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3 Tips For Making Her Happy On Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is upon us and yet I’m sure many of the men have yet to figure out what they will doing (if anything at all) for their partner. If it was truly up to some men they would just say “Happy Valentine’s Day”, have some wild sex, and then call it a night. That may be enough for some women but for most you are going to have to do better than that. There are 4 occasions you want to be mindful of when it comes to doing something for her: Christmas, anniversaries, her birthday, and valentine’s day. So here are 3 tips to remember if you want increase your chances of putting a smile on her face and dodge any possible issues.

Tip# 1. Do Something

I understand that there are a lot of women who don’t care for valentine’s day. They will tell you it isn’t important and you don’t need to worry about doing anything special. Well sometimes this is all a setup (intentionally or unintentionally). Some women will play down valentine’s day because the last thing they want to do is set themselves up for disappointment. To tell you they would like something and you mess it all up is not something they look forward to. Even if they are genuine about this you can’t lose by doing “something”. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. It can just be thoughtful and show some kind of effort (that means don’t always default to a bear and some damn candy unless you know she truly does like that). The last thing you want is for your woman to go to work or school and be surrounded by a bunch of gloating women showing off what they got from their men on valentine’s day (even though some of them really sent it to themselves but I will leave that alone for today) Which brings me to the next tip.

Tip# 2. Give Her Something She Can Hold

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that a romantic dinner and giving her special treatment won’t be appreciated. She will likely enjoy these things but understand that a lot of women like to hold on to things. Meaning they will keep cards, dead roses, jewelry, and other items with sentimental value for as long as they can. They enjoy going back and looking at these things when it is attached to good memories and you are still the man they are with. So giving her something material even if it is very simple and small is a nice touch to the day. Not to mention that it allows for your women to have something to show off to other girls if she chooses to. So when that chick who doesn’t really like her comes around talking about “so did you get anything for valentine’s day?” she will be able to proudly say with a big middle finger “yes I did”.  As well as proceed to show her that sweet thing you gave as a token of your love. For the ladies reading this, I do not condone the giving of the middle finger on Valentine’s day. Please save all of that for “Kiss My A** Day” which is the day after and was created for everyone who didn’t get anything and will be tired of people bragging about their gifts or questioning why they didn’t receive any. That was all a joke and please don’t take me seriously : ).

Tip# 3. Be On Your Best Behavior

If nothing else this is definitely something you should adhere to. Whether you care for valentine’s day or not it is still a day that is supposed to be filled with love and romance. So the least you can do is make sure you communicate well with her on that day. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her. Be sweet and kind all day long and make her feel special with the love you show her on that day. This may not be enough for some to avoid any disappointment on her end but it definitely helps. You just want to make sure that on a day that she will be surrounded by reminders of what this day is “supposed” to be for that you don’t give her reasons to feel like crap and curse your name behind your back. Give her something to smile about.

Valentine’s Day is cool but here is the best tip I can give you. Don’t wait for one day out of the year to treat your woman the way she wants to be treated. Don’t think that just because you do a good job on Valentine’s Day that this should overshadow giving her sub par treatment or less than a great effort the other 364 days of the year. Always love and cherish her the way that she deserves and make time to do something extra special for her on random days. Doing that will help you both have a relationship you can be happy and proud to be in even when it’s not Valentines Day.

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3 thoughts on “3 Tips For Making Her Happy On Valentine’s Day”

  1. Joelle Paule

    well I hope the lovers have a wonderful valentine’s day. These are special days enjoy it with your other half….

  2. Oh I must admit that I had to laugh as I went to the supermarket today and saw at least 10 men in a row picking out red roses, it was a real sight. This was funny because on most days the flower section in this same supermarket is usually filled by women, ha ha ha. 

    I say, don’t just stick to Valentines Day to make it special. Pick any unexpected ‘days’ not day, throughout the year and give each other a night to remember. Something that will go down in your history together, and it doesn’t need to have a huge price-tag. 

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