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147 thoughts on “Thank You For Joining”

  1. Andrea Howell

    Thank you I really enjoy your advice and wisdom.

  2. Fresh out of a bad relationship really want to enjoy being single until the rt mate comes a long.

  3. Thee Waithira

    Take your time Angela. I broke up with my ex in February and I'm still not feeling ready to get into another relationship. It get's lonely sometimes, but it is important to take time to do you. Pamper yourself, have fun and remind yourself of who you are. Wish you all the best.

  4. essence

    How do u feel about a relationship were the man is schizophrenia psychotic ..could u see that being a good relationship?

    1. Peace. I have actually been in that situation. Neither of us knew he had a mental illness until a traumatic event triggered it. We were in our early twenties and mental illness is very much a taboo in the Black Community. We hide and overlook it, so we aren’t equipped with resources or knowledge. We didn’t know what to do or how to even properly address it amongst ourselves. It became extremely dangerous. It’s hurtful to say because this person was a good guy excluding all of that and we were very much in love – engaged actually. But no relationship is worth risk to your life.

    2. jackie

      hell no! someone would be dead

  5. well it would be interesting to know why the main chick allows it. it seems to me the reasons are pretty simular

  6. Carlie Kellie

    Sometimes wish I had someone to talk too..without judging or criticizing. Oh well that's life.

  7. Iteach Godsgift

    Why do women look for their father in the man of their dreams? I don't get it !!

  8. Kafi Onfb

    Trying to find the balance between someone I connect with deeply spiritually and someone who is driven and focused on his path. The spiritual men I seem to come across tend to be professional hobos lol. The driven men, not passionate or open. The hardest part of all of this is being patient and enjoying my life without thinking about coupling all the time XD

  9. Having read some of your saying, you seem to have a good insight with the ability to reach and respond to people on a deep felt level,witch for some it is hard for them to on their own,but your ideas,reach people and provoke thought and understanding by a written word.Thank you for that journey.

  10. Karie Hansen

    You can talk to me anytime Carlie. I don't like judgemental or criticism either.

  11. dread

    Why is it hard for male to make up his mind if he want to be a man or mouse,why are their so many weak males out here

    1. db

      Baby mother are keeping their children away from the fathers so the boys turn out to be bitches with no continuous male influence.

    2. Cornelius Gardner

      Why Wouldn’t Say They’re Weak, It’s Fear From The devil; SoThey Need Courage From God To Take The Initiative To Do The Right By Acknowledging The Lord Is His Shepherd And He Was Created To Cover You; Adam Took Part In Eve Sin Because He Knew God Placed Him Over Eve.

  12. Gladys Hicks

    Hi everyone..I just like to know what u do when ur guy is so into awards and the voice a d dancing with the stars..that would be ok but he records them and watches it over and over..I like to watch things we both like sometimes.but its his way or no way..he also likes to watch legs and breasts on ladies I think hes sick at his age of 62 yrs old..we are living together. Not married yet am I being unreasonable here to ask him to lighten up and have a normal gets me upset at timelightening

  13. Thank you for the honest n true things that you sharing with us, those with ears heared

  14. I am good person a pleasure but i cant get a man to commet i seem to get men who get women who have put them down they leave them for a little while but go right back to that mess please explain why.

  15. Mark A. Johnson

    First and foremost ladies, just be YOU!! If you're not the one for him…then keep it moving. The true you will always shine and the man that wants only you will reveal himself once you let go of the one that doesn't!!!

  16. That's a question I would love to hear the answer for…my guy compares me to his mom and always complaining about how she messed . His last relationship up with a good girl who does this

  17. I need someone to vent to about my relationship, sometimes he is the sweetest man I know then he can be a beast. I LOVE HARD. I FEEL I AM A RIDE OR DIE B#@#@. I will rock with him, roll with and stand by his side.

  18. I wish I had someone I could talk to that would listen to my significant other won't

  19. Carlie Kellie

    Sometimes all we need is a listening ear..

  20. Is it ok to pursue a man that's not marry but in a relationship? I believe going for what I want with in reason

  21. Yolonda…Think about it this way. If you were his woman, would you want another woman trying to coax him away from you, interfering in your relationship with him? I'm sure the answer is no so the answer to your question should also be know. You, my dear, are worthy and deserve your own relationship to carry on freely without distraction. You should use your energy of pursuing what you want in a positive way…IMHO!

  22. i have been scare to meet mens on line i just can't. trust him been hurst in past , could you help

  23. Good one Mark, you said it straight to the point, it is so, confirmation for me, thank you, for those rich words, I will cash it, in other words, take heed.

  24. No it is NEVER OK. NO MATTER WHAT THE GUY TELLS u cuz it's just that, words to get what he wants da pum pum. We r all old enough to know that guys will tell u whatever they have to just to keep u around…. "don't believe her shes persuing me, she's crazy & wont leave me alone" meanwhile he Contacts her & initiates thing's . Anyone can say anything they want just to pacify u so don't believe a man's words watch his actions bcuz his ATIONS r where the truth lies.
    Stephanie took the words out of my mouth. Also a self respecting or Godly woman wouldn't pursue a taken man of any sort for any reason. If u start to feel weak & think about pursuing him or any other taken man insteadbof going after them take it to God. Pray about it n let him help u. Give ur temptations & everything that ur not…. i know that I dont know u personally but u r a pretty woman & u deserve more. Wait for ur Boaz. God bless u

  25. I'm totally alone! I have no friends to talk to, my kids are caught up in their lives. Im seeking others to talk and convey back & forth with of many relationship subjects. Let's hook up! Im on fb…..

  26. I have a problem my "man friend " works in another town like 3 hours away n when me and my boys talk about going to visit him he "always " comes up with a excuse like he has to work out of town or some lame excuse and that's very hurtful I believe he's seeing someone else but he gets very upset n defensive when I ask…I just don't know what to do…always suggestions?

  27. So Mark, seeing that you are a guy maybe you can shed some light on my situation. my relationship is fairly new, we started out talking casually until he asked me to go on a date In November but because of bad weather n work for both of us it didn't happen within that time. We still haven't been on a real date, I would call him and say let's go hang out n we go have ice cream. It's hard to write everything and I really need a second opinion because I like him a lot. He has some goodqualities

  28. Brooke Gates

    Hello… I met a guy last July.. We began getting to know each other and I told him what I was looking for.. We proceeded on his terms which led to spending time together everyday and anywhere we went were together this went on till Sept when I heard him say we r just friends I have no obligations so I asked for him to define our relationship he then said I just got out of a three yr relationship it would not be right to jump back in one.. Then he put space between us on my bday nov 20 he comes back to me takes me to dinner and we go strong again the L word is now being used he is calling me his gf then we have a disagreement and I say let’s not do so much time during the week b/c I have a child ur friends are retired military they don’t work just give me more wknd time when I can stay up late and we can go out he says I’m controlling and backs up for space again saying we have to build a friendship first… I get angry and go-off on him now he says I’m Crazy and controlling.. Where did I go wrong?


    1. db

      You’re thinking too much. Just have fun when he is around and if do don’t want to see him say you’re busy. We tend to jump when a man is available but never make them understand that your life matters too. get a life outside of him. Men like a bit of a challenge.

      1. Brooke Gates

        Thank you and I now see you are absolutely right! I had a life before I met him…

  29. rd

    I started dating my best friend about a year ago. It came about when he needed to move him and his mother in my house due to a bad break up with his girlfriend. They were on and off again due to her over the top temper and the fact she tells any and everyone she knows lies about him and their relationship for attention. At this that time they had a 1 year old and was trying to get back together to become a family. This woman quit her job and hid bills until there was no choice for him to bail her out. Her goal was to keep him broke so that he couldn’t go anywhere. The day after he left she claimed to be pregnant and they should get back together for the family. He refuse. She called me telling me he basically abuse her, cheated on her, gave her an std, a fake wedding ring, and slept with men. I did not tell him what was said and kept that b.s to myself. Some weeks later he comes to me and ask what the conversation was. I told him there was no conversation she said what she said and I told her to talk to you. She calls and apologizes for the lies stating she just wants her family back. At this point I told him he needs to really think about if this girl is the one for him because going back and forth is what is making his life miserable.

    He came to me confessing that he always liked me but he was always in a crazy situation with this chick. At the time I wasn’t sure however he was always the type of man the story books talk about. Loyal, loving, caring … I told him he couldn’t live with me he will have to start all over and get back on his feet. I helped him find a place for him and his mother to live and from having nothing he has built a good household for himself. We have a wonderful relationship.

    The problem is his ex girlfriend has just had the baby. She is crying and asking him for a second chance. We are in a good place and though she has no idea we are currently together I feel like she doesn’t need to know unless we decide to get married. He has problems enough seeing his son and once she finds out we are dating I know his life is going the get super difficult. Our relationship is the only peace he has outside of her and I feel telling her will ruin our chances to get to know each other like a normal couple. I think we need to find out if we are going to be in this for the long run before we invite drama.

    What do you think?

  30. ruby

    i have always been through relationships ups and downs.. amazingly i still cant stop believing into a relationship.. my relationship with my parents has never been good… they have been mean and possessive.. perhaps they never knew how to raise kids.. not saying out of frustration .. saying from what i have learnt after being a parent. i was always left lonely and have been low in confidence since my child hood.. my first boyfriend was a psycho.. somehow every person ive been with.. be my parents or boyfriends.. always wanted to control me or posses me. managed to complete my studies as an architect.. n now working.. 8 yrs back i got married.. and my husband seems nice in the begining bt his family ever accepted me. and if smone knows how daughter in law in india is treated thn can understand what all bullshit i have gone through for so many years.. i left my carrier and everything which made me happy to make that family.. bt i ended up loosing everything and as in i was sm servant in the house and has no emotion.. tried tolerating it as much as i can bt since i had a kid 3 yrs old. wanted a better life for her.. so i gathered my courage and left his house..
    i know he is an ****** and gives a damn about someone else’s feelings.. he only wants *** frm me. its been a year now that i have left his house… he comes to me with a smiling and loving face to make up and moment i am polite with him he wants to get what he wants and if i refuse he gives me silent treatment and makes faces.. all i want at preset is warmth and love.. cause i feel lonely and struggling with my carrier since i left it for 7 bloody years and picking up from where i left at this age is becoming very difficult.. i am confused weather the feeling i have for him is love or addiction. because if i try to recollect i have not a single day of good memories with him. he has been mean.. dominating.. never cared for my feelings.. never gave me time.. never considered doing something nice for me ever… always did smthing easy to please me so that he gets permission to have ***..

    shall i divorce him and start with a new life??
    since each time i try making things up he brings back his attitude and rudeness.. unpredictable behavior..
    and i am not able to remove these soft feelings for him,, which i still am confused weather its addiction or blind love.. which i regret

    1. namrata pradhan

      He is an ass hole.You should never consider going back to him. Don”t loose the freedom you have already received.

  31. baz

    actually i can’t expected to my boyfriend,i thought his honest and i try him if telling the true or not. i said him if you give me message my profile he said yes i did,second question do you have other chat and you gave message he said no. i show him my another account and where he gave message hahaha his angry.
    normally if one person angry his guilty right. i want to know how deep he love me or he always lying to me.

  32. D-day

    How do I find my self worth so I can walk away from what I know isn’t right for me? I have 3 children, all girls 22yrs, 12yrs and 2yrs .. My mother was a single mom with 3 girls and made us feel very unwanted with physical, emotional, and mental abuse. She always faulted us as to why she couldn’t get or keep a man. I struggle with the feelings of never being desired bc of the amount of children I have, enough though I support them fully on my own with out child support from any of them.
    How do I find and or develop my own self worth?

    1. anonymous LADY

      I too am a single mom. You seem to have taken the first step which is acknowledging your past issues that are weighing heavily on your relationship decisions. I have past issues as well that have made me feel like I was not worthy of a good man or relationship so I would take the easy way out which was usually the worthless man that wasn’t truly interested in me. Sometimes we can’t think about the change that we are about to make in our lives we just have to do it. Gracefully end the bad relationship and start from scratch. There will be some lonely nights trust me I know. But the more you say no to the wrong the more you will become aware of Mr. Right. Your thinking will be clearer and you will make better decisions. I understand you can make it on your own financially but just know ANY man wishing to be with a woman or have a wife should be a provider regardless of what you are able to do with or without him. Become single, start dating, let a man court you and don’t rush into sex. When you see that he does not want to court you. Move on. This is where yourelf worth starts.

  33. Lac

    To continue the conversation about the “texting man”, I consider this form of communication insufficient grounds for cultivating a real relationship. I had a beau who always texted because he said it was courteous and also he was not a great phone chatter. When we met in person he was very attentive and talkative.

    However, whenever a problem arose, I would get a loooong text message from him, which always created bad feelings and confusion for me. It never helped the relationship move forward and usually resulted in weeks of us giving one another the cold shoulder. Sounds real grown up – huh? We are both college educated in our 50’s. I do not consider text messaging a sufficient method of communicating with a lover. It is only and “extra” or “sometimes convenience”. It is a poor way to cultivate a meaningful relationship between 2 people.

    If you have something important to say to your significant other, speak to them face to face. A man who can not do that is too much trouble, self centered, exhausting and a baby. He should not be bothering living breathing women with his babyish messages. Leave that for the grade schoolers.

  34. ChinaDoll

    How do I tell my boyfriend I tried to kill myself???

  35. anonymous LADY

    I’ve been dating a guy for about 5 months. And first I have to say it has been a few years since I have truly dated. Honestly I’ve just been in some meaningless sexual relationships. This new guy is different. He’s a gentleman we have great conversation and we truly enjoy each others company. One problem. I have noticed many times some feminine mannerisms. He is a father he’s dated many women in his past, he has even been coined as having been a “playa” by his friends. We’re very affectionate and attracted to each other. I just cannot get past the “feminine thing” he does sometimes. Should I run. Or am I just being to critical because of my past experiences I’m always looking for what’s wrong in a man. Someone please help me.

  36. anonymous LADY

    I’ve been dating a guy for about 5 months. Honestly I haven’t really dated anyone for a few years. Only meaningless sexual relationships. This guy is different. He is a gentleman. We have great conversation and we truly enjoy each other’s company. One problem. He has some feminine mannerisms that concern me. He is a father, he has dated many women in his past and has also been called a “playa” by his friends. We are very affectionate and are very attracted to one another. I just can’t get pas the “feminine” thing. Is it me, am I just being to critical because I’m always waiting for that thing that’s wrong with every guy based on my past experiences. Or should I RUN. Somebody help mze.

    1. Shandrieka Haynes

      Hello my name is shandrieka haynes, and many times when im in doubt about a man and I need to see if there is anything hidden in the dark and to see if this is the man God has for me I go on a fast until I get my answer from god. So love go on a fast were your praying for an hour a day not eating as much like daniel fast and pray. Seeking God and asking him is this the man, reveal anything that I can not see. If he is the one god will reveal it to you. If he is not the one then things will start to shake up a bit. Lastly it will be great if you two could do it together. That builds a more intimate bond. If you do not believe in doing neither, then I will say this that, there are men out there who seem like there is a feminine side to them, one , they were rasied by a mother who was very loving and tought them how to treat women, two, they were raised around nothing but women/sisters, third , a pretty boy/man who loves to look good, smell good, the whole nine yards. I have come across all. I pray that this helps you love. Godbless. Remember god will never leave you confused.

  37. Jesusgirl

    i so appreciate you Steven

  38. Nicole

    I am a single woman and have been for many years (meaning without any type of relationship). I’ve never been married however, I do have two (2) children ages 21 and 14. Speaking for myself, I am a strong, educated, hard-working woman who does love God. At 43, I thought that I was okay with not being married, with being single and taking care of business like I should without help from a man. All I needed was God because He has been the only man that has not let me down. Recently, I allowed my girlfriend to introduce me to one of her business clients, now mind you, she has been in business for many years and she nor I has ever discussed her “Hooking Up” her male clients with any of her girlfriends. She had known him for a couple of years I think and she felt quite comforting with him business wise and talking about life. She knew that he had a relationship with God and that he wasn’t ashamed to say what God has brought him through or all of the other Godly talks he would share with her. One day, a lightbulb goes off in her head and she decided that we would really like eachother because we both share our testimonies with others, love God and looking for something serious that would lead to marriage. She told him that I had been hurt before and that my tolerance was zero for b/s. I was hesitant to meet him because I didn’t want to “Meet” anybody else through somebody else, I don’t like blind dates. So now for the meat and potatoes, mind you all of this is recent, last month as a matter of fact. We first met over the phone the Friday before Mothers Day, we talked on the phone for about a week and finally we met on Mothers Day at a local place and he brought me the most beautiful bouquet of red long stem roses and a card. I was pleasantly pleased by his looks and he felt the same way about me. The conversation went on for hours and we decided that we liked one another. When I got home, my oldest daughter was waiting up for me. She asked me how did it go and with a big smile on my face, I prematurely responded, “That’s my husband.” My daughter with a shocked look on her face responded, “What! I’ve never heard you say this, OMG!!!! I told her about the date and before going to bed I went to read my card, this man had given me $350 as a Mothers Day gift!!!!! My daughter and I were at a lost for words!!!!! I texted him and let him know that I made it home, thanked him for the gift without sounding like a little desperate girl (you know what I mean) told him about the great time that I had and looked forward to talking to him later. All of this was on May 10, 2015. From there, he and I were sort of inseparable. When he’s not at one of his businesses and I am at work, we would be either spending time together or on the phone, as he called it we were “Dating.” About a week and a half into our “Dating”, he texted me with this: “Nicole, am I worth the sacrifice?” Puzzled with the question, I in turn asked my own question. He called me and told me what he was trying to say. He said, “Am I worth you sacrificing your pain to let me in to love you the way that I want to love you?” What!? Where do I display pain and are you asking me to open up my heart to you in a week. Sadly, it started going downhill from there and today, June 22, 2015, it is none existence. We were never intimate, nor have we ever kissed, I thought that this guy was, could have been, maybe my husband. He wanted marrige, loved God, helps people, saving himself for his wife, has several businesses and easy on the eyes. However, he couldn’t let me be the woman that I wanted to be because he had this image of me being a “Hurt” woman. It’s disappointing to have “Another One Bite The Dust” but I feel like there’s nothing I could do in this situation and it’s so fustrating because I feel like he could’ve been a good man for me, now I’m feeling like, “Well what do I know.” Please help if you can.

    1. Kesha Andrews

      I think maybe he was trying to say that he could love you pass your pain in so many words. Don’t know really but, that’s what I think.

  39. I have been married for 13 years. We have lived together and apart. Have been in outside relationships with others because we could not stand eachother. Recently we've moved in together because of poor judgment on her part. I am adjusting very well and looking foward to spend Quality time together and lowering my garud to let love and trust in.I am bringing 100% to the table. Along with professional help I pray, We pray together for success.Being Polyamorous from day one was something I introduced to my 2nd wife from experience I learned from my 1st wife. Honesty,open mindedness & willingness no after the fact but before. I have only shared this with this post and hope you will respect our Anonymity. As I will respect yours.

  40. Shana Goodell, I can't coach but I can share from experience what has worked and what didn't. Take what you need and save the rest, it may not work today but could be useful tomorrow.

  41. I have lived 39 years with a man that doesn't talk. It deems to be a selfish man thing, but I don't think he has,the ability or desire. It's like he,knows,something is wrong but he is not willing to take accountability. It is always my fault. I am the big bad bitch. We may lose,our,marriage because what about me?

  42. If he's avoiding seeing you then that's def a red flag.
    Let him be Hun. Leave him alone, and I do mean very very alone. Even if he called or text you don't respond in any way. Not after a week or even after 6 months. Because a man who wants to be in your life will find a way to make that happen. You will never have to chase a man who truly wants to be there, so if he's seeing another girl or if he isn't drop him. Drop him cold. No explanations, no nothing.
    Know your worth. You are more valuable than that.

  43. He is not worth the stress. Get out before you invest too much of your heart and time. Stop seeing him now! Been there on that exhausting roller coaster recently. I had to jump off.

  44. elaizier

    Iam been on a roller. Coaster with all men in my life i try to present. My self iam learnig to keep my past to my self but as who i am it cum out so blunt but make sur ther a chance for watching me grow i thout men like put seed then le them grow to a better form as the one be weed dry grass they get more water sun light then actually. The flower it self that me no waer not good soil

  45. bluvtonio

    I.believe most women from the time they meet a guy don’t have sex, hug, or kiss the guy. Go out have real conversations.
    Get to know him first talk about what you’d like to know because if you wait till after you get emotionally and sexually involved. Tuh ? you won’t have a chance for a relationship or to say at least I did not give my all you won’t feel too bad. Some men are selfish they say what they want till they get what they want

  46. Hi, I been with my man 9 yrs. I see when we live near his family he will break his back for them even go to jail. When I need something or I am in the hospital. I am all alone. My kids don't visit no calls no text he is all I have what do I do.

  47. Mimi

    Hello everyone well my problem isn’t new I’m sure but it’s new to me, I’ve bn in a relationship with this man for 4 years & just found out he’s bn in a relationship with someone else for 3 years & the woman just had his baby

  48. A friend of my found me on Facebook we started talking and he came to see me after he left he doesn't call he texs now. He doesn't call.

  49. Elinda you are a strong woman to have been going through that for 39 years? I would have lost my mind because I like to talk.

  50. I have been seeing a man off and on for a year and i make all the sacrifices i help him but when i need help i get no reply.All of a sudden he wants to be together since im selling my house.He calls and texts and says he loves me but theres no commitnent but sex.

  51. I was dating a married man, we dated for 6 years, during the years we've been lot's of drama. My instinct was telling me to leave him alone, but I have have falling in love with this man, a man I know I shouldn't have been with in the first place, but now we're not together, and it feels like a burden been lifted.

  52. My relationship right now is hanging due to the mistake i've done, I love him so much but I dont know how to get him back. We are 3 years in relation but just last a month ago when He discovered that im chatting with other boys, but i stopped it months ago before he came and visit me but he can't forgive me…coz of this….

  53. my name is Remanur Kodavati sarath babu civil engineerie am so tired about my wife any body can u pray for my relation ship please.

  54. I have been in a "break up to make up" 4 year relationship with my sons father I feel like I'm wasting my time. Should I push for hope or let it go

  55. I'm in that same boat. I don't even know what to do about going out to meet others. I've never really been on dates. Seems as if everyone just goes to a bar to drink so they feel comfortable in their own skin. Sure could use some good friends who are honest and want to share ideas, know how's and some advice. I'm all ears

  56. I tried to download the free book after subscribing to everything & it never took me past the download now for my options of where to put it on my phone??? Michelle. HELP

  57. mfonobong

    I’ve been dating a man for about 3years now,he introduced me to family and friends and even proposed to me.we’ve had our ups n downs but in the last 2 months he’s been behaving strangely and just last week I told him I’ll like to keep my stuff with me but he refused ,telling me we r getting married.Went to his house few days after but he didn’t let me in cos there was another woman in there and he still refused to bring out my things for me.Please advice.

  58. rosemarie ifill

    I have been with my ”friend” for 12years.I fo live in with the elderly so i am away during the week .On weekends i am home.When i first met him he had a daughter,she was around five years old when we started dating.I slways had a feeling that he did not want his daughter and i to become friends,that feeling was always at the back of my mind.
    Last year December they move in with me because the house they were renting was being sold.In January i made a trip to the caribbean,i bought a video so i could see who wad in my apartment it was just a feeling i had.
    I took my trip came back,my video was off.I took it to work,it was a bit difficult to open the video part,but constant prying i did get to hear and see.
    I heard him asking ”Debbie” for a hook up and he misses her,and when he could see her,and if the boyfriend is still around.I was devastated,i lost over 10lbs.Low and behold his daughter and i got into an argument,for her to tell me for all the years i have been with the father he have been cheating.Now mind you he dont know that i still have another camera with audio in my apartment…he still wants to get married but how can i trust this person again..i am hurt ..i told him to go so many times..He constantly say hes not leaving but i reach the point in my life i want to be by myself.i would never trust another man in my life again
    They are not to be trusted no matter how good a person you are ..its not worth it…He say hes leaving at the end of the year…Please god see me through this!!

  59. I'm a good woman & all women's deserve the best but I look forward to more of this.

  60. I am touched,in a very positive way,by your advise. Thank you sir Stephan. I am single and hope your couching helps me to be at peace with that always. I feel blessed to have set my eyes on your name.

  61. I got back with my ex and it has been a big mistake. We both thought it would be good because we have "history" together. Trust me, this isn't always a good thing. In fact, I want the next relationship to be with a man I have no history with. My ex acts worse than ever and , even though he's the one who cheated, he has never really tried to make it up to me. At first, our reconciliation was great and I thought I got my true love back and we could pick up where we left off, so to speak. Suffice it to say that after living together again for five years, he won't recommit, says marriage is just a piece of paper (we used to be married ) and he doesn't want to ever get married again. That saying, "You can't go home again," is true. My advice is don't waste your time or feelings on a losing end.

  62. Truth is I do love my wife 3 time splitting but I have fought for her every time but this one she is not my meal ticket I took care of us but we both have relationship issues and addictions willing to change all that to have my love..hope you can help

  63. A women love a man that can come the them and tell them to truth even if it hurts her. she will respect you for tell her the truth.

  64. I am a good women but I think I love too deep and a man takes that and use it as a weakness. I've been dating this man for over 12 years and all he's done was lie and cheat. So I recently leave his alone and he move on with his life but he still calls me almost everyday and lies. I don't answers call or text so he comes to my house. please tell me what can i do. I just want to for my soulmate and move on with my life. Just waiting patiently on god.

  65. Should one stay in a marriage, even after counseling and trying so hard to keep the union together just for the sake of the spouse who's not willing to let go; especially when children are involved?

  66. Ysette

    I was in a bad relationship for 13 years I just got out of it 2 months ago I’m afraid that when God sends someone I’m gonna push him away

  67. Tired of being tored5

    How can you get rid of the negativity to even attract the right man, my ex left me pregnant and with 3 kids, im so broken and i know i need to start getting myself back together, i just dont even know hoe.

  68. Dominique Giordani

    Hi.. I have been back and forth with this guy for almost two years, We are not in a matter how times I say, I will not call him anymore.I still do it; knowing that he won’t spend time with nor will he commit to me…I just want to erase him…something keeps pulling me back to him..idk why..I feel like I deserve so much more from a man than..the end of a bad stick …ALWAYS…

    1. MsBeautiful ReNaye

      I know the feeling! I have been there before! It is hard to let go but seeking God puts things in prospective to know that God has someone that he has ordained to be your husband/spouse and this guy is not the one God wants u to be with!

  69. Shay

    My advice to all beautiful women. Living in this day and time. Relationships with men are hard and difficult! Always put God first, your kids, and also do the things in life that make you happy! I’m a 30 year old single mother with a career. Of course a good man is something we all want. God has his own timing for that! Meanwhile, enjoy life. Do the things that will make you smile as a woman and be Happy!

  70. Feenics

    I have a question? WHY does the guy see you as a F^k buddy BUT when he is alone and has NO other chick…he runs to you the “side chick” yet he doesn’t take you out nor spend money on you. HOWEVER, he asks you to bring “chic-fil-a and Toilet paper” BUT when you get there he has NO MONEY to pay you back? And says ” I LIKE YOU, I LIKE YOU ALOT! YOU are not like other women..YOU don’t pressure me” Tell me what he is actually doing beside “F^Kn with her head?”

  71. LaShebra Clay

    I have a question? Why i always met guy’s that use me and treat me like I’m nothing and disrespect me. I work and i go to church i don’t believe and cheating and I’m always getting the same guy’s that use me. I have a friend he ALWAYS disrespect me curse me out and he comes around when he want me to help him.

    1. Amy

      Dont allow yourself to b treated that way…stay in ur bible and learn ur worth…god says a husband should love his wife like christ loves the church…if ur being treated that way…say NO MORE…b alone if u must and draw closer to god and he will b faithful to send u a godly man! But remember we all go through hard things in life and sometimes say and do things we dont mean….and friends should b able to turn to each other in time of need of any kind….im going through alot myself and i am single, struggling, hurting ect…but i know thats nr gods best for me and my family…i will continue to fight the good fight of faith…plz do the same…praying for u…i just replied because i felt god put it on my heart to…god bless u

    2. Yolanda Poirier

      That’s not a true friend

    3. Love1Dforevs

      I can understand how you feel. I am in that same situation now. It is easy to say hard to do. l get you on that. I am being disrespected and used as well. I go to church and pray and try to do right by others, but at the same time I am the one who is being treated wrong by others. All I can say is stay strong and prayed up. I am trying to do that to get thru what is going on in my mind. I have to believe it will get better. It will get better for you as well.

  72. Audrey

    So I met this guy a few months ago. He is everything I prayed for in a man, both his outer and his inner she’ll. Yet everytine we get 2 steps forward, he goes 5 steps back. What, if anything, can I do to keep him from going back and keep going forward?

  73. Rennette

    What does it mean when a guy says i dont.fuck.the fuck my wife regularly? ?

  74. Rennette

    Will I ever find true love it keep getting hurt I just need time to myself my own family member is sleeping with my girl and it hurts

    1. Love1Dforevs

      Rennette I ask myself the same thing. What I come to, Is that we have to work on ourselves and let god send him in his time. Not our time.

      1. Rennette

        Yeah ur right plus it’s a whole new year coming up I’m will not to have a fresh start at life

  75. Love1Dforevs

    I just want to know why men lie so much? Why can’t a men just have one woman and be happy? The reason why I say that because I am in a relationship have been for about 41/2 years now. I know he is cheating but he thinks I don’t know it. I know the changes, how he has been acted all of that. I know I need to move around but tell me how come It is so hard to get your heart and your mind to come together and do what is needed to be done. I have my heart saying one thing and my conscious is saying another. How do you do what is needed to move on. No one deserves to be treated wrong; especially when they give and give and never ask for anything in return. I don’t understand how can a person use a person and think it is okay to do so. Why do men use a good woman until it is nothing else to get. They sit around and laugh about and think it is cool, but in reality it is not. I just wish I could find me someone who is understanding and want a 50/50 relationship. A relationship where when you are down we both are down so we pick each other up and be strong together, when I am sad you are there when he is sad I am there to help you through type of relationship. Why is it so hard to move on from a unhealthy relationship? I feel like a fool because I can’t move on. I know I am hurting myself, but no one understands what I am feeling and why. Why do men think woman don’t know when they are cheating? There are signs to let us know that something is wrong are there is someone.

  76. Judy

    When to let go…marriage, kids ….love beyond measure and after years of the deceit and lies…making his burdens lighter while he watches you carry his and lets you drown. ….when is enough enough. have opinions…but what is Gods opinion….when is it ok to let it go just to have Peace in your life ….

  77. Sam

    Should I stay or should I go

    I have been with my now husband on and off for years now it’s so hard to walk away know I deserve better. Well here I go he always leave me because we figth more then anything he has step out on me and there’s a baby the girl he with now he always playing me against her he tell me one thing and do another I love this man but how can I get this man to do right or even to get myself to let go and move on I just don’t understand man plz help

  78. Irene

    Does distance relationship really work. I have been in one for five years now i feel i should forget about it and move on but what if he is the right person and i have to wait.

  79. Eliza Hersh

    What is with a man who is 45 and never been in love or in a committed relationship?

  80. Charlotte Phillips

    I’ve been Knowing this guy for over 10yrs. We’re friends as well as co workers He has told everyone ( imcluding myself) that he liked me & would Love to be in a relationship with me but he’s afraid (fear from past relationship) I have had several dreams about this same man over & over but Never nothing sexual. Could this be a sign that he could be Mr. Right.#SoConfused

  81. Crystal

    I don’t feel as if my husband is in love with me any longer. We’ve been together for 20 years, and for the last 2 years, we haven’t been having much sex. He claims it has to with ED. So I have been a little more understanding in this area. However, we don’t spend much time alone as a couple. Every time I want to go out with him he wants to bring our daughter. He never plans anything for us, not a date night, a trip, nothing. He has a bunch of excuses.
    And on Christmas, my birthday, or anniversaries he no longer gives gift or makes plans to go anywhere. He’ll ask me the day of, when it’s too late. It’s not a big deal to him and yet he makes plans and efforts for people outside of our marriage. He makes plans with our daughter and son that don’t include me, and despite my complaints he continues to do this. We lack communication and I feel left out. And he refuses to do counseling despite many other issues in the marriage. I feel hopeless.

  82. Janice

    Thank you for this information.

  83. Jennifer

    Been with this man for 4 almost 5 broke up twice. He (Ray)was the 1st man that didn’t abuse me someone , I nvr worried where he was etc complete trust and god I was happy my son liv’d with us he had his daughter wkends but of course I watched her in the summer ,she’s just the best. But then in 2016. we broke up stayed away for 2 months but we found ourselves in heavy passion and we go to concerts etc. He begins saying love cares for me but here we are I have stayed with my daughter & her step dad most affordable anyway I got smacked around by stepdad & I send pics to Ray and suddenly 1 text all it said turn him in. That’s it not are you OK , do u need me to come get you zip.. What’s is this ? Does ray really love me or is he playing games ?? I still havent heard frm him. We r social sites to still notta..Help please Blessed Be Jennifer

  84. Betty

    We have been dating for a year now. I get a morning and night text hugs and kisses from him every day for a year unless he’s in a work place where wifi is spotty like some parts of Africa .. I’ve played golf with him and his brothers meet his entire sibling family meet his grandkids and 2 of his daughter invited out to dinner and cookout at daughters house ..we take road trips together but we’re still only best friends .. I’m kinda lost with this one .. I’m the only person he’s dating .. is it because he like to take things slow ??

  85. Stephanie Curenton

    I’m not understanding why after 14 years of marriage and months of counseling, we see no progress in improving our marriage. We are on the verge of divorce again. And I think we’re only sticking around because wet have as three year old. Any suggestions for improvement or just work towards divorce.

  86. PatienceN

    I’m going through a break up, I got into a relationship I didn’t want but because it was a guy I would trust with anything being that I always knew how he felt about me. Well he was already single and I was knewly we started back speaking etc. then I finally came out and I was like I’m single and I need time. He responded take all the time you need but we are back together . He was in a really bad relationship and was miserable. I thought I was peice. But he left me and went back to relationship. I guess because she promised to change etc…. they were on and off for 3 years… in so many words she was the she devil… he told me he loved to much to drag me along and that he wasn’t ready for a need a relationship within a week he was back with her. He broke up with me after our vacation. That I could’ve got pregnant on

    1. Eyvonne Black

      PatienceN, on one hand, it appears he was taking time-out from his previous relationship to be with you, and with the knowledge that you trusted and were attracted to him, he could have the best of both worlds. On the other hand, it also appears he may have come out of that relationship without giving himself time to heal or consider what he really wanted. Stephan would tell you in his book ‘God Where is my Boaz?’ ‘God doesn’t want you to have any ‘man’ He wants you to have the man who is truly the BEST for you’. Now it’s YOUR time to heal, let go of ‘that’ past by God’s strength and move on. I would encourage you to buy Stephan’s book ‘God Where is my Boaz?’ I can guarantee if you follow the steps he suggests, you will not make that mistake again. Stay Blessed!

  87. Geni

    Hello everyone.
    I cant believe i m posting something like this in social media and seeking some advices..well my kind of relationship is bit harsh!. m in a relationship for last 4 yrs and we love each other very much. I cheated over him bt he still said its okay and he want this to continue..i know i have broken his trust bt he still want me to stay. There are days where he is soo abusive he used to beat me,shout at me and argue every time all because of no reasons. Everytime he has got something on his mind and starts a new drama again and again..and when i used to stay its all over lets breakup he dont let me go.!! Can anyone pls suggest something.

    1. Aixa

      I could only imagine I’m sorry that you’re going through this I can relate trust me it’s not easy just pray about it you’re going to be okay

    2. Mary

      Hi you need to to join a Domestic violent group for women’s get some help before the sistuation get worse. Good luck and God Bless you

    3. June

      @Geni – Is there place you can go where he will not find you? The rapid rates of domestic homicides are increasing daily. I’ve work with victims of violent crimes for over 10 years and I promise you prayer will not help. Please be clear I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pray because you should. However, God said seek wisdom and understanding. Hold true to YOUR life and go to work and never return. Sometimes the clothes on your back is all you’ll have but God will send people to help you. If you work with someone at your local Victim Witness Office – they can assist you with a location that’s economically feasible for you and your family. Please use wisdom to protect you and your family. Be bless.

  88. Ghetti Da Champ

    I was in a relationship for 13 years and i broke it off because of cheating. For 3 years we werent togetber but we still conversated and hung out. She told me how much she missed me but she was wit someone else. So when they broke up i asked for us to get bk together. She told i was only asking her to be with me because she moved in with me and it was 3 years since we been together. So she dated someone else

  89. Broken Pieces

    I’m in a relationship with a man that is obsessed with money, works all the time, plays a lot of golf in his spare time, even though I beg him to go to church with me, and he chooses golf instead but he only has something to do with me when it’s convenient for him. It breaks my heart over and over again. Everyone told me that he is a very selfish man who will drain your life from you but I chose to get to know him instead of judging him based on what others have told me, including his own ex wife, his ex step daughter. My own daughter can’t stand him and doesn’t want anything to do with him. He refuses to have anything to do with my kids unless it helps him shine in the spot light. I make the excuses of well he is set in his ways and I’m not going to change him but yet my heart is shattered and I’ve loved him with every broken piece.

    1. Patricia

      why keep hurting yourself????and your children, children are so beautiful and special, watching them grow and change, learning to drive and watching the smile on their face, don’t miss out on the special moments, they only last for a moment…

  90. Ahthitra Casandra

    “The Man God Has for You” is completely unraveling the way I’ve been in relationships. Especially when they don’t go how I want them to and how it makes me sooo upset kuhz I invested all this time and energy in to it then I feel like I wasn’t worth him wanting to change or that I wasn’t good enough – when that’s not it at all. Gon have to take this last relationship as an L and learn from it. Can’t wait to finish this book now!

  91. Mary BackmanSnyder

    Why can’t I get things right? I feel like I’m always wrong.

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