In the world we live in today, the internet has become a great place to meet women. There are so many sites facilitating this experience and creating more opportunities to help you find a woman who fits your interest. What a great tool at your disposal, but it will all mean nothing if you aren't aware of ways to increase your success rate in this arena. Knowing how to talk to women online can give you a leg up

They say, the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That may or not be true, as it pertains to the kind of man in question. Some men are very easy-going. They are your type B personalities, and for the most part, don’t require a lot. Meet the basic needs (food, companionship, intimacy) = Happy man. They typically have a short list of demands. While others,

How do you know if the guy you're dealing with is Mr. Right? Is he truly ready to be the man you need him to be, or is this relationship doomed to fail? It can be difficult to analyze if you have found your Mr. Right and ensure that you are moving forward with the man who is truly best for you. CLICK HERE to read my book The Man God Has for You: 7 Traits to Help You Determine Your Life Partner.