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5 Tips On How To Talk To Women Online

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In the world we live in today, the internet has become a great place to meet women. There are so many sites facilitating this experience and creating more opportunities to help you find a woman who fits your interest. What a great tool at your disposal, but it will all mean nothing if you aren’t aware of ways to increase your success rate in this arena. Knowing how to talk to women online can give you a leg up

on the other men going after the same woman you desire. To help you with this, here are a few tips that can give you a nice boost with the woman online that have caught your eye. (Side Note: These tips are for men who are genuinely interested and not simply trying to run “game”. )

Be Original

When dealing with the online world you have to always remember you are one of many. If you see a woman who you’re interested in, chances are there have been hundreds or thousands of men that have also wanted to get her. She has probably seen the standard “you’re so beautiful, I want to get to know you” or “can we be friends” or the very simple “hey what’s up”. So if you truly want to separate yourself from the crowd, you should strive to be original. Strike up casual conversation and let’s see if she is interested. Say something different, tell her a funny joke, or anything that just isn’t the same old same old. If you lack ideas on what to talk about, well pay attention to the next tip.

Read Her Profile

Most guys see a good-looking woman, and go straight to her inbox. They may check out a few details on her profile such as age, location, and what she is looking for. They will probably browse to see if she has more pictures. What many don’t do is actually read what she wrote on her profile. This is where you can get information that allows you to tap into her interest, and find better ways to connect with her. When you are able to reference something from her bio in your conversation, it shows that you were willing to look deeper than her looks. A lot of women appreciate that, and take notice of the guy who makes that effort.

Be Confident

Women love confidence. It doesn’t matter if it is offline or online, most are still attracted to men who exude confidence. You may not understand how to translate that onto an online conversation, but it can be done. You just have to speak in a positive manner. You have to learn how to show desire, but not desperation. You take a position that shows you know you’re a good guy, and you aren’t scared or offended if someone isn’t interested in you. This doesn’t mean you should make an effort to brag about yourself in order to impress her. Confidence doesn’t have to announce itself, it just shows in your poised and positive attitude.

Compliment Something Other Than Her Looks

Like I mentioned in “Be Original”, a woman online has likely been approached by a lot of men. Which also means she has probably been complimented on her looks by a lot of men as well. So another compliment about her beauty may be nice, but it becomes redundant to her. What is more effective is when you compliment something other than her physical appearance. Because you don’t really know her, this is why reading her profile and asking the right questions can be so important. Maybe you will find things like what she does for a living, or what she has achieved, or any of her hobbies. This can help lead you to an opportunity to show a deeper interest in her, and give her a compliment about who she is and not how she looks.

Be Patient

No matter how much a woman online has caught your interest, you have to learn to remain poised and confident. You can’t start to seem anxious, and try to beg her for a date. Patience is key and will prevent the possibility of you scaring her away. This doesn’t mean you can’t express an interest to see her, or however you feel. It just means that if she isn’t ready yet, then you embrace that and be understanding. Don’t be in such a rush if you genuinely want to build something with this woman. Always be honest about how you feel but be patient about how things can progress.

These five tips should help improve your experience with talking to women online. None of these things can guarantee that she will be interested. It will simply help move things along in a positive manner and give you a better chance at generating interest on her end. At the end of the day, be yourself and learn how to incorporate these things naturally. I wouldn’t want you trying to be someone else, I want you to present the best man who you can be.

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1 thought on “5 Tips On How To Talk To Women Online”

  1. This needs to be broadcast all over the Country. . Just keeping it real.. I really love this part… Don’t be in such a rush if you genuinely WANT to build something with this woman..
    This one is hilarious. … another compliment about her beauty/body may be nice, but it becomes redundant to her… I know thats right!..It makes the men look like they just came from a training boot camp of Lets (fake) as many women out before we taste the dirt… Please continue Preaching..

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