Kevin Hart on Not Being a Protector

**warning, this video does have profanity**

This video was just too funny to me. I think Kevin Hart is a great comedian, but I am sure he exaggerated a bit on his unwillingness to step in to defend his woman. He does make an interesting point when he says he just isn’t that type of guy. There are many men out there who probably feel the same way, but in our society where your expected to “man up” I’m not sure all of those guys would be willing to admit it.

I personally believe a man is supposed to be the provider and protector of his wife and family. I’m not saying I advocate violence, but I damn sure don’t expect a man to sit by quietly while some man disrespects his woman. Yes, there are times where you should allow your woman to handle it. Every situation is different and you should not be so quick to take things to another level. I also feel that there are ways to handle things without it getting out of hand, and becoming a juvenile display of who has bigger “nuts”. So as a man you need to be smart and tactful about it, but I do not think it is ok to always sit back and do nothing. I do not believe a woman wants to be with a man who never steps up. She may not even let you do much, but just seeing that your willing to do something is enough for her most of the time. I mean if you want to do what Kevin Hart says in the video, which is hide behind the vending machine. The least you could do is scream out “Hey, leave her alone”…actually just stay behind the vending machine and do nothing because she may be more mad at that weak attempt to help her.

So am I getting this wrong? Am I just caught it in my personal perception of what a man should be? I want to hear from the women and men on what they think about this. I have heard many women that have said they can handle themselves. That they prefer for the man to leave it up to them so that the situation won’t get any worse. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe this is true at times, but would you really be ok and comfortable with a man who ALWAYS leaves it up to you to handle these issues? I truly do not feel that a woman would really be ok with this but I would love to hear if you feel otherwise. Also do you feel what Kevin Hart said is true, “women put way to much pressure on men” in regards to this specific issue. Let’s see what everybody has to say about this.

Side Note: personally I have faith in GOD that I can handle any situation without it leading to violence and additional drama, but as a man I feel I still must take action when needed under GOD’s guidance