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5 Things to Consider When He Still Lives with His Mother

he lives with his mother

Boys live with their mother and men have their own… but is this always the case?  Society has placed a very negative stigma on adult men who still live with their mother/parents. Jokes have been made and many men have been shut down by women who disapprove of their living situation.

Should it be so cut and dry? Are men who have yet to go out and get their own all losers? Here are a few things to consider before you draw any conclusions due to the fact that he still lives with his mother.

Is He Just Trying to Save Money?

There is nothing wrong with a man being smart with his money. It can be a very smart move financially to hold off on paying rent when you can stay home and save for your own house. So if he has a plan in place, the fact that he lives with his mother may start to look better. On the other hand, if he is dead broke and mooching off his mother; well, that’s a different story. There is no need to entertain a man who isn’t trying to do something with his life.

Is He There Because His Mother Needs Him or Does He Need His Mother?

In some cases, men choose to live with their mothers because their mothers need them. Maybe she has some health issues or is in transition. I’ve even read where Hangover star Bradley Cooper moved his mother in with him after the death of his father. I think those are valid reasons for a man to live with his mother, and most would agree. Now, if he is there because he simply can’t take care of himself (i.e. can’t cook, do laundry, clean a house, pay his own bills, etc.) then passing him over is understandable.

Is He a “Momma’s Boy?”

We should all love and respect our mothers, but some men refuse to cut the umbilical cord! No matter what the reason, if he is still at home and he has “momma’s boy” tendencies, then you should proceed with caution. Men who demonstrate these traits are far more likely to place the desires of their mother  before their wives. I believe that the wife’s needs must be the main priority in a marriage or else the relationship may suffer. I’m not saying that all “momma’s boys” are men who will struggle in marriage, but they are very risky.

Is He Just in Transition?

Maybe he is still in college. Maybe he just moved to a new city and is trying to get situated. Maybe he is in the process of divorce and is at his mother’s for the time-being. If the latter describes his circumstance, you still shouldn’t deal with him romantically because HE IS STILL MARRIED! The other two scenarios could be valid explanations for his living arrangements. Again, as long as he has a plan and is doing what he is supposed to do to work through his transition, then all should be fine.

Is He Viewing His Mother’s Home as His Investment?

Some of you may be thinking, ‘what’s wrong with him wanting to inherit the house?’ Well, the problem is that if he is still living with his mother, he may have no plans on moving out at all! He may be thinking he is better off staying put and waiting for the inevitable or for his mother to relinquish the house. Both courses of action could take a very long time to materialize, but if you are willing to deal with it, then so be it. If you are hoping not to be there with his mother, you may not want to entertain trying to be with him at the moment.

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Women should always take a moment to understand why the man they are interested in is living with his mother before making any decisions. There is nothing wrong with women wanting men to have their own, but eliminating a man as a potential partner for the sole reason of living with his mother, may be a mistake. Focus on building a friendship and you will find out if he truly isn’t worth your time or if he has qualities with which you can build a beautiful future with.

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76 thoughts on “5 Things to Consider When He Still Lives with His Mother”

  1. So true Stephan. There are so many issues that need to be explored before a woman jumps the boat because a man lives with his mother.

    If a woman is truly interested in a man then she will take the time to do her homework. Enjoyed the post as usual.

  2. laura

    wowwww thank u.I needed to hear this

  3. I agree with you that the moment a woman finds out that a man still lives with his mother, they shouldn’t immediately think of fleeing. The best thing to do is to see this as an opportunity to ask the right questions.

    1. Cora

      Yes, you are the exception. This totally makes sense. But can you see yourself living at home past the time you have paid your loans and saved a nest egg? If you are comfortable in your own skin and say yes, that is okay. Just be aware that you may become emotionally stunted, as you may
      become too dependant on being looked after. Any guy can do what he wants, of course, but there comes a time that is healthy for a man to stretch his legs and go out on his own. I would say by thirty for sure.

      1. Roger

        Women too. Being independent is healthy for everybody.

  4. Tinzley Bradford

    Great post! I did a video covering this same topic about a year ago! You have to be mindful of his circumstances especially in today's economy. Lots have changed and tough decisions have to be made! Check my you tube post out!

  5. Romi

    I dated someone that was living with his mom at 24 because he was saving on rent and she allowed it. Guess what, ten years later I hear he still lives in that house, and hasn’t really done anything with his life. I agree with some of these points but disagree with him being smart because it’s not really about being smart. I feel it’s more about taking advantage and not having drive. Those are not good qualities.

    1. Expecting men to be economic mules is not a good quality. In fact, it’s inhuman and gross, but whatever.

    2. Katina Svenska

      Yes-Croatian I got involved with.7 years agoHe is still living with parent to this day.Nothing changed.

    3. Katina Svenska

      Same here mate.Croatian Australian male.

  6. cininhouston

    I am dating a man who lives with his mother. He is 53 yrs old and has been single for 3 yrs. I think everyone needs help now and then and temporarily living with mom is acceptable but he should be working toward being on his own. His mother is in her 70’s but for the most part healthy. She lived alone until he moved in with her. He tries to say it like she lives with him and he is helping her ( I guess this is the manipulative way to word it, making him sound like the great son!) but the real truth is that he lives with her, He tells me he pays her rent and pays for some groceries. She cooks for him and Im sure enjoys him being there. He is at her disposal, which I feel is part of the deal. Don’t get me wrong, I agree we should all help our parents and there is a part of me that respects the fact that he mows her yard and does things for her but another part of me wishes he was his own person, lived alone. Him living with his mom and seeing nothing wrong with it worries me. It does not make me feel like he could ever take care of me….living at home with Mommy makes me feel like he really can’t take care of himself so how in the world could he take care of me.

    I am a strong independent woman, I own a beautiful 5 bedroom home that is paid for in full and I work three jobs on and off to supplement my income. He has no problem coming over and spending the night with me and although he won’t admit it, I think he hopes I will one day let him move in. I do not see that happening. I would eventually like to move in with a man and maybe sell or rent my house so I can contribute to the relationship but not be the primary. Still I am confused why men today do not have the desire to be the provider or at least an equal.

    1. kl

      Boy, if anyone figures out why men today are not willing to even support themselves sometimes, much less a family, let me know. And what is funny, most of these deadbeats with no job and living with mom still think they are a great catch just by virtue of being male. I am an independent woman, also, and figure that If I can take care of myself, at least they should be able to take care of themselves as well, or else how could I have any respect for them? No respect, no attraction.

      1. Gospel Poet

        The fathers are sometimes missing and sometimes women train their sons to treat women or have women treat them just like their moms. So Mom cooks all the time etc… they expect the same form the woman……..I shudder! We need to ray for our men!

      2. You’re right. Men are mules whose value as human beings depends entirely on their ability to earn income because social justice and equality.

        What would it be like to have your ability to meet basic psychological and social needs tied to macro aggregate historical, political, and economic forces which are entirely outside of your control? Be thankful you’ll never know, you solipsistic, soulless, money grubbing child.

        Y’know, at this point if an enemy army invaded this country and treated our women the way the Soviets treated German women, I wouldn’t die to protect them. I’d think of posts like yours and laugh.

        1. Bonnie

          It’s not that deep, she is just asking for a man to show he is responsible, as any adult should be.

        2. Tamny Cuppy

          I dont feel that its completely avout a man being a mule. I am currently engaged to a man whose 45, never been married and lived with his mom until he met me. Then he moved from his moms into my home. Does he freeload… No! He makes more money than I do. I still owed a small balance on my home and he paid it off for me without me asking. He invested in me and my home because he wants to spend his life with me. He is the greatest thing thats ever happened to me. He is a true treasure. I’ve dated losers who’ve tried to move in and live off me before. But this time I got a real man. I am thankful. The only problem I have is with his mother who cant let go of him. She emotionally abuses him and since its all he has ever known he doesnt even know it or realize it. His mom treats him like a husband instead of a son. She has tried to get rid of me just as she has manipulated him and got rid of everyone he has ever dated. The difference between me and them…He moved in with me so he isnt with her 24/7 for her to manipulate 24/7 like she does. His grandma did threaten my life said I would disappear if I took him from his mother. The things they do bothers me, but my adult children have been amazing and are very supportive and tell me to just ignore it all rhat eventually once we are married his mom will have to learn to accept he is a grown man with a wife.
          So I dont think its all about being a mule. Sometimes its not the mans fault its the fact they love their parent and their parent loves themselves and selfishly manipulates them for their own self serving purpose of not being alone. And unfortunately the man doesn’t even know he is being emotionally abused and manipulated because its what they know.

          1. Bells

            Tammy. It’s great to find someone I’m a similar position to me. I’d love to speak with you on this more if possible? Do let me know!

        3. Kristi Sisk

          Hmm. sounds like an excuse from someone who lives with mommy…

    2. MLaw

      “Still I am confused why men today do not have the desire to be the provider. FULL STOP.” When men start menstruating and can carry a child for 9 months, plus deliver and nurse it, then I’ll gladly do equality as far as shelter is concerned! Until that day I will accept nothing less than what nature has designed men to do. The only other alternative is to support myself: No compromises…otherwise that’s what leads to the confusion. A male who doesn’t want to support a woman is not a man. Run fast if you meet one of these creatures. If a man is truly unable to support a woman to that’s different, but most men are fully capable of it, there is no excuse, they just “do not have the desire to be the provider or at least an equal” …and they will only do what women allow them to get away with.

      1. abe1983

        Then women need to either exit the workforce in full or take second consideration after a man. Females flooded the workforce and screwed over wages. This is what has to happen if women want to be taken care of by men.

    3. Jackie

      Hi I’ve been dating this man for six years and he’s 54 and still at home with his mother in his room he has pictures of jet magazine women in bathing suits hang all over his wall im lost

      1. Jennifer

        My man is 54 I’ve been with him for 1 yr 4 months he’s rude, mean,egotistic,bossy,co trolling,his mom just spent $2,000 for him to get him truck out of Police tow cause he was in the wrong she must give him about 25 to 50.00 Dollars dayly or more for his drug alcohol problem jail problems,and some,she hates me folds and does his laundry cooks basically everything but wipe his ass

    4. Dialn911

      If you’re a strong independent woman who works and takes care of yourself why do you need somebody to take care of you?

      The fact that you say you don’t want to be the primary and you put so much focus on this sounds like you don’t want to be independent at all, but rather you want a sugar daddy to take care of you. Perhaps you should look at a relationship as a give-and-take where each partner gives 50/50 to one another rather than one being a primary and one being a secondary.

      If you have a place that is paid for in full great, why wouldn’t you want to contribute to a relationship by allowing someone you love to move in with you and live in a place together where you can save without having a mortgage payment and contribute that savings towards other things together as a couple?
      Instead you’re wanting to turn that into some sort of asset for yourself while being with a man who will “take care of you” and be a primary breadwinner. That doesn’t sound like an independent woman, that sounds like a woman who is trying to position herself.

  7. Lisa

    Have you ever thought that he might stay with mom cause he can’t afford his own place because he has 6 kids. Mom don’t work and they both are dependent on the other. Not a good choice for a husband. Mom and 2 many kids. Sorry. There’s no way he saving.

  8. Dashiell Williford

    I've always agreed with that above!! We shouldn't jump too first,anyways lol

  9. Mumma Jackson

    My son stayed with because after he came home from college. I was trying to recover from the loss of my mother. Which left me struggling with hypertension. With the cost of living and my meds. I needed the extra income. He put his life on hold. To take care of me. Until I could move into a part of California. Where the cost of living is much cheaper.

  10. Annie Shah

    The wifes needs should not always come first. Depends on the situation and who's needs are greater each day!

  11. Nathaniel Doss III

    I am a "momma boy" and after my devastating divorce my mother suggested I move in with her. I lived with get for a few years during that time it helped me and her financially and I would have still been living with her if I hadn't been awarded custody of four of my six children. There is no blanket explanation as to why guys or anyone lives at home. Living at home allowed me to afford to cost my children in two states monthly and still be a father and not a send a check/holiday dad. When I am blessed with my life partner I pray my mother and her have a wonderful relationship and I with her family.

  12. Bless you brother… I don't realy see the problem with living with your/our "mama…" Enjoy your stay and praying with you for a God fearing spouse.

  13. Dina

    My man moved in with his mother to ‘keep her company’ as his dad died. That was two years ago… I’m tired and getting more and more sexually turned off by him as he doesn’t seem to showing or even talking about moving out of his mothers home. To top it off we have a child together, she’s now started to ask questions like where is daddy going and he doesn’t seem in the least bit embarrassed or touched by it. His mother says she doesn’t get involved in his life ( when he’s doing the mistreatment) but when I’m seemed to be at fault she has all the advice in the world. Annoying as I’m a grown woman who makes my decisions and am removed from my family enough to not have be influenced by their oppinions. Situation is dead

  14. kLPantera

    Well, I’m 22 and I’m probably going to live at home after college graduation. It’ll enable me to quickly pay off my student loan debts (about 1.5 years). Though I’ll have to live at home a little longer, since the grad program I want won’t leave much time for work. Which means no income, which means I still can’t live on my own.

    If the guy isn’t some lazy-bum sitting around doing nothing, cut him some slack. It’s a smart economic move to allow for debt reduction and the accumulation of funds. The average college graduate has about $29k in loans. Take me for example, living at home w/a starting salary of about $58k to $60k would allow me to pay off the loans quickly.

    1. Coyote

      Beautifully written and argued! 🙂

    2. Coyote

      Indeed, you certainly make a good point and argument here. 🙂

    3. Anon

      My man lives with his mom and saves nothing. He pays all her bills cuz he doesn’t want her to lose her house and she works like only a couple days a week. He can’t save anything cuz he pays all her bills. It sucks

    4. Danny Roberts

      Do you already have a job offer for $58k-$60k or is a dream job you HOPE to get before you have any experience working? At 22 it’s one thing to stay with mommy if you help around the home-yard upkeep, dishes, laundry, cooking, car washing, etc, etc. Or does mommy do all these things for you while you play video games, drink beer or smoke pot. By the way, I graduated college @21 y.o. while living on my own with a loan to pay off which I did in 2 1/2 years.

      1. kLPantera

        What is wth your condescending attitude? Take it easy with your bragging, I entered undergrad at 17. I’m now making double my prior stated amount.

  15. JasonMRogers

    As a man who lives in his mothers house I am always concerned with how people look at this. You may consider this wrong but it is considered abnormal. Firstly, my own perceptions of how others see it, isn’t great. Think, mummy’s boy, loner, and the variety of failures that must have been in his, in my life, to be in the position. Secondly, seeing the reality of others views is a must and finally my own view (if such a thing is valid in this context). Personally, I have lived elsewhere and with other people, both friends in a house share and with a woman whom I considered a life partner, also with a more casual girlfriend. I came to live at my mothers after deciding to return to education. I had a poor education, no GCSE’s, A Levels or Vocational qualifications.

    See, the caveat says it all. If not that, then consider the opening to the post as it closes, “he still lives with his mother”.

    There is nothing wrong with the me because of the people I choose to live with. There is nothing wrong with me, nor them, I say them because it is not just my mother that lives here. We are mostly happy and have a mutually beneficial coexistence, why would I want to give this up? It has in reality, been better than any house share I have ever had.

    I find it difficult now to meet women, why is my current situation a problem? Surely the future arrangements would be the problem. It seems that prejudice takes hold here, because I live with my mother, I will not be a suitable partner.

    Perhaps I am in different circumstance, perhaps I thought I could not manage without parental guidance for my education. The reality is, and it may seem a twist, is that I am not very good at sex. This, I have found, is the biggest turn off for women, has crushed me beyond what any person might expect, and left me a destroyed man. Living at my mothers allows me, now, to give women a reasonable excuse to not be involved with me. This may be my problem but it is certainly not because I live with my mother.

    I am neither sad nor lonely but cannot imagine ever being intimate again. This is not different to the arguments put here on this post, but simply a different point of view to the preconceived ideas about “being a man”.

    Jason M Rogers

  16. jackthecat2010

    i am 56, left home at 24, joined the military (25 yrs of service) and now have been working on my Masters degree. i own my own place and not looking for anyone to latched onto me – i love the freedom! best thing mom did for me, was to let me know that i was not moving back in, once i left!

  17. Shyblueeyes

    I’ve been dating a man for 6 years who won’t move out of his moms. I’ve had my own apartment then now house paying all of my own bills the entire time. He’s at my house every night and everyone thinks he lives here but 98% of his things are at his moms and he pays bills there. His mom uses him like crazy. I tried my best to please her for the first 4 yrs until it all came out that she hates my race. I’m blonde hair blue eyes and she’d rather him be with someone with darker roots so she’s said. I cook clean, do everything for this man and he won’t leave mommys house. He has this thing where he all of a sudden needs to “go home”. He refers to his moms as “his house” when in reality that’s his mother and step fathers duplex they’re renting with you paying there bills. I’ve verified he is paying the bills there. His mom hasn’t worked in 10+ years “not disabled but in good health” his step dad works on and off but he’s a retired veteran. I don’t know what to do!! I’ll be 30 next year and so will he. I feel so stuck!! I’d like to add in addition to the regular cooking and cleaning I also take care of all of his banking, insurance, doctors appointment making..

    1. Mrs.J

      It seems like you’re ok with the situation so just stay with him.You have been with him for 6 years already.It does seem like he is just taking care of his mom and she probably guilt trips him or something.

  18. Mostyn Andrews

    A friend of mine has the following to contribute:
    “I married a guy who was still living with his mother (he was 30 at the time), and God, it was awful. He lied to me about the state of the family business before the marriage, telling me after the event that it didn’t make any money, and that I (the only person in the house who worked full time) would have to pay living expenses for both him AND his mother! She and I couldn’t stand each other and we got our separate dwellings after 14 months. I swear those two had separation anxiety. SHE had always provided for him, which was why he was so lazy, and was the one telling HIM he ought to “be a househusband” Anyway, time went on and although he was offered work he never took it and ended up with a computer game addiction, he said he had no ambition. He also became physically violent and was unfaithful. I left and divorced him and haven’t had a long-term partner in 10 years.
    His MOTHER moved back in with him, but he still managed to remarry, as he was desperate for children – to a Russian mail order bride, which was very significant, I thought. I am sure the language barrier, the fact she was 15 years younger than him, and the fact she came from Gorky (a notorious s***hole), helped! Anyway, they all live under the same roof now. Not sure what he does for work now, but I’m sure it’s nothing major, as if it were, he would advertise it more than he seems to be doing.
    Whatever – I just can’t understand the fact that he and his mother couldn’t seem to exist without each other. He was pretty abusive to her, too.”

  19. Dk2014

    I have been needing to get this off my chest for a while. I’m 22 years of age. I met this guy 2 years ago he is now 36. When I met him he informed me that he did not posses a high school diploma because he dropped out of school and is hard for him to find jobs. I am a very understanding person. But now 2 years later he still has no job, and no ged. And he lives with his mother and still asks them to borrow money. I feel trapped because I don’t want to be mean and leave him because he’s struggling. But I’m so turned off by him. I feel like I’m forcing myself to be with him for the sake of his feelings. He really is a nice guy but he can’t do anything for me, nor my son, barely him self. Are my feelings wrong?

    1. Mrs.J

      You should definitely leave unless you’re ok with financially supporting him and any children you might have together.

  20. Hunibuni

    My new bf is 37…longest relationship is 1yr…. Still lives at home with his mum and dad,he lives in a loft conversion,he works 3 days a week and the rest of the week he is glued to his playstation,he has no real concept of paying bills or real life situations…. He doesn’t even cook his own food.i feel like I’m seeing a teenager!

  21. Esther

    I am 25 years old dating a guy who is 28 years old & still stays with his mum.
    I tried to get him out of his mums house & succeeded,I was happy yet he wasn’t cause the mum started hating me,calling his son while crying over the phone.
    My guy was depressed about it cause things were getting out of hand.
    So he went back to his mum,he is happy & glowing,the mother still hates me AF.
    Now I look like a bitch… So I told him not to shift till he is ready,cause he clearly wasn’t ready before. Did I do the wrong thing or?

  22. Solowae

    I live with a male who still live with
    His mother for 9year he made it known that he wants to marry me after having a child with him. His mother did everything to dismantle the relationship with as for as hurting our child. Once he told her about the money his dad law sue money yhe family started moving in and dhe was retired. When those 2 things became a topic in the relationship. He never address anything she would do to our daughter. I did and he put me, our daughter and my now 15yr old Autistic son he help raraised.With no warning just an eviction. That happen traraised 2017. You have males just want to have sex partners and need to say just that. I am beautiful and well put together just disappointed in some men. An this one happens to be black and 49-year-old and purchase a house with is mother. Can u fix that broken heart given by a wanted soul of jah.

  23. Sergio

    My name is Sergio…I need the most feedback…I am a 46 year old male…dad passed away 2013, mom was never alone and was in distraught dad passed…it was the right thing to do at the time, but i assumed it was a temporary thing. I signed her for a senior housing and she refused it saying who will take care of her, yes she’s diabetic but able to take care of her self…I feel I gave up my freedom and manhood to do a good deed and needed at the time…I know I wasn’t wrong at the time…times I feel depressed and down. Am I wrong? what do you think?

    1. Sue

      I am sorry to learn that your father has passed on. Did you move in with your mom after your dad’s passing or did your mom move in with you? I am sure your Mom understands that you too need to go on with your life. I think it is good that you have offered to stand by her side during this stressful period. I am not sure what things you are unable to do as a result of taking care of mom. Do you mean things like going out once or twice or week or inviting friends over for dinner.

  24. Vicki Widrick

    My husband of 21 years doesn’t work and left me in a text to go live with his mother. I have made every sacrifice I possibly could to love and keep my husband but he has this unusual obsession with his mother. He is 43 years old and I am 57 years old and when he left and sent me a text that he was leaving me, he and his mother went into our home and took everything they wanted out including going through my personal things, furniture, TV etc. I am devastated. I filed for a no- fault divorce and now just waiting to see if he will sign the divorce. How do I get past all the pain and hurt I am feeling?

    1. mjloveforever

      That’s a shitty move by him and his mother! Time will heal all wounds! Sorry to hear and hope you OK. Hang in there…went thru something very similar, so you are not alone.

  25. Kat Heinrich

    Hi, a few months ago I fell in Love with an italian man, and it seemed he also fell in Love with me. Pretty early on, he told me, that he lives with his mum and that he will care for her until her death, which may still take 10 years. Still I kept an open mind as it seemed at the time, that he was free enough to travel, visit me, make plans, do nice things together, perform music etc…so when he said can he introduce me to his colleagues and family as my girlfriend, i agreed based on how close we were and how flexible and willing he was spending time and do nice things. Then I came and he and his mum made me feel very welcome in their home, and as the weeks went by and i tried hard to embrace and accept the fact that everything was shared with the mother and very little privacy was possible. Slowly it started to dawn on me, what it really means for our relationship that he made the decision to spend his life with her until she dies. Slowly the puzzle pieces are coming together and his behaviour has changed a lot. Now he doesn’t want to do things together neither with me nor with his friends, who have tried to tell him, that my need to have privacy and alone time with him together is totally natural. I have moved out and live in another town in an apartment now, and though he contacts me every day via whats app, he seems to have no desire to spend time with me, plan some kind of future, or ever move out or see less of his mother than he did when he was single. Now I really feel he’s not even really acknowledging that its he who has a problem when he wants to have a girlfriend but make no space for her in his life and deny the things “normal couples” do….at this point, my heart is breaking and it seems evident that i have to leave…:(

  26. Shep

    All people dating a male anything over 23 living with mommy and daddy, flee. You are dating a child and get away from it as fast as you can. I married a woman who was the same and went through hell.

  27. Dialn911

    So how would you feel if you met a man who was on disability and didn’t make a lot of money to be a breadwinner but had to leave their career due to illness and does the best they can with the cards they’ve been dealt?

  28. jaz

    I’m dating a guy for 5 years and he’s 43 going in 44 this coming year ! But he is all the above but in the negative dide??He continues to think he is 18 yet watches porn if 18 year olds I struggle with my image thinking I’m not good enough all the time! He is a huge addict his mom supports him n she’s an alcoholic! Ping pong! I do all the cooking n cleaning! I get tired of it all because I feel like I am competing with his mother! She likes to think she can enter our room n do our laundry n fold our clothe n change our bedding!whenevet we fight it’s like she takes the opportunity to play not the momma role but the wife roll! It creeps me out! Not normal! I feel like as long as we live here he will never grow up! It’s like she wants him to be an adult by playing the role of house bills n then she says yeah I know I spoiled him to much! Maybe I should just leave!

  29. Robert Maxa

    I just turned 45, and have never moved our. My sister moved out, when she went off to university, the commute wouldn’t have been practical. I never went; so my mother didn’t seem it necessary. I tried to move out, once, but mother is one of those controlling, narcissistic mothers, who can’t let go, and pulls the ultimate guilt tip. I thought, if I’m going to be a prisoner here, I’m going to take advantage of this. I pay rent, a fraction of what I would pay anywhere else. I have a job, not a “career “, by any stretch, I’ve been there for 24 years, not management, and that’s it. The only thing mother does for me, is cook. I drive her around, for shopping, and do most of the housework, yard work, laundry, and so on. Dad died 3 years ago, and her health is in decline. When she goes, the house is mine. I saved enough money, to go to Europe, 3 times, with my dad, and to buy myself a newish vehicle, cash. Even though my sanity has taken a beating, among other things, I do recognize that I’m deficient in many ways, but it is what it is. A girlfriend is out of the question, because if her controlling behavior. I tried it, she got tired of me having to seek around, just stealing time, to see her. She was almost 11 years older than me. That didn’t sit well with mother. On the upside, I don’t use drugs, and I’m not an alcoholic, yet.

  30. Re Re Vok

    Never date a man who is living with his mother.. He should be more focused on having his own FIRST before trying to date anyone…

  31. Eric Melendez Battle

    I’m a 28 yrs old who still lives in a apt with my mother grandmother n my younger sista did I left on my own at 17 staying with old timer did I have a girlfriend staying with her yes at 22 we were together late may to April she’s a grandmother n has 3 growned kids same age as me one is in his 30s the older son

  32. Magdalena Garcia

    Great article. I think it’s important to look at the circumstances and understand why they are in that situation. My ex was 39 and still lived with his mother. Though he had a degree in architecture from a prestigious school, he refused to work in the field and chose to work 20 hours a week at the Starbucks down the street. He was fired from an architectural job 10 years prior and never bounced back. He lacked emotional maturity and did not bounce back from life’s hardships. He didn’t know how to load a dishwasher, do his own laundry, or cook before I taught him how. His mother would cook and clean all day so he never had to lift a finger. I feel bad that his mother is getting older (almost 70) and at this point, I think he should be able to take care of her. Though his mother is an angel, I really think she is doing him a disservice.

    Dating him was extremely difficult because he was emotionally unavailable and had an inflated ego. He did not know how to communicate his feelings or problem solve. He lacked social skills and life skills in general. He was unable to commit and could not talk about the future because he never planned to move out of his mom’s house. He treated his mom terribly like a spoiled child would and wanted us to have the same relationship dynamic. I’m surprised we lasted 3 years. I feel bad for his mother because she is too agreeable to stand up to him or to send him packing.

  33. Beth

    My 40 year old boyfriend originally lived with his mother for financial reasons when we started dating. It was suppose to be short term. His financial state hasn’t improved and his mother has had a stroke. She doesn’t have enough money to live on her own. They live in a two bedroom apartment. She is messy and doesn’t bathe enough. She has a dog that pees everywhere because she doesn’t let I’m out. There is an awful smell in the apartment that bothers me immensely. I feel bad complaining but he wants me there too. I am having a hard time being comfortable and there is only so much cleaning I can do for them. My boyfriend is somewhat lazy and does t mind a messy house where as I am the opposite. What would you do in this situation?

  34. Debbiev

    A 46 year old man with a good job and a degree with his mom in good health and able to care for herself in fact she still shop. Cooks, and does his and his kids laundry .. she gets frustrated at age 76 she walks out of her own home leaving behind everything she owns .. right down to towels forks personal pictures ..

    What’s the excuse for this one

  35. Carrie

    I have been with a man who is 33 I am 48. When we met I had my own place great job and three grown children. After a year we decided to move into together. In an apartment that he managed so.. we only paid a small amount of rent split in half. I have become very close to his family working in their yard using my PTO time to take his mom to appointments and doctors appointments. She is in pretty good health but didn’t want to do these things on her own. I am independent, I found myself paying for extra things that he needs car issues registration things for his parents yard. I know I didn’t have to I did it because I wanted to. Spent a lot of time with his family him never with mine. The actions were never reciprocated or thought of. Last year the apartments were sold and they didn’t need a manager. He didn’t want to pay full rent so he said we are going to move in with his parents. I suggested I move into my own place and he move I. With them. He said no we needed to be together. It’s been a long ride. I have stopped taking her shopping and to doc appointments. I was enabling her and taking from my family and myself. She is always in our business and always telling us what we can and cannot do. He give me a kiss good night and she. Asked where is hers. We talked about moving out started looking to buy after looking for two months he changed his mind and said that he is saving more money living with his parents. I’m lost I know I need to move on and have my own place where my family can feel comfortable visiting and coming over. It’s taking it’s role mentally. I know he loves me but the thought of doing the wrong thing is scary.

  36. The UK Economist

    You do know that many men save plenty of money whilst living at home with parents, for example I saved £500k, in fact my friends also saved half a million whilst living with parents and I have never met a woman who even has savings who then judges men who are now financially successful by being smart. Until a lady can say at age 30 she has £500k in the bank I couldn’t care less if I and other individuals are judged for staying with family to build wealth. Now I own several properties and Is now financially free, many women can judge me but I and other men are financially successful by being smart and living at home.

  37. Maria sorpresa

    30 years old .
    No money or if do money spend on junk .
    No girlfriend ever because is to cheap.
    Loves phones and cars .
    Don’t know how to do any repairs around the house.

  38. Rachel Sanico

    I have a soon to be 29 year old stepson that lives with his mother. 2 BA IT degrees and 1 internship for work experience. He had an immediate job offer from my company where I was able to get an internship when he graduated from his second college experience. My company asked him to do a second internship and to meet the engineering global team he would be working with. He decided it would be a “waste of his time” to do a second internship even though the company was willing to work with his schedule as a remote employee and did everything they could to convince him. After college he decided he wanted to take a break. His break consisted of playing Xbox and Rune Scape all hours of the day and night for 3 years. Now he’s asking his dad (my husband) for money because the college fund is now below $200 and his mom is freaking out that she now has to pay for all the taxis, trains and bus fares as well as his daily eating out habits he adopted using the leftover college funds. Not understanding that his dad also has responsibilities and bills, he decided to cut off communication with his dad because my husband was asking him to justify what the money will be used for. His momma wouldn’t let him live with us because SHE didn’t feel we would know how to raise him up. (I have 3 kids and 2 of them in their early 20s bought their own home, the other will take over his dad’s estate when the time comes). My stepson is challenged because his mom doesn’t want him to leave her and he can’t leave her because she’s guilt tripped him with her emotional manipulations. It’s a sad situation but we’re not going to be enablers.

  39. Jane Doe

    @Dial911: You just described my bf/so. He was on his own previously but became ill/disabled. He does the best he can and is very thoughtful, helpful to his family and mine /me. It is stressful with the knowledge that the bigger financial load is on me especially because I, too, am disabled but I have children from a previous marriage and have to work. Disability for me wouldn’t keep a frog alive cuz they won’t pay enough. Social security didn’t count my teaching work for work credits or my contact jobs so I couldn’t live off what they paid even if they qualify me. My Significant other has just moved in with me and does everything he can to make my and my children’s life easier. He’s a gem.

  40. Nah


    You want a man to take care of you and invite you into his home, but you wouldn’t do the same? Not saying either is right, but do you hear the hypocrisy of how you’re trying to shame someone for your selfish/one-way benefit?

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