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Good Guys: Should They Try To Be Bad Boys

nice guys good guys bad boys

One of the biggest complaints I hear from men is how women always go for  bad boys a.k.a a**holes. They have been led to believe that good guys finish last, and that being nice is a bad thing. A lot of men are frustrated by the fact that women claim they want a good guy, but when that man presents himself he is shot down or simply overlooked. The good guys have watched the bad boys get all the benefits while their kindness is viewed as weakness and taken advantage off. Some men have grown tired of this and have embraced the belief that “the worse you treat her the more you will get from her”. So there is an epidemic of bad boy a.k.a a**hole behavior by men partly due to the fact that they believe this is the most effective way to get what they want. Is this really the case? Is being a so-called bad boy the most effective way to get a woman?

In my opinion it’s not that women really like some of the a**hole behavior that comes with a bad boy, but there are certain traits in those guys that they do admire. Confidence, being assertive, and being unpredictable is what is really drawing a woman to those bad boys. Even though for some of these men the confidence is a mirage, they have an “I don’t give a damn” attitude that allows them to show enough confidence to catch a woman’s attention. The good guys aren’t always as sure of themselves, especially when dealing with a woman they really like. When a man lacks some confidence then it becomes easier for a woman to intimidate him and she can easily pick up on that. Bad boys also know how to put their foot down. They aren’t going to let anybody just run all over them and they have no issue being assertive and standing their ground. A lot of  good guys on the other hand tend to be too passive. They are so busy trying to please the woman, and possibly please others, that they let people get away with too much. That causes them to be viewed as punks or as soft men who can’t handle their own. No woman truly wants a punk but many will quickly take advantage of one if the opportunity presents itself. As for being unpredictable, because bad boys are more self-absorbed and they don’t really care, it’s hard to call his next move. Bad boys keep that woman guessing, and that challenge has some women hypnotized. She may not truly be into him, but seeing if she can tame him and get the majority of his attention becomes an unhealthy competition that she is focused on. With good guys she can typically call their very next move. That guy is so busy chasing her so no real challenge exists. It’s too easy, and sometimes human nature is to become complacent or uninterested when something is just too easy.

Women are so drawn to those traits that they accept all the other crap that comes along with it. They sit there hoping they can change some of the bad boys behavior while keeping those core traits intact. So should good guys just all become a**holes? NO! The solution is for good guys to take on the admired attributes of the a**hole and strike a better balance. Continue to be a man who can cherish a woman and treat her like a queen but put your foot down in a heartbeat if she even thinks about disrespecting you. You have to embrace your value as a good man and let that turn into genuine confidence which will catch the attention of many women. Be a source of love, joy, excitement, and all those good things but you don’t need to force it upon her. Meaning you can be that great guy but if she does not want it or can’t appreciate it then let her ass walk! I know it can be tough when you really want her or are truly into her but I repeat LET HER ASS WALK! It’s not about treating a woman like crap like some a**holes do but you have to know how to stand your ground and not be her puppet. Ultimately you have to become the man you were called to be if you expect to be the man she will want to always be with. So don’t worry about how the a**hole ended up with that beautiful woman. He will pay a price for his behavior but you have much more to gain from staying true to yourself and making the necessary improvements.

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50 thoughts on “Good Guys: Should They Try To Be Bad Boys”

  1. It’s a mistake that some people say girls like bad boys. It’s not true at all. Women would be attracted by men who are confident about whatever he does.

    1. There is truth to it though. You see it everywhere you go. As I stated, I know it’s more about those specific attributes but many men have not picked up on that.

    2. I get more attention by being a dick than I ever do being nice..  Unfortunately the women that are into that kind of thing are a turn off for me so I always have to cut the night short.

  2. Moses JustMoses

    I’ve always been considered a “Nice Guy” because I truly am. I am a considerate, caring attentive man. Chivalry is a way of life. Because of that, several ladies chose not to be more than a friend. But that is how I choose to treat a female, and no regrets. “Nice guys don’t end last, we’re just waiting on our investment to grow” is my motto. How I handle my personal affairs, and conduct my professional life is completely different. I get a great deal of advances in my professional environment because I’m very aggressive, because it demands it. I also get propositions, because I am courteous… Nonetheless,  I am a gentleman, and confident with that. That being said, I can correct my lady as gently as a newborn, and if necessary she can be put in check QUICK, if a situation requires it, like disrespect. Ladies need to think about this: Serial killers are nice guys outwardly. Bad boys are many times fags undercover. Don’t make a man to be a wimp because he treats you with respect, attention and respect. NUFF SAID

    1. Joelle Paule

      hum are you single? Just wondering…. Thanks for answering 🙂

    2.  “Nice guys don’t end last, we’re just waiting on our investment to grow”. YES TO THAT! However “nice guys” who seem to think women “only like assholes” are not looking at the bigger picture. As Stephan says, it’s not that she likes the asshole, but assholes DO tend to have certain characteristics that are attractive. Where your messing up is thinking that the reason she likes a guy is because he’s an asshole, and the reason she doesn’t like you is because you’re nice. I’m sure you have other attributes. Maybe your fat, ugly, not smart or educated, corny, or don’t share her interests. But you’ve overlooked these qualities and think she only doesn’t like you because you’re nice. That’s where you fail. N calling a more assertive man or “asshole” a demeaning slur negates any argument that you are “nice”.

      1. Mosesjustmoses


        OK. A few points:
        – “Where your
        messing up is thinking that the reason she likes a guy is because he’s an
        asshole” – Where do I talk about the other guy?  I never try to
        assume why a woman likes another man vs. me. What’s the use? I express why some
        women choose not  to be with ME  as it relates to the post. How is that
        messing up? As far as the other men, they’re not an issue in my world.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been called an asshole
        and much worse and oh, NVM…

        – “I’m sure you have other attributes. Maybe your fat, ugly, not smart or
        educated, corny, or don’t share her interests But you’ve overlooked these
        qualities and think she only doesn’t like you because you’re nice.” 
        HUH?  How can I “overlook qualities” when referring to myself?  BTW what you list are not qualities. But I
        will entertain you. One should never worry why they’ve been rejected. It just
        is. If we did, we would all be using anti-depressants like candy.  ☺ I’m none of the (qualities?) listed. As far as the physical,
        no man (or woman) can fit every other genders perfect profile.  I’ve never worried about that. Humans are
        finicky, and what is ugly today might be a blessing tomorrow. There are  many reasons, and all you listed even though
        valid in selecting/rejecting a mate, have never been an issue. Putting it
        personal, even though I’m considered a short man (5’9”) I’ve dated beautiful
        women standing 6’2, that’s head and shoulders above me.  Why did they like lil ol bald headed Moses? Cause
        even though I’m an aggressive man, I also am a very nice guy with straight teeth
        fresh breath.

        ◘ “That’s where you
        fail. N calling a more assertive man or “asshole” a demeaning slur
        negates any argument that you are “nice.” Where did I label any type
        of a man as an asshole or a negative slur? As far as being assertive, I know I
        am.  I’m aggressive in my approach,
        rooted in my convictions, and undeterred  in my pursuits. Why? It’s my nature.  Is assertive being an A-hole? If so, please
        explain. Am I an Ass? Can be. Am I a gentleman? You might NEVER meet a more
        caring and considerate man that proudly believes in chivalry.  Am I nice? I truly am. Could I have responded
        differently at your points?  Yes, in the
        most hateful ratchet way and then go eat my lunch without a care. But I’m a
        nice guy that has an iron fist inside calfskin gloves.

    3. nick

      Its a shame guys like us dont stay young forever. We lose libido etc. Some chivalrous gentlemen wait until theyre almost 50 to get a woman….

  3. Pooblyshus39

    Just A Thought!… You knew I was Yes I think what you were speaking is true in some cases. But at the same time I believe that the good guys are #1 looking under trash for a pearl when its at the bottom of the ocean. So WORK your way to the shell or climb to the top of the tree so that you can get your nice, sweet apple. Good women love to know that you value  them. Good women are not always models, rich, thick, or chefs. But we are 90% Good 🙂   
    Ok lets break it down. Good men are looking for a Good woman inside a bad gurl, when its suppose to be the other way around. He is expecting for this good woman to be experienced in everything he desires instead of working with her and helping her become this perfect chef or helping her progress in the bedroom so that she can become what your little heart desires. Believe it or not good women treat their men with not only respect but with the best kind of ‘bad gurl’ that he’s always dreamed of. Did I break it down enough for you good guys?.
     Good men want a FIX.. Good women dont work that way ..How about giving the good women a second look..Stop “LETting HER ASS WALK” as my sweet elegant Dr. put it. :-P. lol. Unless you want to continue looking! Your choice!!. Us Good gurls may not be perfect but I can ganruantee once u’ve opened us up we give it our all. Some men just can not handle it..  Thats where you are messing up at..Trust me! GOOD GURLS ARE WORTH THE FIGHT THAT GOOD GUYS DONT WANT TO BE BOTHERED WITH.. :-)~smile~

    1. Hey hey hey! This is about “Good Guys” not “Good Girls” lol. Don’t hijack this post by changing the subject : ). I will address that as well, but it basically boils down to some of the same principles. None of that changes the fact that many women are drawn to and entertain a**holes more than actual “good guys”. They may eventually grow out of that but it still happens and it confuses many men.

      1. Pooblyshus39

        My bad, my bad sweet heart!!.lmbo. Dont bite me now! :-).Subject still the same!..But truthfully we are talking about good guys being left out, not being picked or mistreated by women, right!!. They are looking at the wrong women. The women that their looking at might be good, but they are just so confused about what they want n their life. But like you’ve once said, “They’re not for you.” Good men are looking in the wrong places for the good women that wants to show that they love them and will do just about anything for them. But I am soo sorry for hijacking YOUR post..Please forgive me:-).lol

        1. brina0626

          I have to agree tht women tend to be drawn to some ofthe attributes that a bad boy displays. Honestly there’s nothingwrong witj good guys, iI as a woman do not want tobe with a man that gives in to my every wish whether it makes sense or not (and we will try you). This is also true for men. If you are too much of a push over he loses interest.

  4. Lovely Ol Me

    II was one of those women.. again I say WAS. I realized that prayer is ultimately the key to everything in life. I Found myself praying about everything from relationships to friendships. Certain people were removed and certain people stayed (ie: my boyfriend). Looking at him you wouldn’t think he’s a good guy (that was my first opinion of him) but over the years I’ve gotten to know him & he’s the best thing that God placed in my life. I use to question choices I made but I realized they were just tests. I’m much more appreciative because I have that guy who motivates me, appreciate me, who loves me for me & I make sure it’s given in return. I Always let him know that I appreciate him & that I support his goals. A man should never feel less than what he is.. a man (at least thats my opinion). Sometimes as a woman you have to put that “guard” down & just love. I’m learning how to do that but I also know that God has placed a wonderful man in my life & I appreciate every moment with him.

  5. TJ Harris

    I maybe be nice but best believe I’m not a push over

    1. Lew Thurston

      Damn right. Ive given many women an honest chance, but I dont give second chances. I dont reward BS.

  6. thirtythoughts

    I like the advice you gave and I think it’s appropriate. A different explanation as to the reasoning behind the thought that “nice guys finish last.” I personally don’t think nice guys finish last at all. Maybe he’s nice, but has all kinds of other flaws. No one ever addresses this. It’s great to be nice, but that can’t be all you have going for yourself.  Nice + bad hygiene = no go. Nice + stalker = no go.  Nice + unattractive = no go.  I hope you see my point. 

    I wish guys would stop blaming their relationship woes on being too nice. It’s annoying and simply not true.

    1. Marthalu

      Exactly…I read Stephan (even though my brother is a Life Coach and a real good one!) cause I really love the way Stephan states his opinions and questions himself about relationships using common sense!
      I teach English as a foreing language in Colombia and I absolutely looooove when someone reaches effective communication…not perfect grammar or beautifiul paragraph construction of some sort but just plain “get your point across”.

      I understand Stephan in a heartbeat!. That’s why I read him…you don’t need a PHD or a deep or wide knowledge in “psicological and emotional intelligence” terms to understand his perspective.

      The problem here is to blame the filure of a relationship in being TOO NICE…or the success in other in being “A***HOLES…they are both extremes…they might be useful short term but in the long run they will end up in being the attributes to blame the end of the relationship.

      I think the same happens to “Good Girls”, they think that being good is what they need to change.

      It’s difficult to admit that what a good girl needs to change isn’t being good…but being “good” to men who don’t deserve them.

      I’ve noticed that most of these so called “Nice Guys” and “Good Girls” are good to the wrong people…to the people who criticize, despite and lie to them…and they aren’t “Nice” or “Good” at all to the people who admire, appreciate and keep their promises to them…that being said..I think Stephan point is to make us wonder why we act this way…

      In the other hand, as a woman I fall for men who can be Nice…but in the long run I look more for the ones who “are” Nice…genuinely Nice. A***holes might fool me for a while, might have hurt and disspointed me but love is the first thing to leave the relationship when those characteristics appear.

      A woman loves you when she loves herself and is able to respect and accept you the way you are…and that will only happens if the way you are is up to the minimun requirements for a good relationship: respectful (always), communicative (about yourself and your feelings to a minimun degree), responsible(about your emotions “stop blaming others and victimizing yourself of the concecuences you face daily”), honest (faithful and commited “know what you want”) and above all able to adapt and change to what life facts demand in order to achieve hapiness…or peace of mind(have a concience “learn from your mistakes”).

      It takes a lot more than being Nice or being an A**hole to have a woman trully love you. If a woman stands an A**hole is more cause she depends on him or cause she lacks of selfsteem and that INS’T love…that’s sad.

      You know she loves you when she doesn’t need you BUT SHE CHOOSES to be with you… when SHE WANTS to be with you…and as long as your woman chooses and wants to be with you you can be sure there’s real LOVE in her for YOU.

      Providing oportunities for your woman to choose and to want are perfect ways to see if she really deserves your heart.

      I belive this is valid for both sexes…you can’t control love but you can read the signs that show you if it’s real or NOT.

  7. Upwordsfordowndays

    Lord I am going to do better!

  8. I was told a long time ago, if you are a bad guy women will treat you GREAT! I don’t like it, but to be honest it is true MOST of the time, but not all the time. So Good Guys don’t give up, just kick those STUPID women to the curb. You would think as much as women and their friends get screwed by bad guys they would learn their lessons, but they DON’T!

    1. It’s not about them being stupid even if it may seem like that to many. As the article states there are certain traits many women are drawn to and “good guys” should understand that. Also there may be other factors at play which are contributing to their decision.

  9. BTW there is a difference between a Nice Guy and a Good Guy! A Good Guy could be both Nice and Good. However many Playboys are Nice Guys, that is confusing for women so it is important to make a distinction.

  10. Speedy

    Question: If you’ve been the token nice guy to a particular girl and you decide to change things up and inherit some of the quality “bad boy” characteristics. Could that change her view of you? Or is it too late and should be put forward to the next woman you meet? I know the first couple encounters with someone ultimately shows them how they should view you. Pretty much, is it too late to change someone’s outlook on you?

    1. If you’ve been a nice guy, then switch up, or vice-versa for that matter and you have been the “Bad-Boy”, then switch up, it just might backfire because you re not being who you really are.  And what if she digs you when you change, will you remain that way? What happens if she switches what she prefers in a man, will you switch up again? Then she might have a puppet in her hands, and you wind up losing her and then angry for not being you. Be the man, the gentleman, the protector, the lover, and all that but don’t change who you are.  A gentleman is not a punk, or puppet. It’s the man that is confident enough to treat a woman with respect. It really is that simple. Yeah, a  heated argument is good too because angry marathon make-up sex with my timberlands and motorcycle helmet on is the best. a perfect hallmark relationship is boring and we all know that. But just be YOU. If you’re not comfortable with that, stay awy from women for a while. Just like dogs smell a lonely kitten,  tigers sense a scared puppy…..

      I have a question for you: Are you saying you don’t have the “Quality Bad-Boy Characteristics”? If you think you don’t then maybe she’s is not for you. Honestly, by asking that question one would think you are a man that is not one to be firm when needed with his woman, and will let her balance the money, and have him do the cooking, and tell him when he can get him some sex, and so forth. I might be exaggerating on the anecdotes, but that’s the impression you just portrayed. Suggestion: Write whatever you think those qualities are, and ask yourself what you’re lacking in. than get to work on YOU

    2. If it comes across as genuine then yes it can affect how she views you. If it looks like you are forcing it or trying to hard then it can work against you. Whats most important is that you embrace you who truly are and be confident in that person. Don’t lose yourself trying to get her attention but there is nothing wrong with you recognizing where you need to grow/evolve as a man and making those changes. 

  11. jamila

    I believe physical attraction plays a big role in a woman picking a bad boy or asshole. I find men that are very attractive have a lot of confidence and women love a confident man. If a man doesn’t think he’s attractive or worthy of a good woman it will show and the woman will pick up on that. No woman wants to be with a man that thinks low of himself.

  12. D. Elaine Fields

    wow.  I’ve never heard this point mae but it really makes sense. I have a question though, what thoughts do you have if any about the way women ultimately being draw to bad boys has on the community as a whole? Sometimes I feel that in the Black community in particular the tendancy of women to gravitate toward “bad boys” puts a downward slope on our progress as a whole.  We are rewarding the wrong behavior.

    1. It absolutely has a negative impact and puts progress on a downward slope. If you have more men concerned with behaving like a**holes because they think it will get them more benefits. They are embracing a negative approach which leads to more issues and the women end up more hurt and damaged as well. It is honestly a big problem in my opinion.

  13. Bella4alice

    This thing about bad boys been treating girls like a queen is a bunch of crap . i had 2 players and 4 bad boys , bad boys treated me like crap not like a queen .  1 player was my ex boyfriend i broke his heart and he became a player , 2 player is a guy named Stephan he was hurt by a girl he loved . i am both bad and good i mostly like good guys they treat a girl like a queen , they are romantic , nice or shy , they never say bad things . i dont like bad boys because they just treat you like a toy .

  14. Renee

    Wow! Enlightening! I agree and in many cases it IS an unconscious attraction. I chose the wrong guy based on the “bad boy” attributes mentioned in this article. I was young and his aggressive, take charge, behavior turned me on to the max. Though once I came to my senses I realized I made a terrible mistake. I also had an oppurtunity to date a super nice guy, but he just wasn’t the one. Those experiences allowed for me to learn what I Should look for in a man. As well as what type of man fits my personal wants and needs. A God fearing man with a good balance of the two and bedroom skills that’ll bring me to my knees!

  15. Adonis

    I say men need to emulate the bad boys & beat a woman’s azz if necessary.

    Give women what they really want.

    Yes it ultimately hurts the community. But maybe the community needs to burn & then be rebuilt.

    1. Unfortunately that is exactly what has been happening. The issue has gotten worse over time and as you stated it will and has been hurting the community. I know it is a frustration many men have but we shouldn’t feed into the negativity. We have to do better.

  16. PrydeWater

    After a divorce or two, or maybe a few kids by these bad boys, then and only then will these ill-minded “women” will be ready to settle down with a good guy. That is the way it goes.GOOD GUYS BEWARE! !

    1. Oje

      This is true…and by that time the good guy is well established and doing well and these ‘women” have the nerve to think they deserve the good treatment that comes along with him after turning him down some years before lol,its a joke

      1. Lew Thurston

        It is sad and comical at the same time. At age 45, it becomes sheer regret/bitterness.

  17. bj

    Wow…this article was eye opening!!!!! 😉 makes sense….so why do some men give bit@@y woman what they want,but they don’t give “nice woman as much???? Hello don’t get quiet now y’all!!!!! 😉

  18. Overland Aimiti Afo EsperanzaPooja

    I agree with everything you said to the Tee. As a former woman who use to be attracted to bad boys. Ive grown to learn that like you said finding a good guy w/those core values Confidence, Assertiveness
    and being unpredictable is far more rerwarding then settling for a badboy. But it takes patience… Alot of it and so I'd say to both genders . Know your worth and dont settle. Its far better to be alone and stress free then be with anybody and be totally taken advantage of and unhappy. Just so you catch a title of being someones gfriend, wifey, sidechick etc Know your worth and dont SETTLE!

  19. Kiki D'Angelini

    Thank you for this article. I think the deeper issue here is not that women or men like the "challenge" or someone unpredictable but more that they don't know who they are and what they're looking. "bad boys/girls" are portraying this façade out of manipulation and fear. They find their identity/ validation in someone else. If you know who you are and what you're looking for then you don't find the need to "act" like anything but yourself nor are you confused about why the opposite sex is "acting" out of this manipulation or fear. It's quite clear because you've played the game before and you have realized that it wasn't getting you what you truly wanted and there's no need to act a certain way to get an expected response because it's based on you being someone other than your true self. If by chance the relationship were to continue or any length of time you'd have to continue the façade and it would become a heavy burden and unfulfilling. If you are entertaining someone who needs to be anyone but their true self then it is obvious and you can walk away with a clear conscience that you were true and honest too yourself and them. You're responsible for yourself and no one else pays the penalty of your poor choices. Do the work, get to know yourself. You can continue to choose to put all your effort into one unfulfilling relationship after another or into getting to know yourself and being a better you. The work that needs to be done won't go away just because you refuse to face it. It just gets to be a heavier weight to carry from the hurt and pain and neglect of the relationships you continue to entertain and from your unwillingness to face yourself and abuse you've inflicted on yourself by refusing to deal with your mess and the guilt of not being true and honest with others. Every woman wants a nice guy that respects himself and others. A nice guy doesn't lack respect, that is an insecure guy. The insecure guy is also a manipulative/ fearful guy because if he doesn't respect himself or demand that you respect him, he's only holding back for fear that he'll lose you and he's trying to be everything he thinks you want. He's trying to portray himself as someone that he's not just because he thinks that will keep you where he wants you… with him. This façade eventually fades and he becomes a bitter man for not having a fulfilling relationship and all you put him through (lack of respect, love and care for his needs) He's not realizing he played a role as well in not being true to himself. It's time ladies (and gentlemen). Let's get our shit together and stop neglecting and start respecting, loving and embracing ourselves first and then we can extend that same love and respect to our significant other!! We (and they) deserve it!

  20. Suzette Demcantbreakme Mclachlan

    Love this

  21. Mirriam Chikapa

    I think the key points where “bad boys” get an advantage is being assertive and confident, about treating the woman bad or being an ***hole I don’t know what kind of woman would tolerate that unless she has self-esteem issues. But basically most “good guys” will give you the run around and won’t have the confidence to tell you that they like, you’re left wondering does he really like me or this is us being just friends? Then comes the “bad boy” swinging in and getting the girl & later on she gets hurt. So really we can’t always blame the girls the “good guys” would be just fine if they could be more assertive.

  22. Jackie Benson

    My personal opinion, I prefer for the man to be a gentleman, but be that bad boy when need be, and when need be he should know when to switch roles.

  23. Taneisha Taylor

    could you also do an article on some guys who perceive that they are good guys but in fact have serious issues. I have been accused of wanting a bad boy versus a good guy by guys that have eating disorders, the i hate women syndrome, acoholics, etc and other deal breaker issues and addictions. they all thought they were good catches and good guys but had major issues. they didnt realize why women were avoiding them.

  24. Michelle

    could you also do an article on some guys who perceive that they are good guys but in fact have serious issues. I have been accused of wanting a bad boy versus a good guy by guys that have eating disorders, the i hate women syndrome, acoholics, etc and other deal breaker issues and addictions. they all thought they were good catches and good guys but had major issues. they didnt realize why women were avoiding them.

  25. Yes, I agree. And you mentioned the more obvious problems. There are a lot of men who have very low self-esteem. While the bad boys may overcompensate to mask their insecurities, these other men put their feelings of inadequacy on display because they're so needy and clingy. They tend to make a woman feel like she is the man in a situation and they "behave like women". Most women can see through that and are not interested.

  26. Tisha Mack

    I agree! Mandie Deniece Jincks what we discussed about the difference between healthy assertiveness, confidence and those that have unhealthy traits & issues etc. that mask for one or the other….. it's not as clear as a good guy and bad boy…there are huge differences and variables and until you begin to spend time or get to know someone, you wont figure out exactly if one is compatible with you, in a healthy space to be with another person or not…… Smackola Dirtywormz – we talked about this yesterday…read this article and view the clip … 🙂

  27. Dennis Brown

    Ashley Rabinowitz The problem is Ashley is that a lot of those men don't fully understand what it means to be a man. Or more importantly what are the responsibilities of being a man. A lot of men also make the mistake of thinking that attraction works for Women in the same way as Men, which is not always the case.

  28. Amelu Arts

    I do think that Stephan Labossiere has some valid points. I used to be one of those men that always complained why women always go for Bad Boys, but it was only after I heard an explanation from a Dating Guru called David DeAngelo and later on from the Wing Girl Marni Kynris, that my mindset changed. In regards to myself, it was a lack of understanding of how attraction works for women, which is
    what led to the “women like bad boys” mentality. A lot of men make the mistake of thinking that attraction works for women in the same way that it does for men. What David and Marni explained is that it is not that women like Bad Boys per say, but it is just that “Bad Boys” tend to typically display the qualities that women find attractive, ie: confidence, humor, assertiveness etc, which ironically “nice guys” don’t do. Nice guys are too busy trying to be nice, which are primarily the characteristics of a friend, which gets them put in the dreaded “friend zone” (I say dreaded because to a nice guy, that is how it is viewed when you want to be more than just friends with a girl).

    Labossiere kinda eludes to the same argument as David and Marni where he says “In my opinion it’s not that women really like some of the a**hole behavior that comes with a bad boy, but there are certain traits in those guys that they do admire. Confidence, being assertive, and being unpredictable is what is really drawing a woman to those bad boys.”

    So in conclusion, I think that it is an interesting article and a good read.

  29. VerySad

    Wow, just how many Loser women are out there these days?

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