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God Where Is My Boaz

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left quotation markEnlightened, compassionate, sincere, and insightful.

A great book for all women to read.right quotation mark blue

– M. Sparks


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See for yourself what women are saying about the bestselling book God Where is My Boaz?:


God Where is My Boaz? isn’t tips and tricks on how to get a man. This book will assist you in taking a deeper look within to help you prepare and position yourself for the love and man who is truly best for you.

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This book isn’t just for single Christian women, it’s for all women who desire God’s best in their lives. Walking that path isn’t always easy; however, embracing it and understanding what has hindered your progress is exactly what you need. Don’t waste another second not getting all that you deserve!.




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152 thoughts on “God Where Is My Boaz”

  1. Krista Kay Pennington

    You still AMAZE me w/ your knowledge of relationships… You are truly walking in your purpose:)

  2. Natasha Finley

    If the point is to discover what is preventing us from finding our Boaz then there is no expectation other than to leave this reading an improved woman. This book has a very fluid Q&A format that will answer almost every question we may have as a woman concerning the topic aforementioned. Even beyond the very informative Q&A we can look deeper into the story of Ruth and Boaz to find truth there.

    While healing is stressed by the author as a probable prerequisite to compel our mate; the story of Ruth and Boaz may show something slightly different. Two things that stood out to me the most in this work was the respect Boaz had for Ruth and his unspoken obligation to her. If we recall Ruth had just lost her Husband, Brother-n-law and Father-in-law and it was mentioned that she experienced depression as would most in such a case. Naomi suggested that they move to prevent starvation as well as find provision. One can gather that Ruth was in a healing process if
    not state of pain as well. However through it all she maintained a level of
    integrity that allowed Boaz to be compelled to her by way of her character. He
    didn’t take advantage of her in her weakness yet he saw to it that she was
    protected and had everything she needed for survival. She as well didn’t allow
    her state to cause her to compromise her integrity when in Boaz’s private

    I’d like to believe that your Boaz may find you in your pain as well as delivered from it. Some pain is chronic and some is acute. While we all wish to heal and be as close to 100% as possible before finding our mates the truth is this may not always be the case. What makes the difference is your character during your pain and what steps you’re taking to move beyond your hurt. Being quite realistic the loss of a loved one
    may never fully offer resolve but a life with the sorrow under control is indeed possible. I’d like to think of Boaz as her complementary care during her
    pain. This was a very insightful read and my points are from one angle. With
    such insight I believe that each reader will certainly find the jewel that they
    need in “God Where is My Boaz.” Thank you Mr. Labossiere.

    1. kurtstull

      Boaz wasn’t obligated to her.

      1. Telly

        Yes he was. Remember it was customary in that time when a woman became a widow, the next responsible male in the husband’s family was to take care of/and/or marry her

        1. kurtstull

          But he wasn’t the next.

          1. Telly

            True. But he was the one to step up to the plate

          2. kurtstull

            And “stepping up to the plate” is the opposite of doing something out of obligation, which was the very reason for my post.

            I must say, I find it lamentable, but sadly predictable among today’s worldly women, when they cannot even recognize the voluntary nature of this man’s good deed. But it is especially appalling when even among Christian women, it seems so hard for them to give him the credit he deserves. Or maybe they are just as blind as any unsaved woman in darkness, naturally convinced of her own status of privileged worthiness.

          3. Telly

            Truth. Stepping up to the plate is different from being obligated to do so. Here’s the deal, all those in the line before him that were ALSO obligated to do so chose NOT to step up…and he did. I think the whole reason why we as women are looking for our Boaz is because HE DID do what others wouldn’t. And sadly, THAT is hard to find EVEN among today’s self proclaimed “Christian” male. It has NOTHING to do with “privileged worthiness” as it does just understanding our worth as daughters of the KING and sisters in Christ. We are NOT deserving of ANYTHING GOD gives but through CHRIST we are made WORTHY.

          4. Timeka Jacqui


          5. Moko


          6. Shay

            Amen and even the bible said it is not good to be alone and that God loves partnership because he created it. That’s why many have the desire of being in a relationship because we were not created to be alone. Being alone for a season is different I’m not talking about that. I’m saying alone entire life.

          7. kurtstull

            Ruth showed she was a good egg by sticking with her mother-in-law Naomi, and she sent the right signals to Boaz.

          8. Ruth...ish

            I think Kurtstull is your Boaz for stepping up to your discussion with such passion

          9. Ruth...ish

            I think Telly is your Ruth for stepping up to your discussion 🙂

          10. LaGlennda Kennedy

            Good point

          11. Scott Williams

            I couldn’t have said it better.

          12. Trini_Tsunami

            So from what you

          13. Trini_Tsunami

            I have not read the book yet, but from what you’re saying should I assume he makes it seem is Boaz was only doing what he was obligated and nothing particularly special?

          14. Candy13

            Well said!!! Very true!! Boaz did what he did not out of obligation but respect for the woman he saw Ruth to be.

          15. Khamee Hazlewood

            On point

          16. Continue to love

            Sometime women may not even understand or know what they need. These are things that can be taught from infancy. But if you don’t have that insight you may not appreciate or understand the blessings right before you. That’s where the loving headship comes in. I know for some it’s hard to understand that some people don’t even know what true love feels like.

  3. Stephan got right to the point with his book "God Where Is My Boaz". He took a no-nonsense approach that wasn't preachy or judgmental. He simply told the reader what she needed to hear. I appreciate that it took so many different scenarios into consideration, and posed the questions that many readers would undoubtedly have while they're reading. He included timely scripture along with straight talk without being pretentious. It was like listening to him give you a pep talk, and left me feeling blessed to have heard this message. I highly recommend this book for any woman, single, divorced, separated, and even married. Read it and pray on it. It's a book I'll be revisiting whenever I may have any doubts.

  4. Stephan Labossiere has done it again. Giving great insight and a fresh perspective to reaching readers with honest, matter of fact points self discovery and relationships. What I like most about this book is that it's not your typical "how to get a man" break down. There's no tips, tricks, or methods on how to do things to get someone in your life. It's more of an insightful and empowering look within to understand that all great relationships start with the relationship we have with ourselves. Definitely worth a read!

  5. Nardia Amc

    I love the practical and spiritual approach in this book. I highly recommend this to all women, even if you already have a "man"

  6. I love Stephan Labossiere's writing style. He doesn't gas the audience up with $4 words. He approaches each book like a conversation with a friend. Its amazing!

  7. This book was AMAZING! It really helped open my eyes to a lot of things. Thank you for writing this book.

  8. Wilda Maymi

    I think he die and went to be with Jesus, Now my situation is that I started dating at 30's and now that I am 50's , even though I don't look it. I have young men chasing me or to old for me. as well, all the men in my age are married , gay or in a relationship. I would like to date, but I don't do internet dating, did that and it truly scare me when I was in my twenty, now my niece went and marry a guy she meet in the internet , and she pay for the wedding and the ring. which is totally crazy, he beat the hell out of her the same week they married, that is not for me. I know that there is someone out there , but I am not looking for him, because he has to find me. so if he not die already , hopefully I meet him sometime in my life , maybe I meet him in my 99 or never. that is how I feel. OK

  9. What I love the most of this book is the fact that he gives great spiritual feed back on how woman can over look and at times not look at red flags or miss leading feelings. But the fact that he referred you back to our creater for confirmation. prayer is the safe line to any doubt in starting a relationship with someone.

  10. This book literally SCARED me to death! I have never read a book like this before that forced me to see ME! I read a great deal of it and had to put it down for a few weeks in order to gather my composure. Quite frankly, I wasn't ready to do the work required to change my circumstances. My comfort zone was too comfortable…but after picking the book up again and completing it, I am rolling up my shelves and ready to do the work required for change. No longer am I willing to help God out, run and hide or just simply rely on my own judgement. I am really ready to focus on being everything that HE wants me to be….then and only then will I be truly ready for Boaz! Kudos, Stephan and thanks for allowing God to show you Me and so many other women! All the best! : )

  11. Rebecca Lynn - The Love Coach

    Awesome book for every woman looking to take her personal growth to the next level!! Stephan’s wisdom and heart for women is so apparent. A must read!!

  12. Donna McAllister

    Do you also offer this book to be purchase for the Nook?

  13. Alisa NotAfraid

    Wow amazing and so real!

  14. I am truly disappointed cos I can't buy the book. I am in Nigeria can't buy it on line cos my country is not included but I can see other african countries. Pls what do I do cos I need the book in paper back?

  15. I am sorry to hear that you are currently unable to get the book in your region Uchenna. Do you know of any big retailers out there that I can get in contact with about carrying the book. I had people in South Africa who were having the same issue, but they pointed me in the direction needed to try to make this happen.

  16. Nakisha Dixon-Lewis

    I am excited to read this book!

  17. Having read all the comments on this book, I think I'd like a copy of it. Would the PDF be able to work on a smartphone? Or would the mP3 player? I'd like to read it on my phone. Please Let me know. Thanks in advance. I'm from Arima, in Trinidad & Tobago.

  18. I love reading this book! So insightful a compassionate and easy read a must for any woman in or out of a relationship!

    1. Guest

      have you tried the arrows…up up down down press b and then a than b and then a again and then hit select key twice and then start key, that should do it!

  19. Yes we really need d book in Nigeria so u can contact Laterna Ventures at 13a Oko awo street,Victoria Island,Lagos,Nigeria…they r one of d best book retailers in Nigeria.

  20. Crystal Ann Rose

    Looking forward to purchasing this BOOK!!!!

  21. Fermin Villarreal

    My books on my crazy life and almost three deaths,now handicap.

  22. Kei Rolle

    This book truly challenges any single Christian woman to look deeper within herself. Sometimes, because we suffer hurt from the past, we are afraid to open ourselves up to new possibilities. We also choose to ignore the role we play in either our failed relationships. I think Stephan's book really shed light to some key areas that we as women are afraid to look at! We want a good man, our man but we got some real issues going on. Also, we must take time to heal and prepare ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally and never settle for just a man. I truly loved this book, quite insightful and easy to read! I think all the single ladies should have this book as a resource especially since it is written from a man's perspective.

  23. Sandra Spence

    I would love to read this book. Anyone willing to donate their copy after they have read it. I live in Trinidad and Tobago. If not, how can I get a free copy?

  24. After reading the comments, this book seems very good. Would love to get my hands on a copy, unfortunately I live in Guyana, South America, where a book like this would not be found.

  25. I would LOVE to read this…however, On Full disability & I just cannot afford it..IF ANYONE…reads this & don't mind parting w/it..I would Appreciate it if you would send it to me…(random act of kindness)…& I PROMISE you I'll then Share it w/another…& ANOTHER…GodBless U & Urs XOXO (Chrystal1954 at yah..)..

  26. Loved the book….it really allows you to dig deep & think about things….after every chapter I took my time to think about what it was sayin to me…and how I could change some things in my life….this is a book you can read over and over and learn something new each time.

  27. Greta Adelusi

    Stephan sure looks like my Boaz!

  28. Cristie Iyanla Parker

    This book is a must to invest in yourself! It will motivate and encourage you as well. But most of all it will help you prepare for your Boaz! Lots of times we women say we want our Boaz but are we ready emotionally, physically and spiritually to receive him? Awesome book! Invest in yourself.

    1. Ronda Jackson

      Because God will not give you His treasure until He knows that He can trust you to do what is right with it. Women need to wake up and stop giving themselves over to the devil. Know your place…know your position…Follow Gods plan cause yours does not exist!

      1. chameca wilson

        Hi, i just wanted to comment on this, I love what you wrote here, it makes so much sence. I question my thoughts around this and realize how many times i found myself in similar positions at different times in my life; and to only finally acknowledge its because of me that im where i am at; because of my poor decisions. However, people, places and things makes a difference. Mentally im optimistic but my actions take me on an oppisite direction because without realizing it; my actions has been a pattern that has acustomed me to an ongoing cycle that i now have to break for the grace of god bless it be Amen!

        1. Ronda Jackson

          I applaud you chameca for acknowledging your flaw. That is how the change begins. Now that you accept your flaw, embrace your flaw and allow the change to take place. It’s not going to be comfortable at all, but TRUST the process. Trusting one process will open the door and make the way for you to trust every process for change there after. Its worth it all in the end and you will see yourself flourish and grow like you would have never expected. Happy Tears my sister! God bless!

        2. Micca Vanvield

          I went through the exact same thing after my divorce. I turned to online dating as a way to cope and find Mr. Right. I had experiences which made me realize that I was not working with God’s plan. However I was looking for validation from these men. This all lead me to write my first book The Powerful Lessons I’ve Learned~Online Dating After Divorce.

  29. Shawna

    This book was so real on 100 different levels an now I see why you are a great author this book was awesome looking forward to read many more. This book helped understand me a little more as well Thank You so much!

  30. JustMilah JustBless Baldwin

    I'm really interested in reading this.

  31. Candice Jefferson

    This book is totally awesome. It truly opened my eyes to let me see that everything that I thought I had let go i was still holding on to. From reading and rereading it I have learned a lot about myself and what I truly want in life as well as what to expect in a husband. I recommend that every woman ready this book before heading into a marriage or even a relationship. Just a personal opinion this book should also be written from woman's point of view to help men…

  32. Tisha Pugh

    This book truly encouraged me to focus on my relationship with God and myself before giving myself to a man. I found it hard to put down. I read it within a couple of hours. This is a must read for all women that are desiring their soul mate

  33. Using your book in our single Ladies upcoming book study. So looking forward to it.

  34. Iweka florence

    I purchased the PDF version but I have not been able to open the file,I have tried re-downloading countless times and it keeps showing the same message( couldn’t open file because the file is either corrupted or damaged) each time. Please,i need help because I really want to read this book.

    1. Sis. Tami Aiken

      I tried to download it, it just showed me a lot of codes and number and it is very long. So if someone have read it and like to pass it on so i can get my Boaz. Please in the name of JESUS.

  35. I just received my copy in the mail today….I absolutely hate reading but I finished this book in an hour…great read and definitely enlightened my outlook in love…thanks so much!!!

  36. Shawnta

    Any one want to bless me with a book?

  37. Lisa Mincey

    I would love this book also but can not afford it. If you have read this book and don’t mind selling it for a reasonable price, please email me at lisamincey39@…Thank you so much in advance…

  38. Diana Qtqute Garwood

    Can anyone feel sorry for me and loan me a copy that you have read already?

  39. Christy Marie Hawkins

    I would love to read this book. I’ve been telling my dad, I’m waiting for my Boaz. I must get that book ASAP…

  40. I can't wait to get this book. If knew what i know now i know i would've had my Boaz so if there is free copy i would love to read it. But at this time i can't. ..Please keep me in your prayers

  41. As it is, I am a typical Ruth that is because I am a widow and I believe I still have a lot ahead where for I stand? Wish to know

  42. Perfect timing wow! Was replying to some tweets and seen some followers and one is this author who wrote the book "God where is my Boaz?" I now want to get this book to see what it's about. All I know is I'm Ruth 🙂 hehe

  43. kurtstull

    Any advertisement that pumps,”You are an Amazing Woman” I don’t trust.

  44. A read for those who really do not know how much Boaz really respected Ruth. The answer and questions for different stages in relationshipsome was very helpful. Made me rethink my actions towards men, dating and marriage.

  45. After reading this book for the second time has brought so much clarity to alot of unanswered questions. It has really helped me to feel more focused, empowered, confident, and encouraged in my personal journey regarding love and relationships. I highly recommend this book to all women out there who are truely in search of her Boaz.

  46. This book is one to be added to your collection! Well-written and Stephan's words are powerful especially since it's from a man's perspective. Ladies, this is a must-read…clear & concise wisdom & insight.

  47. Through your book, I learned to really pray for those who have hurt me and to seek first a deeper relationship with God and wait on His perfect plan for my life. I also have learned that I can be happy being single!

  48. This was very enlightening open my eyes to a few things. I am using some of the information in your book to have a better relationship with God. Its been a struggle dating but this book help to to stop stressing and leave it in God's hand & trust him. Thank you for writing this book.

  49. I purchased this book through Amazon. I read from the beginning to end. I didn't take a break. It truly had me rethinking my view on getting remarried after 28 years of being divorced. I learned so much from this book. This is the best relationship book I ever read and I highly recommend this book to everyone.

  50. I received my book today and I just finished reading it and I absolutely loved it and it was so encouraging… A must read!! Thanks so much for writing it

  51. Felecia

    I paid for this book an I never received it where should I look or who should I contact. My purchase date was sometime in February.

  52. Tina Federick Langston

    I ordered a paperback and never received it!

      1. Tina Federick Langston

        I’ve received my book thank you! I love it!

      2. Rita

        Can we get this book is Nigeria?

      3. Octavia Glover

        I ordered a paperback and have not received it yet and I’m ready for my book so please let me no something

  53. Carla Besant

    Hello, what if you are married, but still need to read it..

  54. shemaiah

    is this already available in the Philippines?

  55. Lonely

    What if your already married but, need extra help in your marriage on communication and quality time

    1. Angela McCoy

      Look up RC Blakes on YouTube. It will bless you.

  56. Moniek Rochelle

    I ordered this book and have not received it yet. who do I contact regarding this! I got a receipt that the book was paid for, but no tracking number for the book

  57. Terrence Vizion Sneed

    It’s interesting how everyone is looking for Boaz, How many of y’all know that Boaz died the day after he got married? Y’all keep asking for Boaz and wondering why the relationship keeps dying, you keep confessing it and you get it. Why not ask God to send you the man for you?

  58. babypastor

    1. Find yourself in a horrific situation created by the patriarchy where you are going to legit starve
    (this step shouldn’t be too hard)
    2.Find an older man to claim you
    3. Have his male baby, thus securing your future

  59. Alondra

    I haven’t received any shipping details yet. It’s been about 5 days since I ordered.

  60. Marcia

    I can’t wait to read this book…hopefully this will help me to overcome issues I’m having and see things in a new light.

  61. Stacy Laidley

    Okay, I am just reading these comments and really quite astonished at what I am reading! I was widowed eight years ago and lived the last few years with my mother in law until recently, this last year she got married and I moved in with her new husbands brother!! For the last year we have had more of a friendship tho than a relationship! We tried that route but unfortunately he wasn’t feeling it as much as I, so we still living together but not sure where our future lies right now! He says that it is not necessarily me, it’s all relationships at this point… He has been depressed and in need of some self healing at this time! His self esteem is low!! Just with all the similarities it makes me wonder if God is trying to do a modern day twist in my current life!!

    1. Gloria Stewart

      Exactly how I feel I have been widowed since October of 2005 and it hurts because it wasn’t nothing I did wrong for it to end like that but why do I feel like it was my fault

    2. Emilia Contressa Gomez

      Hon, this man is playing. Leave. Ur not married, just leave. God has His best for you. Become the best you that you can and watch God’s Best manifest 🙂

    3. Author GPEACHES Kenney

      Hello Stacy L.,
      First sorry for your lost. I can relate to losing a husband as well. I been a young widow over 16 years and been believing God to send me another husband for years. It used to be a main prayer and I would get disappointed when friendships didn’t evolve to anything meaningful. However, I am grateful that God has and is my priority and seeking Him first. I know that if I abide in Him He will abide in me and I have been preparing and focusing on me to avoid settling for less. We deserve God’s BEST. I am worth the wait and you are too. It has been 7 years of celibracy and would have been 15 years except in 2010 I fell for another counterfeit and fell short of God’s glory. Only God and the Holy Ghost can keep us and restore us as well. This book was just introduced to me today and I plan to order it based on the fact it appears to be a great read; I want to support African American male authors since I am an Author as well. I encourage you if you have not fully surrender to God and obey His voice. God wants His Best for us Jeremiah 29:11. Your husband has been gone for 8 years and 8 represents new beginnings. Maybe your new beginning will be to start over with your life and get your own place. I am a witness that God will provide for a single women and make ways out of no ways. God takes care of His own. Philippians 4:19 and Proverb 3:5-6. Be encouraged. #SteppingOutonFaithDaretoDream

      Author Gladys Peaches Kenney

  62. Fallon Bates

    ordered this book and never received it. Has anybody else had an issue with this?? I tried contacting someone via the email address shown above but no response as of yet…

  63. Grant K-town

    More corrupting self enlightenment, turn your attention to God. Put your faith in God, surrender your will and he shall provide. Stop demanding and doing that which you want for your self, instead ask God what he wants of you.

  64. Via Brown

    Hi Kurt Stull,

    I’m uncertain of your profession but I must say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your discussion on this thread. Your comments are very enlightening (and entertaining at times?) and above all, very well written.

    Thanks for expanding on your thoughts. I appreciate a good read.

    1. kurtstull

      Thank you Via. This is a great blessing to be among Christians who are so engaged in understanding God’s word. I look forward to meeting you, and you all in Heaven someday.

  65. Sh

    I place an order two weeks ago, and still waiting for the book to arrive.

  66. Braddis

    I never recieved my book and it’s been well over the 3-5 days

  67. Corronetta Marie Lewis Bigham

    Thanks you all… I want this book

  68. Kezia Zoe

    I am from Jakarta, Indonesia… Ordered online this book yesterday, can’t wait to have it in my hands.

  69. Cherrice Hubbard

    I purchased a book from the Facebook link and have never received the link. What am I missing?

  70. Shannon Davis

    Is there a way to recover the download link I purchased the e-book and accidentally deleted the email.

  71. Clarissa Williams

    Would love to have a book, because I am still looking for my Boaz.

  72. Cynthia

    Would this book be insightful for someone who has been divorced and looking to be better for their next relationship?

    1. Emilia Contressa Gomez

      Sure it would!

  73. Cmo

    I never received my ebook .. is this a scam ?

  74. Jewel Blessed Carter

    I would love this book but my funds is low is there any way I can work something out i only get one income every month

  75. Tanasia

    How long does It takes to receive the Emailed Link?

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