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How To Achieve A Better You…With Vitamins

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Never is there a better time than now to get yourself in shape. Why’s that you ask? Because it’s the summer and who doesn’t want to get fly and have fun in the sun? And while there are many ways to make it happen  

4 Signs You’re Not Ready For The True Love You Desire

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couple struggles with true love

Everybody enjoys being loved, but many struggle to embrace it as they should. Some will claim with their words how they desire true love, but their actions say something completely different.  

Flawless! – 5 Ways For You To Raise Your Sex Appeal

Posted by Stephan Labossiere in Advice for Women | 16 comments |


Sexy is a state of mind. That is the number one rule you must always remember when trying to raise your sex appeal. If you don't view yourself as sexy well how can you expect anyone else to.  

You Are Not Fat!

Posted by Dr. Braxton Cosby in Advice for Men, Advice for Women | 0 comments |

weight scale you are not fat

It's a new year, and I know there are many of you who are taking the plunge into losing weight and getting fit. This is an arduous task that I equivocate to jumping from an airplane, feet first – but many fall flat on their face instead of landing on their feet.  

5 Ways For You To Prepare For A Great Year

Posted by Stephan Labossiere in Advice for Men, Advice for Women | 9 comments |


Do you want to experience a great year? Are you ready to see some results and take that allow you to take that next step into something amazing and fulfilling? Well the time is now to learn how you can improve and start enjoying a better life.  

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The books, tweets, and statuses are just the beginning! 

Start moving your life in a positive direction by allowing me to provide you with the help that you need.  As a relationship expert, dating expert, communication expert, and  life coach, I have helped hundreds of people just like you.

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For more than a year, Stephan has been providing great relationship advice to our community of married couples and singles that are seeking to have healthy relationships. He is definitely a community favorite because his advice is not only rooted in biblical principles, but it’s practical and easy to implement.

Lamar & Ronnie Tyler, Founders of

As someone who has studied the role of men and women in relationship in our society for many years, it has been a joy to get to know and work with Stephan. His knowledge and candid from the heart writings and speaking on the topic of relationships are a breath of fresh air and sure to take you and your relationships to a more authentic and loving way of being.

Dr. Tom Preston,

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