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Should You Take Your Ex Back?

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Some people don’t realize what they have until it’s gone, but does that mean they’re supposed to get it back?

Find out the answer and more with your free download of “Should An Ex Always Remain An Ex” in e-book and mp3 format. With this special gift you will get insight on:

check_mark_blueWhy you should or shouldn’t consider taking your ex back

check_mark_blueHow to confront the issue of cheating in your relationship

check_mark_blue5 Keys to Starting & Maintaining A Successful Relationship

So GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD below and start learning when taking your ex back is a good or bad idea.


14 thoughts on “Should You Take Your Ex Back?”

  1. IF it's the 1st misunderstanding between the two of you, then Give Retaliation a chance. BUT ,on the 2nd and 3rd, GIVE it a serious Thought; maybe your EX has to BE your EX forever!

  2. Connie

    Did you mean reconciliation rather than retaliation?

  3. Deborah Williams-Bobo


  4. Deborah Williams-Bobo


  5. Venetia Austin

    That would depend on the situation. Your ex may not need to take you back.

  6. You have to Pray, Listen then take action ……….. God's Spirit speaks, Stephan is an instrument of His Spirit, so I would listen to 'Stephan Speaks' knowing he is guided by the Spirit that matters, Almighty God.

  7. Tasha Jennings

    I don’t see the link for the free download.

  8. GeorgeII

    Bipolar Crazy, whorish women , no job, no brains,,,,I have had to break on mule,,,,,don’t want another to break….
    That is the reason I got a stallion and we are on equal terms…just love, just love , just love

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