boyfriend with thumbs up after sex

I’ll Be Your Boyfriend…Now Let’s Have Sex!

No need to waste any time. I’m prepared to give you what you want by taking the title of “boyfriend”, so bring that booty over here!…I mean it is that simple right? Not much else to it. Basically that’s how it seems to go down with so many women. You know the women I’m talking about. The “I need to be in a relationship to have sex” women. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely against their position. I agree that if you want a relationship then it is smart to be cautious about give up the goods until you actually get it one. It makes perfect sense that a woman wants the security of an official relationship before giving herself to a man. She also wants to make sure you are serious, and really, who can blame her for that?

However here is my issue. Just because a man calls himself your boyfriend that does not mean he is actually behaving as such. Some guys just play boyfriend because they already know that’s what it takes to get sex from a lot of women. It’s one thing if he is actually doing his part as “your man” (or putting on an amazing act). However, how many people know or have known a woman who is with a man who completely disregards the relationship, and in no way is being a real boyfriend. Yet despite his nonsense, you still allow him to be entitled to having sex with you simply because he continues to carry the title. He isn’t really your boyfriend, he is just the man you are having sex with disguised as your boyfriend. He has no problem carrying the title with you or with anybody else.  Why? Because you don’t require him to back it up with action. This fact makes it the easiest con move to pull off. Meanwhile you continue to hold strong to your position of “I can’t have sex with you if you’re not my man”. So the other men who are actually honest with you, treat you with respect, and are even there for you more than your “man”, are in your eyes unworthy of getting some sex from you. Why? Because they are not willing to lie to you by calling you their girlfriend, and taking the title of boyfriend just to get something they probably desire as much as the next guy. Please understand that I am not saying go have sex with any guy who treats you nice and presents himself well. Especially when he isn’t prepared to step up and enter into a real relationship you. I much rather you give your body to neither, but if you feel you “HAVE” to get your needs met, and feel the need to engage in sexual activity, then I much rather you sleep with the guy who shows you some respect. He is a much better choice than the guy “playing boyfriend” and treating you like crap. At least if unexpected things happen (such as getting pregnant) with  the respectful guy, you have a much better chance that he will own up to his responsibilities. The fake boyfriend is much more likely to leave you hanging and act like the child does not even exist.  Some of you are probably thinking “well then what is the solution?” Well I am going to give you my suggestion.

If you want to only have sex in a relationship, well than make sure you actually have a relationship to begin with. Allow some time for the man to not only say he is your boyfriend, but actually back it up with action. Now personally I will tell you all day that I think waiting until marriage or as long as possible is best. Helps weed out a lot of the nonsense, and eliminates so many issues people face from focusing and engaging in sex too soon. I still understand that just as I have failed to uphold that in the past, many others are going to struggle as well. So at the very least start making better choices with who you have sex with. Stop giving yourself to a man who does not value you one bit. A man who has respect for you will be willing to give you that regardless of whether he is your “boyfriend” or not. Just taking on that title and doing the minimum should not give anybody a free pass. Unless as a grown woman you are truly ok with that exchange, then that is your choice to make. Just please make sure that when that fake relationship inevitably ends, you don’t go screaming there are no “good men” around. Because while you were continuously having sex with that man who was obviously doing you wrong, the good guy was watching, lost some respect for you, and moved on to the next. Sounds harsh, but it’s just the reality many people face.