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6 Signs That He Is Mr. Right

How do you know if the guy you’re dealing with is Mr. Right? Is he truly ready to be the man you need him to be, or is this relationship doomed to fail? It can be difficult to analyze if you have found your Mr. Right and ensure that you are moving forward with the man who is truly best for you.

Below are some signs you can factor in that can help make your decision easier.

1. He Is Willing To Open Up & Be Honest

When a man feels comfortable enough with you to open up and be honest, that is a great indicator that you two may have a genuine connection. Men don’t typically open up easily, and it can be a struggle even with a woman he truly cares about. His ability to open up to you will help nurture great communication and allow you two to properly address any issues that exist.

2. Mr. Right Has Learned How To Be Self Sufficient

If he can’t take care of himself, how will he be able to take care of you. If you don’t mind raising a grown boy, then do as you wish, but know what you’re setting yourself up for. This isn’t about how much money he has but simply about his willingness to handle business when needed. If he truly cares about you, then he should want to alleviate some of your burden. If not, say hello to Mr. Wrong

3. He Is Protective not Possessive

Most men are programmed to be protectors and providers. So it is very natural that when a man truly loves a woman he will become very protective of her. It doesn’t mean he is ready to fight every guy that looks at you too long, but he will always look to keep you out of harm’s way. When a man starts to stop you from having a life outside of him, now he is being possessive. Don’t confuse that with love, it is about control, and Mr. Right knows the difference.

4. Mr. Right Listens

The fact that he can talk to you is just one part of the equation. The willingness to listen to you and not dismiss your feelings has to be there as well. A man who will not listen, is a man who will not be able to grow with you. Getting in tune with you won’t happen, and that will lead to plenty of conflict. When a man shows the patience and willingness to listen, that is going to be a great asset moving forward in a relationship, and that is a good sign that Mr. Right may be in front of you.

5. He Respects You

If a man doesn’t respect you, he doesn’t deserve you. It really is that simple but it gets overlooked far too often. When a man respects a woman he has the ability to love and care for her the way she needs. He is less likely to betray her or mistreat her. In some cases this respect is exactly what separates one woman from the rest. He can give you all the attention in the world, but if you don’t have his respect, then you have nothing at all.

6. Mr. Right Makes You Smile

Smiling is good for you and the man who can make that happen with ease may truly be the guy that is best for you. A man who is truly into you wants to make you happy, and will put in the effort to put a smile on your face. When he is Mr. Right It doesn’t necessarily have to be something specific he did at the moment, his mere presence can give you a boost of positive energy and make your day better. He should have the ability to uplift you and help steer you onto a more positive path.


The one thing I left out was, he should have a genuine relationship with God. I did that because we all have different beliefs and I want to respect that. The six signs I mentioned apply across the board so I will get into the spiritual aspect more in a different post. Just be mindful of making sure your spiritual relationship is where it needs to be first (if you are a believer), so check out the bestseller God Where Is My Boaz to get more insight. Like I mentioned in 6 Signs She Is Mrs. Right, sometimes it is the right person at the wrong time. We all need to grow as individuals and maybe the guy you meet hasn’t reached a point where he is truly ready to be the man he is going to be. So ultimately no matter how many of these signs you see or don’t see, trust your intuition. That can guide you to Mr. Right better than anything your mind can analyze. Be patient, and remember that focusing on building a friendship can help set the stage for you and Mr. Right

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  • Temisan

    This is a good piece, thank you for the insights. All I ask God is the patient as I wait for my Boaz. Its not always easy.

  • I may have found him! Time will tell. Will keep it in prayer.

  • Wanda Bargeman

    I agree but here again it seems to be double standard. You say or do something just to get a response from me then you go and write a post in a round about way. Is David your family? I know your the person but the games. Just mess me up. Don’t do games

  • Angel

    This is good information. I’ve been seeing a guy who is some of these, but lacks the respect and opening up. I’m a professional woman with my own business and he is a pastor. We are doing well thus far, but I recently learned that he has a criminal background where he spent over 10 years in jail. He dresses nice and drives a cute little sports car. But when I asked whether he killed anyone, he became silent and changed the conversation. That has stuck in my mind since then. I believe God can change anyone and only he knows whether he is changed, but I’ve seen some other red flags like using profanity and perverse language. I wonder if I should wait it out or cut my losses and bail. My friends say get out while I can. What are our thoughts?

    • cece10983

      You lost me at lack of respect. Get out now!

    • kari

      Records are public… Run a report on him… Even if he had any record before and he is a changed man.. well who are to judge right? if he is not willing to open up it really depends how long u have been seeing him, maybe too soon? Maybe he just afraid? I may approach that question some other way, ask God for guidance. But if he is a Pastor using profanity? I dont wanna be judgemental but here is the real reason you should be worried about… Think with your head, align your spirit with God’s do not be deceived by ur emotions!!

      • Nara

        Discern… Ask God to reveal him to you and he will. The red flags are waving girl… Focus on your relationship with God and leave this man alone.

    • mmdccbslm

      alarms should be going off. RIGHT NOW!

    • bertha j lewis

      my sister ,please read proverbs 14:verse 15. point if you already see certain things that is of concern to both of you. and cant be address that in it self ,is not very healthy for the relationship. did I read correctly a pastor????.

    • Danni Blechner

      This has to be a joke right???

      • ok so I thought I was the only one asking this. glad to know someone else is a little sane :/

    • Dawn Campbell

      He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Be careful.

  • Sabrina Mckinnon

    Trust in the lord in all your ways and he will direct your path he will aloud the right man to cross you path so while your waiting do some praying and ask god to prepare you for that special someone.

  • Lavell Dabney

    I AM HIM!

    • Christsbel

      Good news!

  • Gina Baliza Apuli

    i think i’ve found him already 🙂

  • Christsbel

    Hmmmm, good things to look out for, the last point complements it all. Must be God fearing.

    • Jerry Adams

      Why are you telling this young lady she needs to pray? I wish I would have a situation and some ass tell me to damn pray. They will get their damn feelings hurt. Prayer? What in the hell is that suppose to do? Just damn ridiculous. And I bet your damn is ass is an African American, because y’all are the only ones always looking for a free handout. And by the damn way, what is this damn blue eyed, blonde hair Jesus suppose to do? Bring his damn ass back down to earth and solve her problem? Haven’t he learnt his lesson from the last time his Jewish white ass was on Earth? smh.

  • london

    Hey everyone! I really need some advice from someone that’s older who won’t judge me or my boyfriend’s situation. Okay so it starts like this. I’m 23 and in nursing school and I met my bf one day when I was at work and by the kind of work I do I wasn’t looking my best! This guy kept coming by my job to get his car detailed and he tried to get my number on several occassions but I said no at first but eventually he wore me down and I gave it to him. Lol our first date was nice and the comminucation was like none other. I’m not use to a guy who actually wants to listen to me and who talks with alot of sense. Btw he’s 28 and he told me he has 2 sons and he can’t wait for me to meet them. They live in another state with their mom btw. He’s has a great relationship with them and I absolutely love it! But here’s where the problem occurs. Something happened and to make the long story short I called one of his family memeber’s phone and a young lady answered the phone. She told me that they have a baby on the way and that they spend alot of time together in which I don’t seen how because we are together alot but I know people find time to do what they want. She also told me that they were not together and that she figured he found someone else because he was distancing himself from her lately, well since he met me. He never told me about her specifically but I hate I had to find out the way I did. But me and him spoke about it and of course I was heated but he told me he doesn’t know if its his baby or not because she had a boyfriend at the time. But wait theres more! He also said that they only had sex one time when he moved here in which I know for sure is a lie because they’ve been knowing each other since middle school! They are basically family man! But what kills me is the fact that he went to his hometown about 3 weeks ago and while he was away she posted a video of them 2 at the baby sex revealing party and he seemed super happy and he had his arm around her smiling like a kid who just got a new toy or something! I don’t know what to do. He treats me right and I’ve never had a bf like him he’s a good guy but I just can’t believe what he says about the situation. I didn’t ask him about the video I saw at all and neither do I bring up my insecurities and thoughts about the baby situation anymore because I don’t wanna be a nagger. I just don’t know what to do. I can take the 2 that he has already but I’m not sure about this third if it’s his because he and the mom according to her they’re close. Im just tired of thinking about it. I need advice. Someone please help. I love him alot and we’re great together. We talk about marriage and he say he loves me too! He seems so genuine when it comes to me! He treats me like a princess and I love it! Its not even about the money or nothing. Whenever we’re together I never wanna leave him and then we help and motivate each other. The best part though is that we haven’t even had sex yet and our relationship is great! I don’t know if im being stupid or naive but I like what we have. Trust is just an issue and it didn’t start until I talked to that girl. He assures me that I have nothing to worry about and that he’s not going anywhere

    • Dawn Campbell

      I would run fast. He seems to be dishonest. You are young, motivated and can have any man you want minus all his baggage. That video is a sign of who he really is. Don’t ignore it. I am sorry. I know it will hurt for a while to say goodbye but God will heal your heart. Best of luck.

    • Nara

      Honey, listen your young… This guy isn’t serious about you because of he was he would respect you enough to tell you the TRUTH. Drop this zero and find you a hero!!!!!! Bottomline.

    • Jerry Adams

      I hope you aren’t going to take any advise from another woman? It’s been two years what has transpired within since your posted this meme?

  • jdzs32

    I believed I found mine however my boyfriend mother had a private detective validate me and she has had her hand in our relationship the whole time we have been together and he let’s her dictate his decisions concerning me and now he has accused me of lying about my job and another situation I’m dealing with saying he had his mother have the private detective check both out and I have proof of both and we are supposed to be working out our relationship and I haven’t talked to him at all this week and he won’t answer me to let me know what is going on he has told me he loves me and he will always love me. Should I give up trying with him?

    • Nara G.

      Honey sounds like you answered your own question… If his momma in your relationship run in the opposite direction!!!

  • Erica

    hope the lord will help me i just got out of a big arguement and the guy i was with cheated on me so i really dont know what imma do i just want to cry i hate my life but maybe ill find the right guy someday maybe its not time for me to have someone in my life

    • chiara


  • Michelle

    Again, just as all men are not ruthless, conniving, untrustworthy, etc.. neither are all women. I digress Mr Adams for assuming it happened to you personally. With that being the case, consider yourself blessed.

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  • k. Hudson

    I just started dating this amazing man, the only thing is, he’s not a Christian. I already know what the word says about that, but he is an amazing guy! Kind, loving, a provider, loves kids (I have a son) patient, intelligent, ambitious. He believes in God, he believes in love and family and loyalty. I can’t think of anything that has given me a red flag outside of the fact that he doesn’t consider himself a Christian. He prays, he forgives, he’s nonjudgmental, he’s discerning. He’s perfect! For me anyways. This whole situation has me wondering: are so many women single (church women) because they are looking for a man that’s too perfect? I mean, most other Christian women’s advice would be to leave him alone, but he’s so great that I would have to be crazy not to see where this goes! I forgot to mention he’s very handsome by my standards!

    • Ms.G

      I too am in this position…I prayed for mr. Right and got him except for he is not Christian .. Does this mean he is mr. Wrong ??.. he would go to church if I asked him to for me but I want him to go on his own for himself and develop that relationship with God …. I don’t want to push things and manipulate him into going to church ..advice welcomed

      • deedee

        Do he have to be Christian’s for you to love him ask yourself that….He believes in everything you believe in why is that not enough hes almost there maybe the man above choice you to give him the guidance help him find his way to christianity. Its plenty of people that go to church because somebody ask them, it be in that time that one day they are sitting in that church when they feel him calling decide to give they life to him.

    • deedee

      Do he have to be Christian’s for you to love him ask yourself that….He believes in everything you believe in why is that not enough hes almost there maybe the man above choice you to give him the guidance help him find his way to christianity.

  • Rashanda

    They are all wrong for me. I just want to be happy with myself first!!! ?

  • Tyeshia Ferguson-Goshine

    I believe I’ve found my Mr.Right (soulmate)…. but he’s not ready for me. His mental and emotional stability isn’t equipped to handle a relationship since his mom just passed away. His complete honesty made me know that his intentions were honorable. I believe he’s worth waiting for….. And I’ll continue to be there for him during this difficult time.

  • Monica Stevenson

    I have been single for many years… I am tired of being by myself I pray everyday for God to send me my God fearing man for me and that He will not have a cheating bone in his body. I want someone to love me for me… I have been waiting for a long time.

  • Sharon

    I met someone with all qualities but said he couldn’t marry me because in God’s eye I am still married. I was divorced in 2009. My ex was incarcerated in 2001 and presently still there…

  • Diane M Lancellotta

    you don’t say if you are married or single Stephan….just curious

  • Diane M Lancellotta

    I just finished reading your book God Where Is My Boaz and it was a real blessing and very informative. I wish you could come to my church in Rhode Island and speak

  • Luvina Martinbeault

    Mr. Stephan
    I truly feel that just once you should offer a free question and answer forum. Or just let us reach out to you, for I have so many questions. Yes I am a believer and God has lead me to you. Let him guide your heart as to giving aid in advice, for this Woman of God needs guidance. Thank you for all that you do.

  • emma

    Can someone please tell me if I’m just being stupid but my partner and I have been together for 6 years 3 children. At the beginning I worked and supported him for 3 years. After our second child I gave up work he didn’t work for another year he has now been working for just over a year now and has asked for separate bank accounts and that he would pay half the bills (650) he earns 2000 a month but he wants to keep the rest for himself leaving me with £10 a month spare is this fair as he seems to think it is?

    • Just want to help

      I would definitely not call you stupid, but I believe that you might have went too long with taking care of him. He appears to be spoiled and somewhat ungrateful. The unwillingness to take of you and the kids fully is very selfish. I would talk to him about where his mind is and why he feels the need for you to split the bills when you went for 3 years doing it all? He may need to feel like he needs to hold on to some money to make him feel better about himself now that he is making an income. I would probably cause him to make a decision and stop playing house and become a married household. Both of you deserve better than the half hazard lives you are living before your kids. I hope some of these thoughts help you. Be bless in Jesus Name!

  • The one

    Think he’s the one will see!! We both feel comfortable talking to each other and he reads his bible spiritual. I love ❤ to be around him!!??❤

  • Patricia James

    I’m really glad to have found this sight! I was trying to get input from a male friend inregards of a male interest of mine, that didn’t go so well. When I’m friends with a guy and nothing romantic is going on I think I should be able to share my male interest with no recourse. Well after I shared he started giving me the silent treatment. I never lead my male friends on, so I’m not sure where the jelousy stems from. Now that I have found Stephan Speaks I can share openly and get some needed advice.