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12 Ways To Turn Her On Without Touching Her

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Want to learn how to turn her on? well you have come to the right place. What you are about to read will give you different ways to peak a woman's interest and can even arouse her. No this isn't about where to kiss her, and different ways to touch her body. We are talking about achieving this without ever laying a finger on her.  

7 Keys To Better Communication In Your Relationship

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Communication is key. You hear it all the time, and you will continue to hear it because it is true. A relationship without good communication is one that will struggle, and not reach its full potential. Overlooking the need for it will create a huge disconnect that will only cause two people to drift further apart.  

Think Like A Man Too – Meet The Stars at Macy’s

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Join me this Wednesday at Macy's in the Lenox Square Mall of Atlanta for this summer's highly anticipated sequel Think Like A Man Too! starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Meagan Good, Regina Hall and more great stars. Be sure to come out early for your chance to meet a Think Like A Man Too cast member!


3 Reasons Why You Should Call & Not Send A Text Message

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  "LOL", "WTH", "WYD", and the list goes on. Most of you are familiar with these acronyms partially thanks to the rise of sending a text message. More and more people are choosing to type on their phone rather than use it for its original use, which is to verbally communicate. It can be family, friends, co-workers or lovers. The convenient choice to send a text message is growing more and more each day, but  

5 Tips On How To Talk To Women Online

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In the world we live in today, the internet has become a great place to meet women. There are so many sites facilitating this experience and creating more opportunities to help you find a woman who fits your interest. What a great tool at your disposal, but it will all mean nothing if you aren't aware of ways to increase your success rate in this arena. Knowing how to talk to women online can give you a leg up


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