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Of Course She’s Crazy: Stop Contributing To The Madness

woman going crazy men drive women crazy

That’s right women are freaking nuts! A majority of them have lost their minds and have lost all common sense. Why has this happened? Cause they were born that way!…Ok I’m done venting and being over the top : ). Seriously I do believe a lot of women could be a bit crazy at times but I also believe that men have contributed to it very much. Don’t get me wrong, I believe everyone is accountable for their own actions. You control how you handle things regardless of what you have been through or are going through. Still I think men participate in way too much negative behavior that can be easily eliminated. This behavior definitely contributes to more emotional instability in women. The funny part is some men participate in the nonsense, but then complain in amazement that the woman is crazy, and they don’t understand how she got like this. So here is some of my input in regards to this dilemma.

Men – If all you want is some ass then stop playing boyfriend to get it! Really, whether everyone realizes it or not this is the main contributor to the unhealthy behavior that men engage in. How can you think it’s OK to make this woman feel as if she can be the “one” or that you are soooo into her, when in reality your main concern is getting some ass. As well as the other benefits you can take from her such as free meals, gifts, favors, etc. You are simply playing with her emotions to get what you want. So please do not be surprised when she starts to act “crazy” because you have now decided to pull the rug out from under her. You set her up to invest her time and emotions, and when you’re done using her you basically tell her it was all for nothing. That’s like putting your life savings into something and losing it all just like that and that’s not cool man. If you don’t have enough skills to get some ass without leading her on then just leave it alone, and accept that spewing lies will likely create a bigger mess. At the end of the day do unto others as you want them to do to you. Otherwise be prepared for the craziness you will have helped create…Karma is a b**ch!

Women – Stop falling for and believing any man who says the right things to you. I’m not saying be negative about every man you meet (you should always think positive) but it’s about damn time you be a lot smarter about it. Smarter means be patient and let the man’s actions show you something, not his words. Also understand that anybody can do right every now and then. So actions are good but if it’s not consistent then it’s not enough. If he is truly into you then he will have no problem showing it. When men make a million and one excuses it’s because you unfortunately are not the one. Therefore he does not care to put in the necessary effort and you should just keep it moving. At least that way you won’t find yourself months or years later wondering what just happened. Not to mention the amount of denial you will be in as you lie to yourself to believe you’re in love. When in reality you’re just very hurt and can’t believe you just wasted all that time and energy.  Bottom line, stop getting involved with guys who haven’t proved themselves to you. If you want to mess with him for fun then that is your choice. Just don’t get it confused for something else and then blame men for your craziness when you set yourself up for that crap.

So there you have it. I have never been a man to lead women on (at least not that I know of) so I simply cannot respect or defend a man who goes about his business this way. On the flip side I’m tired of seeing women just continuously fall for the same nonsense when I know that women are much smarter than that. So everyone needs to be smarter, more honest, and then let the chips fall where they may. Now let me go file that restraining order on this woman standing outside my door ; ). Again that was a joke.

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36 thoughts on “Of Course She’s Crazy: Stop Contributing To The Madness”

  1. Tangela Fletcher

    My sentiments exactly! Love it!!

    1. RelationshipExpert

      thank you tangela : )

    1. StephanLabossiere

      I appreciate that

  2. Andreu010

    I just realized all of this a while ago. Smh took me fed up with this exact behavior too

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Well the good thing is who have realized it so now you can handle it properly.

  3. KimahD

    This has me understanding a lot of things and I believe this to all be true

    1. StephanLabossiere

      I’m glad this article can provide some clarity and understanding

  4. Mzcookeez2

    Insightful…many of us women say we want our men to b truthful but I dnt believe many of us would b able to recieve it as such..

    1. StephanLabossiere

      Thank you for that honesty Mzcookeez. I have been told by many women in private that they would struggle with being receptive to it. Either way, we all need honesty and it is always best.

  5. KT

    While I agree that men need to be honest about their intentions, I say women need to accountable for their own choices and actions.

    1. StephanLabossiere

      I don’t disagree with that on bit. Too many women refuse to hold themselves accountable, and they will continue to struggle with relationships until they do.

  6. Vctoria_hopkins

    I think the world would be so  much better if men would just tell the truth when it comes to things like this if all you is sex then let the woman no don’t play mind games with her…. This goes for women as well a womens intuition never lies but if u ignore it that’s your fault.

    1. StephanLabossiere

      It would make things much better, but most men realize that if they do that then they will decrease their chances of getting what they want. Unfortunately they see other men who play the game and the women fall for it, so naturally they just figure they will do the same thing. Hopefully people can learn not to value sex at the cost of deceiving people to get it. There is a lot of work to be done to get things moving in a better direction in regards to this topic and relationships as a whole.

    2. lu

      Yes that is part true. But women need to be honest with themselves. ..they need to get to the root of why they like that guy n why they want to date him. All should be honest. Sometimes people play mind games with them selves by not being honest to themselves!!!!

  7. Mumbz

    I’m getting less angry with you. Not all the way but less. Good read thanks sharing!

  8. Codyjordan48

    Good read, i learned something new.

  9. This is pure Tom Foolery. Take more time to know people and you wont get trapped by their words. It takes way more effort to show your worth than tell your worth. Let that sink in. 

    1. lu

      Yup,yup. God is a wise man. Ask for discernment. ..n use it!!!!!.

  10.  “At the end of the day do unto others as you want them to do to you. Otherwise be prepared for the craziness you will have helped create…Karma is a b**ch!” <<< Yes indeed. I feel like you just warranted every girl's "craziness", so thank you! lol 

    1. Lol well I don’t want to necessarily warrant it. I do understand why it happens and how the behavior of men can contribute to it. I still would encourage all women to learn not to play into the being “crazy” and better handle their reactions : )

  11. This was soooo on point! At some point, everyone needs to not only take responsibility for their actions, but also recognize how their actions play a role in the outcome. You can’t play with people’s feelings and emotions and expect everything to be “cool.” I agree with Vhopkins comment that it would all be better if we were honest with ourselves and others. Unfortunately, most people can’t handle the truth especially regarding the person in the mirror!

  12. Rich Man

    I think your dumb for this. This is just what you believe. There are a lot of good men that meet the crazy women that want to be gold diggers and use men. There is bad woman and men out there just know what you want and go get it. Problem is most people are scared and expecting all this bullshit every time they get in a relationship so you get it.

  13. Chen Chen

    this definitely helped me understand…thank you 🙂

  14. kitchen

    I am a woman and therefore I’m nuts! 🙂 i have proven that time and time again. Going out with a guy hoping that he will love me the way that i love him is definitely bound to failure. He is someone who never gives a damn to what i feel, its just sad that it took me a long time to realize that it’s never gonna work and that he is incapable of loving someone except himself. I’m in the process of moving on and letting go. but what can i say? i did love the guy but i refuse to get hurt again. I just hope he finds the thing that will make him happy and maybe find that someone that will make him happy. but who am I kidding? i want him to be miserable knowing that nobody can love him the way i did.

  15. Get A Commitment

    Avoid all the “craziness” and abstain from sex before marriage. Ladies, draw your red lines clearly upfront. Players won’t waste their time. Gentlemen will respect you. Ladies, this protects your heart, your body, your future, and your potential child’s future. It doesn’t have to be a religious thing. Just a practical thing.

    1. lu

      I agree. N they won’t call much either…i abstain n i love me. Until God thinks im ready for a man then. Abstain with no pain.#loveulordmymainman.

  16. why do men want sex so much from different woman? when i can give him a good sex and much more? isn't it better to keep one woman really happy, have awesome sex than being a player and flirt with many women, get bad reputation for that, get scorned by some and laughed at by the rest? i think one nights stands are seldom a good sex, guy dont know what turns me on and what i like, and if its after a drink or few, they guy is tired, falling asleep, can't function… its just generally bad… isnt it same for men? string of one night stands and string of bad sex and they are just skilless lovers.. when you spend some time together, you know much more about sex, and you have better sex….

  17. Athaliah Marcelle

    Great insight…We as women have an extremely wonderful gift from God called woman's intuition. But most need to see it play out. Putting trust in what these men are saying instead of in God and in this gift.

  18. Athaliah Marcelle

    We all have to accept responsibility for our actions but I'm so glad that one man can be honest about how most men contribute to this nonsense.

  19. Padron

    thank. you for being honest.

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