women fight over a man

You’re Both Getting Played: When Women Fight Over A Man

One man, two women, and a just a bunch of drama. We see it all the time. Movies, TV, music, and unfortunately real life. These love triangles where women fight each other are all around you and in my opinion it’s a damn shame. With so much more important things to be worried about many women find themselves more focused on battling with the “other woman“. They will slander her name. Stalk and harass her on social media. Some even go as far as showing up at a woman’s house for a confrontation that can lead to violence. All of this nonsense is going on but they both fail to realize something.

They are both getting PLAYED! These woman are fighting for this man while he sits back and is amused by this battle for his attention. He could care less how this is truly affecting both parties as long as when it’s all said and done he still gets the benefits he desires. These woman will try to lay claim to being the “main chick” but if you’re the “main” then this implies that there are other woman. So does it really make a woman proud that she has a man who blatantly cheats or deals with multiple women as long as he claims she is first on the list? What is even more unfortunate is when the man actually makes it clear to all the women involved that he isn’t interested in a relationship. Yet they still are prepared to go to war with any women that threatens the make-believe relationship they think they have or can one day get. If a woman is truly OK with believing she is the “main chick” then why go after the other women. That other woman owes her nothing. She didn’t agree to be in a relationship with her, he did. She didn’t make him show her less attention because they all happen to be at the same outing, he did that. They didn’t force him to flirt on twitter or any other social media so why is she ready to raise hell and create conflict with her.

Because they are in denial. Rather than accept that maybe this situation/relationship isn’t what they want to believe it is, they would rather displace blame onto that other woman. They would rather fight her and hold her accountable because doing that to the man involved may force them to walk away or feel more embarrassed for staying with him. They don’t want to face the reality that maybe this isn’t truly the best man for them or that he has no intentions on being with them. No it is much easier to assault that other woman’s character then to look in the mirror and be honest with themselves. While they battle each other not only is this man being amused by this drama but he probably is on his way to entertaining more women than they know. Even if one “wins” this battle they still lose in the end. The real issue hasn’t been addressed and the denial continues. Now I know some situations go deeper than this. Sometimes that other girl is really just trying to cause trouble and the man is actually innocent of playing games or cheating. If this is truly the case then he has to handle it. It is not for the woman to have to fight that battle. That man has to put his foot down because the woman he truly wants to be with should not have to deal with or be stressed out by this nonsense.  In many cases a man can handle this situation a lot better than most want to accept.

I know this can be a very difficult situation for a woman to find herself in. I know it is very easy to get mad at the other person or people involved instead of the true offender. A person still has to step back and put things in proper perspective. Minus situations that involve family or best friends, then there is no reason why they only person a woman should be addressing is that man she is dealing with. Just because the other woman knows of you that doesn’t mean anything in my opinion. If you are in a relationship then he is the only one that agreed to be committed to you and he is the only one that broke that commitment. If no relationship is in place then this really should not occur under any circumstances. If you have to fight another woman for a man then it is likely this is not the man for you. Just let it go.

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