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5 Things To Focus On While You’re Single


Some of you are single and ready for more in your life. That more may be a relationship or just being able to enjoy life at a greater level while you’re single. Whichever it is, there are ways that can help you achieve that. You have to make sure you are focusing on the right things and not allowing negativity to get the best of you. Ignoring the pressure you may get from family, society, and friends. Understanding that you have to do what is best for you, and we all have to embrace the process of reaching our goals and desires. So don’t stress, and stop looking at being single as something bad. It can be a great thing which can lead to so much more when you take heed to these five things you should focus on.

1. Finding Your Purpose

What are you truly good at? What gift do you have which you can bless others with? What is your passion? These are questions you should do your best to answer while you are single. If you lack purpose it can be easy to become distracted in life and get involved in things that provide no true value. It can also lead to attaching yourself to the wrong person in a relationship because you are looking for them to fill the void you’re experiencing. Finding your purpose will add fulfillment to your life, and help you grow as a person. Waiting until after you’re in a relationship to discover your purpose can set you up to be with someone who doesn’t truly align with it or embrace it. So find yourself first, and whether you remain single or you get involved, you will be in a much better place.

2. Becoming Self Sufficient

If you can’t take care of yourself, then you shouldn’t go looking for a relationship to take care of you. Nobody truly wants to take on a liability, and you shouldn’t be ok with becoming someone else’s burden. You’re single, so take this time to learn how to handle your business. Man or woman, you should make sure you know how to clean, cook, and manage your money. You should embrace all the things you can learn to become an asset if you ever chose to move forward in a relationship. It may not be the primary role you take on once in a relationship, but it is never a bad thing to have the tools to be capable of taking these things on when needed. Most importantly, you should do this for yourself. You should be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you can do.

3. Enjoying Life

Every day is a blessing, so do what you can to enjoy it. Being single is not a time to dwell in being miserable. Your life is not defined by your relationship status, so start embracing all of the great potential you have in front of you. Get out more, laugh more, try new things, and get to know yourself better. Make a conscious effort to do things that you enjoy every so often, if not weekly. Create new experiences and don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. When you set out to enjoy life you create more positive energy within yourself. This will not only make things better for you now, but it will also help you with meeting a great partner if a relationship is something you do desire. So stop holding back, and start having more fun.

4. Improving Your Mental, Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual Health

Becoming a better overall person is something you should always strive for. However, for most people being single is an even greater opportunity to achieve that. While you’re single you tend to have more free time to focus on you. You can eliminate distractions easier, and you don’t have the responsibility of tending to a partner in need. So take a full advantage by developing good habits that you can carry with you no matter your relationship status. Practice embracing a more positive mindset. Take time to heal from any past issues, and bring forth greater emotional health. Find ways to incorporate exercise and a healthier diet which can provide you with so many benefits. Also if you’re spiritual, then now is a great time to strengthen your relationship with God. All of these things will have a positive impact on you, and it will allow you to start experiencing a better life overall.

5. Making Friends

Just because you’re single that doesn’t mean you have to always be alone. Meeting new people is a great thing that so many tend to overlook. It doesn’t have to be about a romantic relationship. You can meet new friends who share your interests. You can make new friends who offer support and connect with the path you’re on. You can make new friends who may be beneficial when it comes to business related matters, and working together on new projects. Meeting new people and making friends can open the door to all kinds of possibilities. Don’t limit yourself, and embrace that networking with people can be a powerful tool. Now I know I said it doesn’t have to be about a romantic relationship, but honestly that is another benefit of making new friends. It can lead to much more romantically while laying down a great foundation of friendship for an increased chance at success.

Being single is not a downfall, it’s an opportunity. When you take a better approach you can start to experience better results. Whether you decide to stay single, or you have a desire to be in a future relationship, focusing on these five things can help provide you with what you need and help you gain what you want.

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10 thoughts on “5 Things To Focus On While You’re Single”

  1. A lot of women probably won't comment on this article because we're used to being frowned upon for being single, but if they don't start doing what the article suggests (especially the emotional and mental health part) they will, unfortunately, stay that way.

  2. Sandra Brown

    This advice is golden

  3. I feel u were speaking to me,I am facing these issues in a relationship as we speak, I got back a relationship that knew wasn' t for me for all the wtong reasons.How do I get out of this mess? Like song say forever don't last forever

  4. Genell HereIam Adams

    This is truth!

  5. Tyra Sherese Peterson

    This article is VERY timely as I am currently focusing on all of these things! 🙂

  6. De'Shawn Foreman

    I have an issue with fallen for guys too fast. Don’t actually quite know how to just be “friends.” I tend to always find something in them(non sexual) that makes me want to be with that person. Which has not worked out this far. So I’m just trying to focus on the other things stated above. But any suggestions on my issues that I’ve stated would help in the future tremendously.

  7. Connie McElhinney

    This answered a lot of my questions. Thank you, very well said. I consider myself single after being married in the past, and getting out of a 14 year relationship with the wrong man. I don’t and never have frowned upon single women. I believe being single gives me more time to reflect upon the wrong relationship choices I’ve made in my life, and never want to do that again! It hurts to much physically and mentally..I’m 59 years old today, and I’m still trying to figure out and/or who I am. Over the last thirty something years i didn’t and still don’t know me, especially loving myself. Been on my own again now for 6 months and i do get lonely and sometimes even depressed, but it does pass. Going to take this advice and be happy spiritually and mentally. Thank you!❤

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