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How To Achieve A Better You…With Vitamins

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Never is there a better time than now to get yourself in shape. Why’s that you ask? Because it’s the summer and who doesn’t want to get fly and have fun in the sun? And while there are many ways to make it happen  

Inspiration & Excellence With Martell Cognac Iconic Blueprints

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Inspiration doesn't happen every day. Sometimes you don't feel the passion and motivation you need to press forward. It's at that moment when you have to dig deeper within yourself, and find the strength to do what you need to do. I was honored to be invited to the Martell Cognac Iconic Blueprints event hosted by Rob Hill, Sr and celebrating the success of Derrick Blanks as the Atlanta icon.  

Think Like A Man Too – Meet The Stars at Macy’s

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Join me this Wednesday at Macy's in the Lenox Square Mall of Atlanta for this summer's highly anticipated sequel Think Like A Man Too! starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Meagan Good, Regina Hall and more great stars. Be sure to come out early for your chance to meet a Think Like A Man Too cast member!


I Can’t Quit: 2 Reasons Why I Keep on Grinding

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Life can get tough. Things don't always go as planned and it is very easy to allow frustration to set in. We have all been there, and the work I do is not exempt from this fact. When trying to do something positive there will always be negatives, but that's just part of the program. I have had many moments when I wanted to just walk away from this, wave a white flag, and point-blank quit. Each time


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