in their life
  • Need someone that can listen effectively, and help with overcoming their struggles.
  • Individuals that need healing
  • Someone who wants to go from being to single to being in a great relationship.

So if I want to work with you, how long do we talk?

Coaching is a process. We talk for an hour every week or every couple of weeks, for 3 sessions before we review your progress and see what’s next.

If I’m not in your city, how can I get your coaching?

I am in the Atlanta area, but I also coach clients all over the world. We can do sessions via Skype, Viber, In Person, or by Phone. So no matter your location you are able to get the assistance you’re looking for.

How do I start?

Click the button below to order to take advantage of my special offer of a 30 minute Breakthrough Session for just $97.





Stephan was instrumental in helping work through my relationship issues. My coaching sessions with Stephan help me learn more about myself, gain insight and prospective about who I am. I also learned that when I’m ready for a relationship- How to know, who’s the right partner for me. Stephan’s style of coaching is honest, supportive and allows you to face real issues head on with his leadership and immense understanding.

Veronica, Phoenix, AZ

I have already done 8 sessions, and to tell you the truth this has been the best money I have spent on myself. You hear people saying you must love yourself first, so you can attract the love of your life. This is what I wanted, and for me I did not quite know what this meant until I worked with Stephan. His work is fun, he is very loving, and you get results fast, because he see’s very clearly what is going on. I truly recommend signing up for his coaching!

Dominique, Paris, France

After speaking with Stephan I realized that it lifted a big weight off of my shoulders. I’m very pleased with the advice that he has given me, and how to act on certain situations. I recommend speaking to him on any relationship matter. I really got the answers I needed. I really want to thank you for your advice and GOD bless you.

Ms. F, Client

As a man I struggled with the idea of seeking help, but Stephan has helped me see how valuable it is to reach out to a professional. He helped me recognize and address a lot of issues I was running from. I now understand how to overcome these obstacles and be a better man. He was super cool to talk to, and I never felt judged. He has inspired me, and I highly recommend him as a life and relationship coach to anyone needing some assistance and/or guidance in their life.

James, Client






Hi Stephan, I do want to take some time to express my gratitude for your help.  I came to you broken and you have helped me to see ways to put the pieces back together.  The three coaching sessions has helped me tremendously.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but I have the tools you have given me to use as my guide.  I feel more secure and positive since speaking with you and that gives me a better perspective about my future.  I could go on and on, but I do want to sincerely thank you.  If I stumble again, I will definitely give you a call.

Best Regards, Fiona.

“When I reached out to Stephan I was bewildered and in panic over the hurtful ending to a special friendship I held dear.  I was determined not to react with  negative patterns of the past and to really grow, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and reached out to Stephan.

The sessions with Stephan really helped shift me from that panic mode into a more calm, hopeful and aware head space.  His steps, recommendations, and insights encouraged me to no only reflect and be honest with myself but to also approach this particular season with assertive action driven by my faith and to remain open to what can now unfold.  His participation and contribution really is a significant factor in my heading towards resolution.  Reaching out to him was a key step in moving forward.  I am glad I took that step.”

Alice, Sacramento, CA

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  • Great advice and continue preaching to others!

    • StephanLabossiere

      Thank you very much : )

  • Ms Sadly

    Thanks for talking about God in your post! Christianity is the right way to go.

  • Tumekal

    Stephen, I am in a situation where my boyfriend cheated on me with his ex and got her pregnant.  The pregnacy was a tubal, so the fetus had to be removed. I am trying to recover from this, but I just don’t know where to begin.  I tried the forgiveness thing, but when I would sit, and think about it my heart would hurt, and I would lash out on him, He says he really wants us to work things out, and that sleeping with her was a mistake, but he still has her number, and says that over all she is still good people.  This is one time, I really need help!  I have prayed about it, and   I just don’t know what to do

    • Well I think the first step is for you two to have an open and honest discussion about why this all happened. We understand it was a mistake but why did the mistake occur? What led to this and contributed to him taking that route? The issue has to be addressed to allow you to determine what needs to happen next. Be receptive to what he has to say and do not attack him or come off as negative. The goal is to make progress not to have a battle. Since you said you are one that prays then I would encourage you to ask GOD is this the man for you. Let HIM guide you on what also needs to happen with this situation. Communication is always key and you should openly express how you feel and all of your concerns. If you determine this is the man for you then you two have to discuss what needs to happen to create a more loving, positive, and trustworthy environment for the both of you. 

  • Sincerly confused

    Hi Stephan, I’ve been following you for a while now on twitter and I have to say I absolutely love your blog! I’m in a current situation right now and I needed some advice from a man’s point of view instead of my girl’s. There’s this guy that I like… We’re talking he chased me first and eventually I responded… The problem is he recently just broke up with his now ex-fiancé.. He used to like me back in the days before she was in the picture back in high school but i never paid that much attention because for me he wasn’t serious… Now that I feel like we’re grown etc… He’ll tell me how he feels etc.. But sometimes he’ll say don’t give me all of ur love right now yet again we spend time together… He’ll call me baby etc.. Kiss me in front of his friends etc.. When i go over to his house I’ll do the dishes if there’s some in the sink.. Cook if he’s hungry… It’s just very confusing for me because i’m wondering if he truly feels for me or am I the rebound?

    • Honestly it could be both that he feels for you but you are also his rebound. He said himself “don’t give me all of ur love right now” which means he knows deep inside he isn’t where he needs to be yet. I feel he needs some time to heal and get his mind right. Focus on friendship and you can build a foundation that way. Also talk to him and express your concern so he understands how this is affecting you. Regardless I think it is in your best interest to take this slowly and focus more on friendship. Let him get to a place where he i ready for all the love you have to give as well as giving you all the love you deserve in return.

  • faith

    HI Stephan 
    I am currently in such a weird situation right now, I am a university student and in my first year I met a guy at my university, We started dating of course, he would come to my house, i’d even cook for him ect. I ended up loosing my virginity to him which was very unplanned and unexpected in my case but we ended up being sexually active for about four months, until one day I gave him a surprise visit (because i had found out that i was pregnant) and found another girl at his house. A week later I did ask who she is and he obviously lied to me and said she was just a friend. I then came to the realization that he had visited her at her uni while he was seeing me. Anyway , we continued seeing each other for a couple of months until he said to me that he didn’t want to be with me and wanted us to be just friends because he only lusted me and didn’t want to get me pregnant again (i had a miscarriage) &  then he admitted liking the girl who was at his house even though he had told me that she was just a friend. In this case we weren’t in a relationship at all but I had obviously grown so much feelings for me in which i was distraught with the whole situation in which all this time he was with me even being sexually active with me , he was seeing her as well taking her out ect. we stopped talking for the whole summer , well to be honest he ignored me for 3 months, then he sent me an email asking us to be friends again and that he didn’t want any awkwardness or me ignoring him when we got back to uni, and he also did apologize for breaking my heart. oh & he did mention that he was now officially with the other girl ect… time went by and we saw each other again when we went back to uni and he told me that he had broken up with the other girl but that was just a pure lie cause it was just written all  over his face and he couldn’t even look me in the eye when he said it but then later on there was about two occasions where we had sexual intercourse and by that time i was even confused more because i didn’t know weather it meant that he wanted to work things out and try again with me or just a one time thing where he just wants to have sex. anyway now after the christmas holidays he didn’t contact me what so ever and hadn’t visited me or anything in which it left me soooo confused and still heartbroken cause i don;t know what is going on and obviously I do miss him so much and still have strong feelings for him. it is stressing me out to the point that i can’t seem to get on with other stuff cause he’s constantly on my mind and the way i miss him is just crazy. he does know how i feel about him and that i miss him but i don;t know what exactly is going on with him. I don’t know whether he’s seeing this other girl again or anything but i’m literary finding it hard to get over him and move on cause it’s now having a bad effect on my education and happiness in general, why should i feel depressed over someone who seems not to care about me , but i can’t stop myself from loving for him which is frustrating cause it’s not like i did anything wrong to him. I have prayed about it, i still do,& i know God heels the broken hearted but it’s been going on for too long and for the fact that its messing up my education over being constantly stressed and unhappy i need to do something about it. i’m not understanding why i love him so much and just can’t get over him and this has all taken place within a space of a year. anyway help me please 🙁 🙁 🙁 & sorry to bombard your with such a long paragraph.

    • Honestly Faith it is normal to struggle with walking away. Especially when you have been intimate with a person as well as you were at one time pregnant by this man. You mentioned GOD and prayer so I will say this to you. Have you ever asked GOD if this is truly the man for you? In my opinion I believe what you are experiencing is an unhealthy attachment to this man and it has made things very difficult for you. Do not confuse his willingness to have sex with you with a desire to want a relationship with you. His actions have clearly shown you that he is not interested in that and he has also express this to you verbally. What adds to the difficulty of walking away is the fact that nobody likes to accept they put in all this time and effort to see it all end. Whats done is done and right now you have to focus on yourself and moving in a more positive direction. This man is not your friend so there is no need to hold on to anything with him. You also are not at a place emotionally that you can handle being in any contact with him. So it is in your best interest to walk away and let him go because clearly he isn’t willing to give you what you need. Forgive him so that you can let go of the pain. Forgive yourself because holding this over your own head will only paralyze you and make it harder to make progress. You deserve better than this and it’s time for you to embrace that.

  • confused

    Hi! I have a question. I am in a long distance relationship with this guy for a year now. Lately, he  has been acting weird. he keeps on talking about our differences. When I ask him if he sees the future with me, he says he does see the future with me, but it’s difficult. Recently, he told me “goodbye,” meaning breakup, but within a few hours he called me and asked if I was mad. I have been confused ever since. I am not sure what to do, I am confused.

  • Renee

    I was just introduced to you and your work via Facebook and just purchased your book. I must say by reading your FB posts I am impressed. Through social media you have spoken directly to my situations and confirmed things that I knew but was reluctant to accept. I have just begun reading your information for Singles… I have an immediate question. If you embrace being single wouldn’t that count you out of that status ever being changed? I understand that as a Single person I should be focused on other things, which I stay pretty busy.

    • Thank you Renee : ) and I appreciate you purchasing my book. To answer your question, not necessarily. Your focus may not be on getting a relationship but that doesn’t mean one won’t come and find you. But if by embrace we mean rejecting the idea of a relationship, then yes that would likely block your ability to get into one.

  • Kai Acima

    I have been having an issue with this dynamic. What exactly is chasing a guy? I have been trying to step back and let men be men and pursue me, but I keep getting from them that I am not showing interest. When they call, I answer. We talk and I am attentive and remember important things about what they said before, like if they have kids or the problem they had last week at their job. But I don’t call and hound them because I was told that if a man wants you, he will pursue. If we made tentative plans and he doesn’t follow up, I stay silent. But the response from these men I am trying to allow to pursue me is: you never call, how do I know you like me? Then if I call or make plans I feel like I am doing too much because in my past (even my recent dating past) I notice they stop making plans and wait for me to make them. We don’t go to a movie, concert or out to eat unless I suggest AND plan. I am also always getting the: “what do you want to do?” responses. I have a tendency to do too much and end up getting hurt, but I want to show that I am interested and willing at the same time. How do I do that without taking over their role and showing that I am truly interested at the same time? Because at the end of the day, I have no desire to be the man in the relationship. I love being a lady and I want to be led and guided in the relationship by my man.

    • His Game Revealed

      Hey Kai, check out my blog post on chasing a man it may help. But to answer your question, these men that say “how do i know you’re interested” want you to chase them. Don’t fall for it. A man who is TRULY interested will be WORKING to gain your interest, not ASKING you to show interest. The mere fact that you accept a date from them proves YOUR interest already. You don’t need to do anymore. The name of my blog is His Games Revealed. It provides useful information on how to prevent your heart from being broken and to prevent your self from being taken advantage of. Here is the link:

      I will be writing more. Keep in touch.

      • sandra

        How to get the blog

    • Jennifer Smith

      I totally know what you mean. I think a guy making “tentative” plans is the first step in he-won’t-get-the-chance to make any plans with me ever again. — And tentative and then doesn’t follow up? His number is blocked. There are men out there who know how to call us, are into us enough to make a definite plan and follow.

  • Stacey

    Hello Stephan…I just started following you on FB & I just recently ordered your book. I’m waiting for it to arrive. I love what you do & your post have really hit home…a little too much. I need all the help I can get.I hate to say this…I can’t afford your coaching sessions but if I don’t get someone to talk to sooner rather than later…lets just say it’s looking mighty bleak. I dont need or want a handout, I need a hand up. I try, I truly do. I pray, I cry, I pick myself back up & keep on keeping on. I look for inspiration wherever I can grasp a hold of it. I read the Bible, I listen to Christian music hoping to be lifted up. I even go on Pinterest just to read the inspirational quotes…I no longer even feel like I’m living. I’m just existing. I used to have it…but I don’t know where “IT” went. Im in a relationship or at least I thought I was. I just dont know anything anymore. Anyway, keep doing what your doing maybe one day it will help me as it has for others.

  • Tonja Spencer

    I just purchased and read “God where is my Boaz?”. I was with the same man for 20 years married for 10. Divorced 2009, two kids. I am 44 single mom. My first serious relationship after my divorce lasted 3 years and was a disaster. I have prayed and tested and have been faithful. I have put myself out there (being a single mom, that’s hard) I have gone to counseling, read every relationship book I can. What is the problem? I am a kind person. I am not to bad on the eyes. I have a job. I work hard. I can’t seem to find anyone. As hard as this may be for you to believe, is true. People say stop looking and you will meet him. Pray for the man God will provide the one for you. Pray for him. Test him against God. I am overwhelmed by what to do. I am tired of being alone and even more so being alone IN a relationship. There are songs and movies about love and being in love so it must exist. But I wish I knew where. I am sad, exhausted and broken. How much more of those do I need to be? I listen. I evrn ask God to shout (I know he doesnt have to because he is right next to me) to allow me to hear Him. I am tired of being the one people look for dates for. As soon as I am able I am gonna buy some sessions with you because I am a hot mess

    • kari

      I recently learned that if we want something from God most likely He has put that desire. I know in my heart that God has put that desire to love and feel loved. Know that when we do ask God will put us in “maturity school” He will not allow us to have a man if we are not ready… How do we know we are ready? By being happy where we are right now! Being one in God, seeking Him, being filled completely with Him, being healed from the past hurt, allow Him to be your only source of happiness. Once you have found that, the man u meet will only be an extension of Gods love. That man will not make you feel awkward, unfitted, doubtful… And you know why? Because you will be so in Love with God that your priority will be Him and that man will have to go through Him in order to get to you. My friend! We got work to do, once you mature and find yourself in love with God only then is when God will say… There! Here’s what I have been preparing for you while you were preparing for him in my presence! Remember this… When we ask one thing… God is doing 10,000 things to make it happen but it will manifest out of our faithfulness. No pitty party!! You got work to do 😀

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