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Upcoming Events

Saturday January 28th 2017

Single In New York

Join me from 11am – 3pm at Alley Midtown for an exclusive brunch, cocktails, and dating workshop in NYC. This is an event you don’t want to miss, with special guest speaker Lucinda Cross. FOR TICKETS CLICK HERE. They are selling fast!


Sunday February 12th 2017

Love, Money, Sex, & Beyond – The Retreat

It’s going down in Trinidad at the Hyatt Regency. Come for the weekend and enjoy this amazing event. For more info and tickets visit www.lmsbretreat.com I hope to see you there!


Sunday March 18th 2017

Divas In The Kitchen – Atlanta

Join me for an evening of women’s empowerment, entertainment, and more. Divas In The Kitchen is an amazing event you don’t want to miss. For more info and tickets CLICK HERE I hope to see you there!


Saturday March 25th 2017

Painting With A Purpose Ladies Night Out – Miami, FL

Join me for an evening of painting, entertainment, and more. Grab your friends for this ladies night out. For more info and tickets CLICK HERE I hope to see you there!


Saturday May 13th 2017

Sisters In Power Conference – Atlanta, GA

Join me at the @sisinpower event! VIP and the first 50 general admission tickets purchasers will receive dinner! GET THEM BEFORE IT’S SOLD OUT! www.sisinpower.com

The Professional & Single Tour

If you don’t see your city on the list, click “I Want This In My City” to sign up.

The more sign ups received from your city, the quicker it will be added it to the tour!



Met Stephan at the Professional & Single tour in Chicago. You are in for a real blessing! !! Very exciting and informative. I suggest that you get your tickets now! You don’t want to miss out on this!

Brenda, Chicago

Watch Stephan In Action!

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  • GG

    I walked out on my boyfriend considering he would not stop flirting and leading woman on via text messaging. **This was not the first time as I had given him many chances. I later texted and told him i was not returning. He hasn’t responded since then. My question is why does he make it seem like he wasn’t in the wrong? I remember he once told me a woman walking out is something he does not like. I could not take anymore of his disrespect and therefore I believe it was best for me to walk out.

    • Diane M Lancellotta

      He doesn’t admit that he is wrong because first of all he doesn’t think what he is doing is wrong and second he doesn’t care about you or your feelings and that’s why he keeps disrespecting you and also not responding. You did the right thing by walking out and don’t look back! you deserve a man and not a grown boy who needs to get attention from other women instead of just being content and happy to have your love and attention! And don’t be fooled….he is doing more than just “flirting” and “leading women on”.

    • M. Clarke

      First of all, you did the right thing by walking away. Kudos to you for deciding that you were not going to take anymore disrespect. We cannot change or control other people. When you decide that something needs to change in your relationship, the best thing you can do is to take action for yourself. Sometimes that means walking away. It is tempting to try to get the other person to change their behavior, but usually this is an exercise in futility. To answer your question, there are certain personalities that cannot stand to admit that they are wrong. You may be familiar with the term narcissist. These people believe they can do no wrong, even when they see that they are hurting someone else. Do not waste anymore time trying to understand his behavior. Be thankful it is no longer your problem, and keep moving forward.