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So You Want To Have A Baby…

holding teddy bear because she wants a baby

Many people reach a point in their lives where the desire to have a child arises. There are various reasons (good and bad) that creates this desire. We at times get so caught up in this “want” that we don’t always properly evaluate if “now” is really the best time. There is so much that comes along with having a baby, and our personal emotions and desires should not override taking a well guided approach to this. So with that I present to you a graphic laying out some information to help better educate you on what you may be setting yourself up for.

This is not to necessarily deter you but to make you a little more informed. That way you can evaluate these concerns in advance and either create a plan that allows you to offset these issues, or this can just help you come to the realization that maybe it isn’t time “yet” to have a baby. Leave your comments and share your thoughts.

Costly Kids
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6 thoughts on “So You Want To Have A Baby…”

  1. Pooblyshus39

    Okayy!! We’re talking about kids. God knows I love all my babies. But I have to give it to you str8. That cost for child care is a tad bit higher. The IQ is 20 points. Well my angry smurfs sucked all my and the sex has been shot like who shot John. The wee liddle babies snatch all knowledge, hair & all sexyness (your nice shape) from you. Why you think we so depressed…lol. One thing we have to struggle with and  focus on is “this is just temporary”. The liddle vampires start sucking blood when they realize you’re their mother… rotf.lmbo.Thats kids for you!! BUT I love my little ones, no matter how they made mommy look.  

  2. ToriTheTiger

    Children may be costly yes, but mine have changed mine for the better.  I look forward to go to work because i know im providing for mine and setting a good example.  My husband and i find ourselves bonding more because of the children and in the mist of the craziness they still make me smile.  As far as my physical apperance, im still sexy and i know it. These arent stretch marks, im a tiger whos earned her stripes and I look good sporting ’em. I thought i would be huge and sloppy after children but pregnancy just added to my natural plump rump and i havent been sexier, and a certain man in my life loves it…no more babies though 🙂

    1. “These arent stretch marks, im a tiger whos earned her stripes” Lmao that is too funny, I like that. Babies can definitely be a wonderful blessing and it is great to see that you and your husband are both embracing and enjoying that blessing. I just want to make sure more people are aware of the responsibility of having kids so that they can better prepare themselves to provide a great a environment for them and their children.

  3. Danni

    I’m 34 with not kids. Family members and frenz have always told me to hold off to having kids as long as I can. This makes me hold off a bit longer. Eye-yi-yi. If I hold off too much longer, I’m gon’ have to ask God to please work with my 19 eggs. O_õ Oh, wait. First, I need a man. o_O

  4. Nttell

    Yeah they are costly. I just love my kids though. BUT ask me if I plan on having another?…ummm….only if I marry and my husband and I decide WE are ok with it. Other than that…nope!

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