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The 5 Foods To Get Your Man In A Better Mood

woman feeding man food for better mood

They say, the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That may or not be true, as it pertains to the kind of man in question. Some men are very easy-going. They are your type B personalities, and for the most part, don’t require a lot. Meet the basic needs (food, companionship, intimacy) = Happy man. They typically have a short list of demands. While others,

type A (strong, detail oriented, obsessive) guys, may come with a list of requirements long enough to suffocate even the most perfect woman. Since you don’t work inside a vacuum, either one of these guys will have their moments when they will ask something of you that breaks the daily routine. And as you know ladies, timing is and will be everything in order for him to get what he wants.

No matter what type of man you have, both can become victims to stress. The difference being how each one handles that stress.  A stressed man is a troubled man and this can put a strain on your relationship. So how you handle them during these times makes all the difference in the world when it comes to having a great relationship, and of course, get what you want out of it. Here’s my basic advice to you: Feed a man’s body, and you will help keep his mind in a better place.

I have to begin with a disclaimer ladies: MOST men hate drama. As much as you may or may not believe it, they do. So, if the stresses of work, relationships, and the daily grind have him wound up, the last thing he wants to come home to is more drama – especially in the form of his lady love. Before you bombard him with your issues, and ask for anything, it would help greatly to set the atmosphere for success. I have a list of five foods that will smooth the road to happiness. Try implementing these into his daily diet:

1. Butter beans

Clinically proven to promote pleasure and motivation. A little pleasure goes a long way. Imagine how far you can go with a lot of it. Increasing the feelings of pleasure above the norm can increase his motivation to do what you would like for him to do.

2. Chocolate

Enhances endorphin production. These chemicals act at the ‘feel good’ centers of the brain. If your man is feeling good, good things will happen. He is more confident, assertive, loving and receptive to reciprocate.

3. Cottage cheese

Keeps you calm. Let’s face it ladies, there’s nothing worse than a stressed out man. He’s moody, edgy, nit-picky and can be down-right mean. He shouldn’t be acting like he has PMS, but when he’s in stress mode, it’s disgusting. You can remove any chance of him being amicable with doing a single thing but complain.

4. Wheat

Produces brain chemicals that improve mood and well-being. If you want things to be smooth sailing around the house, feed this man wheat. Switch out regular bread, to those high in whole grains. If he’s mellowing out, the interactions between you two will go smoother and he’ll also be more inclined to listen to what you have to say. Sharing time will be much more pleasurable for the both of you. This will enhance your bond and allow the intimacy to grow.

5. Spinach

Improves blood pressure. Now that we’ve set the tone, let the games begin. Did you know that if your man has blood pressure issues, it can negatively affect his ability to have and maintain an erection? Much less, his interest. Blood pressure rivals the body’s natural response to sexual stimuli. He’ll be less likely to become aroused if he’s worrying about his pressure. This is especially troubling for married women trying to get pregnant, if their spouse is less receptive.

There you have it. Let’s face it ladies: it takes a lot more than just five foods to make a man accept everything about you and fall in love. However, there’s nothing wrong with setting the environment and increasing your ability to put him in a better mood. Strategic planning is key! If your man is relaxed and receptive, he’ll be responsive to everything you want and more. Enjoy!

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