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10 Signs You’re Dating a Dog In Disguise

dog with a mans face all men are dogs

Guest Post by Kevin Carr: Many of you are weary, and frustrated at the fact that what you want and quite frankly (what you deserve) has yet to make itself available to you. You yearn for substance and are tired of the games that accompany men with dog-like tendencies. Right?

Well in life what you avoid can be just as important as what you undertake. The truth is “If All Men Are Dogs, Then Women You Hold the Leash”. How far we go really depends on you.

This article is not to meant to excuse men including myself of accountability. It is designed to equip YOU with the tools you need to hold us accountable and assist you in avoiding men that do not have your best interest at heart.  In the grand scheme of things you are in control. You decide who you attach yourself to. You do not have to turn your life into an animal shelter only to later dread whom you have allowed to have access to your heart. Avoid what you don’t want by learning the 10 Signs Your Dating a Dog in Disguise.

1. He Doesn’t Bark

Just as you are alarmed when a stranger is at your door and your dog fails to notify you so with a little “woof woof”. So should you be when a man is hesitant to divulge who he is beneath the surface. It takes time to lean a person’s character but when a man is too vague and mysterious, about his age, where he lives, and essentially who he is you should be alarmed.

2. He Won’t Go Out and Play

How often do you hear of a dog not wanting to go out and run around? If a man is uncomfortable being out in public with you. If he has regulated your interactions to “house dates” or if he does take you out he makes sure to keep the dates on a certain side of town, he could be hiding something. Pay attention.

3. Dogs Don’t Hibernate!

Simply put when a man is genuinely interested in you he is consistent. He doesn’t disappear and become out of reach on a continual basis. We pursue what we want.

4. He Hides His Bones

Selfishness kills relationships. We all struggle with this at times. However, if you notice this to be a consistent character trait in a man who you are dating, this should be a red flag. If his wants and needs are always first on the agenda you will be in for a world of frustration. Don’t settle for that.

5. Always Sniffing Up Your…

If sex always seems to be at the center of his date plans, run!!! If he becomes less interested in your ideas for dates once he realizes sex is not on the menu, it may be a sign that’s all he’s interested in.  Don’t try to rationalize it, let his actions speak for themselves and act accordingly.

6. Full Grown Puppy

If you are looking to build a strong long-lasting relationship, you can only do so with a man who is responsible and dependable. Irresponsibility is often a sign of immaturity. It takes a committed and responsible man to maintain a successful relationship of great quality. This commitment must be first evident in his everyday life if it is to ever show up in your relationship. The maturation process is seen not heard. Don’t fall in love with the noise.

7. You Have Permission to Play in the Park

Ever tried to take a bone out of a dog’s mouth…. How’d that go? Men as are dogs are possessive and territorial. If you have been dating for some time and he remains all too willing to let you continue to play the field, he most likely either has no plans to or he’s already “settled down”. Just not with you.

8. Jumping Out the Bushes

He rarely plans dates with you beforehand.  When you do go out he always calls/texts the day of; hey what are you doing? You want to hang out tonight? If it’s consistently a last-minute thing he probably has a lot on his plate and you just aren’t first on the list. Be careful.

9. The Silent Whistle

Smart Phones are everywhere. On top of calls and texts, there are constant notifications from twitter, Facebook and email just to name a few. Many in this day and age legitimately run businesses off of their phones. I wouldn’t be so alarmed by consistent phone activity [unless of course he’s constantly talking & texting during your dates] as I would be if there was NO phone activity. Turning the ringer off late at night is the oldest trick in the book.  Whose cell phone never rings!?

10. Have You Been Inducted into the wolf pack?

No man is an island all to himself. If you have been dating consistently for a period of time and haven’t met any of his family or at the least met some of his close friends you may not be that important to him. Men show off the things or people that they are proud to have and feel are valuable.  If you remain hidden he doesn’t look at you as a gem. Are you ok with that?

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50 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re Dating a Dog In Disguise”

  1. guest

    I agree with every
    point wholeheartedly.  I think points 2
    and 10 go hand in hand.  But you know me,
    Stephan, I do have to flip them around and look at them form a male’s
    perspective.  Here’s a scenario…A couple
    starts seeing each other, they’re just 2 years apart, from the same hometown,
    they have several mutual friends, but they had never met.  When they went out they were usually not to
    the same places.  But when he showed an
    interest in going out with her, she responded with “You haven’t been going to
    any of those places, and you’re not going to start now.”  So she continues to go out, to those places,
    without him.  Is she ashamed of him? 


    When approached by
    other women he tells them he’s not interested and he’s involved with
    someone.  She doesn’t tell men straight
    up that she’s in a relationship.  When he
    asks her why not she tells him “I don’t want anybody in my business”.  Or she simply says, “Oh, that guy.  He knows I’m talking to somebody”.  Does she not want people to know about him
    because she’s still playing the field? 
    Does she not feel that he’s valuable to her?  Hmmmm….

    1. More than likely she is leaving her options open and may currently have other men on the side. If the issue of going to certain places was the only issue then I may have said she is holding a grudge. Once you added the other pieces to the puzzle then yes it is “likely” she is playing him. He is just there for her convenience. 

    2. Joelle Paule

      Yep he is the side dude lol tell him to forget about that girl! She is playing him

  2. Mosesjustmoses

     I agree with these, but I don’t think No. 4 characterizes a “Dog”.
    I think that’s more of a selfish man, setting the woman for frustration though.
    If he’s trying to keep you home, or hidden, while he is searching for more “Bones”,
     that is definitely an alarm.  I do think a man should let a woman be around
    his friends. Not only for her benefit, so she can see into his social life, but
    to see how she reacts around his pack.
    One question I always ask if what is a
    fair amount of time before he can be labeled a dog? If the woman has the 90 day
    rule, does he get labeled a dog if he get’s with
    another woman within the first 90 days?  Maybe she moved too fast
    in getting too serious (communication) too fast, and he sees her potential but waiting
    90 days from the first phone call or date is too much. If the man has the 90
    day rule, (as doubtful as it may seem, it’s possible) is he hiding something? Would
    that make the man appear to be a dog?

    Just my thoughts.

  3. Lesevans57

    How many of these should apply before you tske action/move on

    1. Unless you are genuinely OK with it I would say if any of them appear you should address the issue. Then you can move on if corrections are not made.

  4. Hinds24

    It’s hard for me to take anything seriously in this post when the wrong Your/you’re is used in the title.

      1. Lady4Christ

        Unless it was corrected; you’re is the correct usage you’re=you are

    1. MsKibibeBailey

      So harsh, and this is the only comment after such a long post you could make? Stephan is simply human, who may on the odd occasion make little typos. Let’s try a little more often to bring people up (especially men) not tear them down. And the sentence structure of your pointing out could have been worded a little more pleasantly. #Justsaying

  5. This post is spot on! I was smirking almost the entire time I was reading… some I didn’t even have to read the description/details. I know these like that back of my hand. The trick, however, is to not ignore these and remember I’m worth way more than a side piece or a temporary distraction. {applause}

  6. Angel

    I really loved this post, it’s too bad I did not know this 10 years ago. Number 1 sticks out the most. I recently met a guy and since day 1 I could see why a lot of females would be flattered. He’s over 6′ tall, into fitness (he’s a personal trainer amongst other things), articulate seems intelligent, a gentlemen and knows how to treat a woman per se. Very clean and neat/tidy, nice dresser. Well you get the picture. I’m older now so I take my time. It turns out a cousin of mine went to the same high school as him and when I brought it up (just casually) he denied ever going there. Immediately he turned his entire body around and headed towards the door. Odd to say the least, but I got the picture, not interested. Oh well, I treated him as an acquaintance every time I saw him from that moment on, nothing heavy just hey how are things? And I would go on my merry little way. Until a couple of months passed. I remember that day cause it was hot as hell, over 100 degrees that day. We were alone and I was getting ready to grab my purse and I’m like Alright, take it easy see you later blah blah blah. Before I could reach my bag he stepped in front of me, blocking me and all I could see were his pecs and shoulders. This completely took me off guard and I was shocked but I knew where this was going, or where he hoped it would. But I remembered this was the same guy who would not even divulge the name of his high school and now you want to sleep with me? So basically it’s like I would be sleeping with a complete stranger. NO THANK YOU SIR!! I did the same thing he did. I walked around him, grabbed my purse, turned my body completely around and headed for the door. I’m too old to do the fool, toooo old.

  7. Patricia Bryan

    this article opened my eyes a bit. i wish i could get more info. i struggle with recognising the fake from the for real. even with prayer.

    1. Asuquo

      WATCH and pray go hand in hand.

  8. Fred. Boone

    I’ve begun doing 2 and 3 due to my girls personal antics . aside from that. I’ve been every open up her yet she’s never direct with me unless she needs something from me or wants something done. She’s basically a female player and I don’t want to be with her anymore. but i can’t just come out and say it.

    1. Guest

      Yes you can!! We would much rather your honesty than to have to play the guessing game!! I would suggest that you pray and ask God for the right words to say and then Nike (Just do it!)! God bless, I pray everything worked out for the best!!

  9. Lisha

    I agree with all except the phone thing. Because I handle a lot of business on my phone, ill put it on silent while I’m out as to not be rude, not because I’m hiding anything. I will only text back if he goes to the bathroom or there’s a quick break for the same reason. I also turn my ringer off at night. I didn’t know these actions could possibly make me look suspect. Food for thought…

  10. Gabrielle Greene Fennessee

    Good read!

  11. Kaykay NonelikeMe

    So true, denial and insecurity will have a woman ignoring the facts that are in her face and common sense.

  12. Dianne Bain

    I always tell my friends "consistency is key". If a man is not consistent, then he is not looking to be in a relationship. He just wants to play. This is all well and good if playing or messing around is what the woman wants, but when a woman is looking to settle down and she is trying to be serious with someone, this is the man she should run from.

  13. I must say..i broke it off last week & i feel better…i changed my # & looking forward to my life back…i feel good

  14. Just a question are women ALWAYS consistent? I would think being one way or the other they are. Just want to hear your thoughts.

  15. I just kicked one to the curb too, Go bark up someone else's alley. God dudes think we are stupid and do not see all the crap they do. And then even when caught they lie about it.. Wow. done with this.

  16. TaRaysha Raymonda

    Threw The Trash Out All By Myself.

  17. Kathy Pitt

    This article is on point. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Jameca

    So im dating a guy a year now and have been knowing him for 5 . He claims its LOVE. But he cuts his phone off at night and to be honest i don’t think he claims me on his ig or fb. Cause frankly we arent friends on either. We have many mutual friends that we but not together meaning they dont know we are a couple i dont even think they know we know each other long story short. To me he seems single n i dont know wat to do ABOUT it. He claims he dont like people in his business and he dont be in them sights much any way. Im growing pretty impatient about the whole thing and i feel im a secret

  19. Angel Voice

    Hilarious! Picture to help tell if your dating a dog. You've provided great information! Thank you! I'm enjoying your input.

  20. Śuper Ńova

    I fit in all those categories, :'(

  21. Women behave like this too. But are better at lying. If your man is behaving like a dog he is probably sick of your compulsive lying and bitchiness. You can't beat bone head sexist generalisation.

  22. I went out with a guy that said "I dont know why women tell me I just want my cake and eat it too?" I asked him to excplain why he thought women said that about him. and here is what he said."Well i have needs and If i cant get them met with the women I am with I have others "women" That will fulfill them for me" WOW Am I missing somthing here? is this a new bread of men? By the way I ran like hell. I didnt even finsh the date. I had herd all I needed to hear.

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