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5 Things To Ignore When A Man Says It

People aren’t always honest about things and men certainly are not exempt from this fact. Despite what some women may believe it isn’t usually done out of malice or some kind of genetic flaw men are born with. That man may be trying to avoid any potential backlash or undesired outcome just like anyone else that will “bend the truth” (lie). So what are some typical lines a man says that women should just ignore because there is a good chance his words may not hold much weight? Well here are five I decided to list.

1. “You Don’t Look Fat In That Dress”

Here’s the deal. If you are asking him that question then chances are you already know the answer. So why even set him up for this one. Can you imagine a woman saying to her man “Baby do I look fat in this dress?” and the man says “You sure do baby…you sure do”. That may be OK for some but for most a reply like that can land him a “no sex for a week” penalty. A man doesn’t want any trouble so he will just go ahead and tell you “nah you look just fine baby” knowing damn well that may not be the complete truth. So pay it no attention, and better yet just don’t even ask unless you truly can handle the honesty with no negative backlash.

2. “I Love You”

I’m not saying these words never mean anything. I’m not saying you shouldn’t embrace his willingness to say these words to you. What I am saying is that words alone mean nothing especially when a man says to you “I love you”. Some men have mastered the art of telling you what you want to hear so I would advise that you also pay attention to what he is willing and not willing to do for you. Hearing someone say “I love you” is great but standing on the words alone is usually a setup for disappointment now or later.

3. “I Wasn’t Looking At Her Butt”

Yeah because he was looking at her breast instead. He is a man, and speaking as one myself it is likely we will at times look at another woman in passing. Yes a man should be more tactful with it and yes it should not happen every other minute while out together. To say it should never happen would in my opinion be unreasonable. Because if an attractive woman passes by and to top it off she has her breast ready to pop out or her butt cheeks ready to fall out of her dress. Then not only is the man likely to catch a glance but you are going to look too. So when the man says “I wasn’t looking at her” after being questioned, he is just trying to minimize any potential backlash, but you know better than that.

4. “My Penis is (insert inches) Big”

With so much weight being put on a man’s size by many women, do you really think every guy is going to be honest about it. When you really look at it the situation is set up for a lie to be told anyway. Let’s say a man is 6 and 2/10 of an inch. Well a man isn’t likely to say the 2/10 of an inch part so the lie has now been set in motion. Do you think he will just say 6 inches? Probably not because most men aren’t willing to sacrifice even a centimeter in stating their penis size. So it’s likely the man says he is 6 1/2 or 7 inches (he may be bold enough to go higher) which would be a lie but it really doesn’t matter. Because unless you’re some kind of “Penis Connoisseur” it isn’t likely that you can just look at one and state its exact size. Ultimately all a woman is going to care is that it looks good enough for her and that it gets the job done.

5. “GOD Told Me You’re My Wife”

If you don’t believe in GOD then this one is obviously pointless. Because I’m sure you intend to pay it no mind, laugh, or look at that man like he has lost his damn mind for coming at you with such claims. For those that do believe in GOD then please don’t be too quick to embrace what this man says when making this statement. That doesn’t mean that from a spiritual standpoint he isn’t being genuine and honest but it also doesn’t mean that he is. If you are a believer then you should be able to pray about it and ask for yourself. Trust what your intuition tells you and not what some man says. Because what if you get multiple men that say the same thing? I hope you don’t plan on trying to marry all of them.

So there is the five I chose to go with. I’m sure you ladies can come up with some more and feel free to comment on what you would have put on the list. I’m not condoning lies just explaining some common ones that are told. Honesty is always the best policy…unless it’s his penis size…just kidding.

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