How to Tell the Difference Between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now


I know you’ve heard the saying some people come into your life for a season and some come for a lifetime, and when it comes to love it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between the two!

Today I want to discuss knowing when a man is right for now, and knowing when he’s Mr. Right and the subtle differences that’ll make ALL the difference in the longevity of the relationship.

Surprisingly what you’ll read below is more about YOU than it is about any single man!



  • He will come when you’re lonely
  • He will come when you’re at your lowest
  • He will come when you’re heart is not fully ready to love again
  • He will come when you’re still dealing with past relationship trauma
  • He will come when you’re still in love with a man from the past
  • He will come posed as a man, but end up being mentally abusive, manipulative and nothing like the man you met and fell for



  • He will come when you’re 100% in love with yourself
  • He will come when you have your dream career, job, and life
  • He will come when your heart is 100% free of past trauma
  • He will come when you’re ready to love and your heart is free from any ties to past lovers


…..The reason he won’t come is, because when you’re not the best version of yourself you’re willing to accept way less than you truly deserve and you attract Mr. Right now!

But, when you’re at your best and emotionally strong, mentally ready, and where you want to be in life; Is when Mr. Right will seem to appear out of nowhere, because he’s ready and more importantly YOU’RE ready. You will naturally attract the best version of the GOD fearing man you deserve.

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