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3 Rules On How To Romance Your Man

Ok so I recently wrote an article 3 Rules To Being Romantic. Though the principles can and should be applied to both sexes, it was geared more towards what men need to do for their women. So my Facebook friend Nancy asked me to discuss what women could do for their man. I felt it was a good topic that should be addressed and there definitely are some things women could learn about giving their man romance. So sit back ladies as I give you the rules you need to be aware of in how to romance your man.

Rule #1: Just Ask Him

Look we are not as complex as some women can be. We are not as interested in you figuring out what we want on your own or expecting you to read our minds. We are mainly concerned with the end result and we understand that speaking on it makes it easier to ensure those results are to our satisfaction. So just ask us and the majority of men will tell you exactly what you need to know. I know some of you are thinking “men don’t know what they want” or “men aren’t always honest about it”. Look men know what they want, but if they think saying it is going to start trouble or endanger them getting it, then they won’t say a word. Some just feel it is pointless to share that information when they will only be disappointed in the end. So yes you still should ask him, but do it in a way that makes him feel comfortable being honest and makes him confident he will be able to get it. Just be prepared you can handle what he may really want. Which brings me to the next rule.

Rule #2: Just Give Him What He Wants

Many women need to stop over analyzing and looking deeper into what we say we want sometimes. If you come to us and ask “baby what can I do for you on your birthday?” and we respond “all I need baby is for you to be butt naked with a bucket of chicken and a bottle liquor”. Then guess what? Head your ass over to Popeye’s, make a stop at the liquor store, and don’t walk back in the room with anything more than your birthday suit (that means butt naked in case we aren’t clear)! Really it is that simple. But nooooo, some of you start convincing yourself that maybe this is just a joke, or that you have to do something more special/extravagant, or whatever other crap you fill your head with. Stop! I repeat stop! Just take your ass over to Popeye’s, make a stop at the…well you know the rest : ). Women have to come to accept that most men are very simple with their desires. We don’t need or require the extra detail that a lot of women love to receive and to give. We just want what we want. So shut it and just give it : ).

Rule #3: Just Add Sex

If you are in a celibate relationship then I applaud you, I think more should do the same, and this rule is obviously not for you. For those who are already engaging in such activities then please recognize that your man probably wants the night to end with getting some ass. You could make the most wonderful meal, get him the most amazing gift, and guess what? He will still want some ass to make this night a great success. Like it or not many men equate romance with sex. So without it, you weren’t being romantic you were just trying to be : ). To be honest, if that man goes and tells one of his boys about all the beautiful and romantic things you did that night, his boy will then say “so she gave you some ass right?” Seriously, and if he was to say “naw man she just cooked me my favorite meal and bought me this nice watch” the friend may reply “damn, that messed up”. Crazy huh, but it is what it is. So if you want to be romantic for him and you guys are already engaging in sex, then you might want to make sure sex is included in the plans.

There you have it ladies. Follow those 3 rules and you will be well on your way to giving your man the romance he really wants. Now you may have a guy that doesn’t care for all the sexual stuff (yes they do exist) and he may be into the more detailed well thought out things that women also adore. Even if this is indeed the case, following rule #1 will get you that information and you will know how to proceed from there. Just focus on speaking to the needs and desires of your partner which makes adding romance to your relationship much easier and a much more rewarding experience.

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