man walks in on cheating wife

7 Ways People Make Cheating Even Worse

When a person finds out they have been cheated on it is not a good feeling. Betrayal and disappointment hit hard and some never truly recover from it. It is a very negative experience and sometimes the cheater will make decisions that actually adds to what was already a knockout blow.

Some may say it makes no difference but I believe these seven things will feel like you’re being kicked when you have already been knocked down.

Cheating with their friend or family member.

This is without a doubt one of the worst cheating circumstances to be in. Whereas a stranger being involved leaves the victim with only one person to truly address. This scenario has them dealing with the betrayal of two people. This is truly overwhelming to say the least and leaves less room for people to be able to work past the infidelity.

Unprotected Sex.

STD’s and unwanted pregnancies, need I say more. They are already crossing a line they shouldn’t but this just opens the door to more drama. People should already be mindful with putting themselves at risk with unprotected sex. Adding in the fact that they will be going home to someone else is an even greater reason why they should make a better decision.

Bringing the kids around.

When kids are involved bringing them around the “side piece” just adds fuel to the fire. Nobody likes the idea of their children being exposed to the person that is involved in this betrayal. Even in an innocent and normal setting this action will not sit well with the victim. It only makes it harder for forgiveness to be embraced.

Cheating with their enemy.

Nobody likes to be cheated on but did they really have to do it with the person that their partner dislikes with a passion. This choice of who they cheated on their partner with definitely adds an extra sting. They have allowed this person to have something over their partner (that is how the victim may view it) and that can lead to even more issues.

Sending provocative photos.

As if the cheating wasn’t bad enough they want to go out and give a souvenir too. I know we live in an age where people send pictures all the time but is it really necessary. In my opinion that behavior is risky on its own but being in a relationship makes it even worse. They better hope the person they cheated with never becomes vindictive. That can put them at their mercy and that isn’t a good position to be if they are hoping to work things out with their partner.

Doing it in the same bed your partner sleeps in.

They might as well set the mattress on fire right now and just get rid of it. Not that getting a hotel excuses anyone from cheating but it certainly would be preferred by the victim. Can anyone really expect that person to feel comfortable sleeping in that bed knowing what went down. It just comes across as greater level of disrespect and if caught in action can lead to some serious violence.

Sleeping with their co-worker.

By going this route the cheater has now risked creating a huge ball of negativity at their partners workplace. The door is now open to them being talked about behind their back and people knowing their unfortunate business. Also the side piece may get jealous and purposely try to create trouble for the victim. If it all comes to surface the victim may not be able to bear working at that place and that just adds to an already bad situation.

I understand that some people make mistakes but others just have no respect for the relationship they are in. I realize that some people are hurting badly in their relationships and looking to fill the void that exists. While some are only concerned about their desires and could care less about the damage it may cause others. No matter the circumstances always remember that cheating won’t solve anything and it is something that we should try to steer away from. It can only mask the real issues and/or make things a lot worse. Either way it isn’t worth it and there is always a better approach a person can take.