broken heart fear of love

“The Fear Of Love”

A guest post – poem by Erynn Joe 

 “Fear of Love”

Love runs deep,but pain runs deeper.
Cursing and fighting only getting steeper..

Bringing up a past
we knew would never last.

God has a plan in store for you and I.
I promised myself, “No matter how tough I will not cry”.

I love you a lot and I’m afraid to let you go.
God show us the way, I can’t make the same mistake more times in a row.

The strength I have gets weak when I’m with you
Shaking from the hurt because I can’t make “us” without “U”.

This pain is so strong
and lasting much too long.

What should I do?
Crying out to God because I’m ready for the rescue.

Praying that the love I have for you goes away.

Inside are the tears that will not fade, or disappear.
And loving you was never hard, it was always a fear.

Instead of fighting I would rather pull myself away..
But the truth of the matter is deep in my heart, I truly want to stay.

…I Love You

-Erynn Joe