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5 Things To Ignore When A Man Says It

woman ignore what man says in bed

People aren’t always honest about things and men certainly are not exempt from this fact. Despite what some women may believe it isn’t usually done out of malice or some kind of genetic flaw men are born with. That man may be trying to avoid any potential backlash or undesired outcome just like anyone else that will “bend the truth” (lie). So what are some typical lines a man says that women should just ignore because there is a good chance his words may not hold much weight? Well here are five I decided to list.

1. “You Don’t Look Fat In That Dress”

Here’s the deal. If you are asking him that question then chances are you already know the answer. So why even set him up for this one. Can you imagine a woman saying to her man “Baby do I look fat in this dress?” and the man says “You sure do baby…you sure do”. That may be OK for some but for most a reply like that can land him a “no sex for a week” penalty. A man doesn’t want any trouble so he will just go ahead and tell you “nah you look just fine baby” knowing damn well that may not be the complete truth. So pay it no attention, and better yet just don’t even ask unless you truly can handle the honesty with no negative backlash.

2. “I Love You”

I’m not saying these words never mean anything. I’m not saying you shouldn’t embrace his willingness to say these words to you. What I am saying is that words alone mean nothing especially when a man says to you “I love you”. Some men have mastered the art of telling you what you want to hear so I would advise that you also pay attention to what he is willing and not willing to do for you. Hearing someone say “I love you” is great but standing on the words alone is usually a setup for disappointment now or later.

3. “I Wasn’t Looking At Her Butt”

Yeah because he was looking at her breast instead. He is a man, and speaking as one myself it is likely we will at times look at another woman in passing. Yes a man should be more tactful with it and yes it should not happen every other minute while out together. To say it should never happen would in my opinion be unreasonable. Because if an attractive woman passes by and to top it off she has her breast ready to pop out or her butt cheeks ready to fall out of her dress. Then not only is the man likely to catch a glance but you are going to look too. So when the man says “I wasn’t looking at her” after being questioned, he is just trying to minimize any potential backlash, but you know better than that.

4. “My Penis is (insert inches) Big”

With so much weight being put on a man’s size by many women, do you really think every guy is going to be honest about it. When you really look at it the situation is set up for a lie to be told anyway. Let’s say a man is 6 and 2/10 of an inch. Well a man isn’t likely to say the 2/10 of an inch part so the lie has now been set in motion. Do you think he will just say 6 inches? Probably not because most men aren’t willing to sacrifice even a centimeter in stating their penis size. So it’s likely the man says he is 6 1/2 or 7 inches (he may be bold enough to go higher) which would be a lie but it really doesn’t matter. Because unless you’re some kind of “Penis Connoisseur” it isn’t likely that you can just look at one and state its exact size. Ultimately all a woman is going to care is that it looks good enough for her and that it gets the job done.

5. “GOD Told Me You’re My Wife”

If you don’t believe in GOD then this one is obviously pointless. Because I’m sure you intend to pay it no mind, laugh, or look at that man like he has lost his damn mind for coming at you with such claims. For those that do believe in GOD then please don’t be too quick to embrace what this man says when making this statement. That doesn’t mean that from a spiritual standpoint he isn’t being genuine and honest but it also doesn’t mean that he is. If you are a believer then you should be able to pray about it and ask for yourself. Trust what your intuition tells you and not what some man says. Because what if you get multiple men that say the same thing? I hope you don’t plan on trying to marry all of them.

So there is the five I chose to go with. I’m sure you ladies can come up with some more and feel free to comment on what you would have put on the list. I’m not condoning lies just explaining some common ones that are told. Honesty is always the best policy…unless it’s his penis size…just kidding.

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38 thoughts on “5 Things To Ignore When A Man Says It”

  1. Joelle Paul

    “I love you” I knew that one was FAKE as hell,they hardly say it they gotta show it. Glad I dont believe in anything these NINJAS are saying anyways cuz they will drive somebody crazy with the lies

  2. Moses

    Entertaining post Stephan. I think that sometimes a man should say the truth and answer the question indirectly.

    1) A man can just say Babe, it’s a bit tight, let’s go find something else. That will hint that she might have to give up her dessert or hit the gym. It might not sit well, but it’ll work.

    2) I always wonder why would a man answer the question about the size of his penis? That’s pretty immature. And why does a woman ask? Do you think a man will tell you the truth? Maybe the woman prefers a small guy, and if a jerk is annoying she’ll use that question as a disqualifier knowing he’ll lie: “Oh, I’m sorry you’re waaayyy too big. See I like small guys because after my firstborn I had v-plasty and I’m soooooo tight….”. If it’s in a laughing, joking environment, I guess it’s OK. Raunchy can be fun as well. Be tasteful, and let her know she will find out, just have her tape measure in her purse.

    3) If a man brings God into it, and prior to it there hasn’t been any signs of Godly Man, just run. Or better yet chase him away. He’s playing you!

    Truth may sting, but a sting doesn’t last. It’ll warn you to stay away from the hive.

    1. JennyT

      Ouch, #1 would burn pretty badly. That’s just a bad question all around. Ask your trainer, gym partner, someone unattached. Asking friends or a significant other is bad news.
      #2 right on. Whyyyy would you have that discussion. Only if you’re looking for a booty call. And then everything thrown around by both parties will surely be lies.
      #3 LOL true that.

      1. Thanks. But regarding 1, if you have to ask, chances are, you are. I would think my woman would ask me. I hope, anyway.

  3. JennyT

    I’ve been dating someone for just about a month. He has said “I love you” multiple times, but usually with the aide of liquid courage and via text (ugh). He does show me through his actions that he means long-term and that he regards me as someone very special in his life. But within 30days of meeting? Shouldn’t I be weary? Maybe he falls in love with every girl he dates? I think it’s a little scary, especially b/c 95% of the guys I’ve dated all “fall in love” with me so quickly. What sort of a red flag is this, Stephan, or am I being negative?

    He also tells me that he prays every night that we will work out. So God hasn’t told him anything, but he’s definitely working the religious angle too. Ha.

    1. I think your concern is valid but lets not jump to any negative conclusions. I say take some time to talk to him and address the issue. Give him an opportunity to bring clarity as to why he has already taken the step of stating “I love you”.

      1. Leah

        i know a really sweet man and been with this man for over a year now. Few Months ago I told him I did fall in love with him. I believe you have to show it as well. He shows it a lot, but has never told me. Should I be concerned, that he never will tell me or try and talk to him. Discussions of personal matters aren’t a strong suit he shuts down. I know hes been hurt horribly but i have too more than once.I’m kind of scared either way. I love you are just words and hearing them for most part is mind changing. I’m lost in what to do. I do love this man with all my heart and I’m afraid things will change. If they are not already. I want us to be the strong super couple that people look up to. I’m totally invested, heart and mind. I feel lately stressed not so by him and some changes could just be in my own mind. what do I do??

  4. Sara

    @StephanLabossiere:disqus whithin which time do you respond to the emails in your inbox ?

    1. The time can vary but lately I have been able to respond with 3-5 days. Sometimes faster and sometime a little longer.

  5. TanTan

    You know, it’s so funny you mention the ‘God told me…’ thing. Honestly, there are a lot of women who fall for the Godly Man ploy. Their eyes light up like Christmas trees and their intuitions are from that point ignored. I had a friend of mine whose boyfriend told her he didn’t believe in oral sex. “God didn’t intend for you to put your mouth there,” he would say. Turns out it wasn’t intended for HER mouth to go there, because he was paying hookers to do it. Her response? “He respects me.” LMBAO!

  6. Leonard Johnson


  7. Reed

    Penis size…*ahem* at the same time if you cannot bring adequate equipment to the home game then I’m going to have to do a pivot kickball change 2 snaps & a twist & shuffle off to Buffalo!

    I wouldn’t ever ask & I expect him to keep it to himself until the time comes when we decide to sleep together. I admit to being superficial about it. If he is flaunting it then I shall surely judge it. Make me like you for YOU & I’m more willing to forgo that your bat doesn’t add up in size to a major league bat. I need to have an emotional attachment with you first. So stop sending photos, bragging about it or throwing hints.

  8. Amanda Elizabeth Perez

    If I am dating a guy, his size must be pleasing to me!

  9. Amanda Elizabeth Perez

    If I am in a RELATIONSHIPS, his size must be pleasing for me!

  10. Amanda Elizabeth Perez


  11. Intuition and God's revelations are two totally different things. Intuition can and does get people into unnecessary trouble, whereas God's revelations will not. So, if you're going to pray for anything, make sure you listen for God's answer, and not intuition. Sometimes what we think is intuition is really the ego, trying to keep us in our comfort zone, trying to protect us from getting hurt. But if you listen to your ego, and never take any risks, you will never step out of your comfort zone, this never accomplishing your goals and dreams. And that is not intuition. Intuition is only affective when it lines up with God's word and His will for your life. The bible says to try the spirit by the spirit. If you've sought The Lord concerning something, and you receive your answer, and your 'intuition' doesn't line up with it, it's time to listen to God. God's voice is the only thing we should listen to, not our intuition.

  12. Mary Rose

    I can agree with this. Sometimes I seek directions that have "God's" support while other directions I'll stand alone. Thank you.

  13. Lisa Moon

    If God has destined you to be together (and God makes no mistakes) God will provide you with the man that He has so carefully formed and prepared for you. Sex is a huge part of marriage, but God must always be the bigger part! If a couple loves the Lord first and foremost , then they will love each other and honor one another, be it sickness or health, debt, sex, etc. The union is a promise made before and to God. Sex can be as good or bad, make sure you are truly loved and are willing to sacrifice lovingly for the man.

  14. Morgan Stuckey

    "Her and I are just friends. We have known each other for years." Maybe they have known each other for years. But if they are really "just friends" and you have never met her or heard her name mentioned by him before, chances are that he is lying. Everyone has friends of the opposite sex. However, if someone honestly has no feelings or desires for another person beyond a friendship level, then you would have met them or heard about them at some point in the relationship. End of story.

  15. LMAO, I laugh because I think I've fallen for all of the above… yet I am single for my level of maintaining a bullshit relationship is against my religion. God told me… lmao, did God tell you that marrying you would be the ruin of my life, lmao, being one of those, Penis Connoisseurs, size does matter, and I've learned to tell the size of the woodwork by the make of the man… it's elementary my dear…he was looking at her butt, you seen it, why wouldn't he??? Love isn't what it says but what it does. And if you want a man to answer a question about your clothes, don't ask do I look fat, ask, does this outfit make me look like a lady or a tramp… you'll get a better answer, and more direction.

  16. Shenita Griffin

    Very real and talented man who speaks the truth. I love that. Keep up the good work!!!!

  17. I agree, Morgan! Just friends…hahaha…really who do they think they are fooling! Lol

  18. Lex Curtis

    Ok watch dis what if a man is willin but not able to do at the moment

  19. Actress Shakira

    I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

  20. Tiffany Denise Johnson

    I had someone to tell me that God said I was going to be his wife. We've been broken up going on 6 years now with no chance of getting back together.

  21. Raichaun MsLovee Brown

    That should've been at the top of the list!!

  22. Dwayne Bussell

    Yes size does matter to some. See not all men are average or larger the same for women applies to this. Some women are loose so they do prefer and need larger men.

  23. Lol! Penis Connoisseur… sounds familiar…. What men with really big dick do is lie. They say they have small penises and try to beat the pussy's path less traveled till it's the new freeway in town provided for by the liars 9.5 half cent tax increase.

  24. Ms. Jay

    I have to say, with the penis one I met a guy and he was telling the truth. It was the exact length he said it was. I laughed because I thought he was lying. no one would tell the truth and have a number below 4. Guess he felt like it was better to be honest so you wouldn’t be surprised later on. Also, I never believe a person who says they love me unless their actions reflect it. This goes for everyone including family and friends. With the “God told me you were my wife” I always laugh at that. I know so many church folks who slap God on any and everything to manipulate situations that it’s pathetic. God always told them something as long as it benefits them. LOL.

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