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Stop Nagging Woman!

Every man just stand up now and applaud because I am sure you are going to agree with this article. So many men have had to endure the constant nagging of a woman. Some women just don’t know when to stop. They go on and on and on as if their mouths are incapable of becoming tired (except for when you ask for that special sexual act). It’s as if they took Nagging 101 and some woman managed to brainwash them that this is a necessary evil capable of getting them what they want.

At what point will we accept that nagging does not work. Yes it may get you results temporarily but it continues to cause greater damage to the relationship. All that b**tching and moaning…(allow me to rephrase that and take a less harsh tone).   Complaining and being negative will just create more aggravation and division within the relationship. A lot of times the response and reaction that you get is simply a man’s attempt to shut you the hell up. Some don’t bother even trying because they figure you will just find something else to nag about later. Husbands no longer want to rush home because they don’t want to deal with their wives mouths (even though he will still catch hell for not coming home in a timely manner). Men learn tuning out techniques just to avoid the negativity coming out her mouth. Why do you think many men just hear “womp womp womp” when the woman talks. He doesn’t bother trying to pay attention, he just tries to listen for keywords and hopes you don’t ask any questions about the discussion when you are done. We have to understand and accept that nagging is counterproductive.

So I know what you are saying ladies, “if he wouldn’t act so stupid, or he did what I asked then I wouldn’t need to start nagging him” and I completely understand your position. I understand it is tough to resist the temptation of talking his ear off because you feel he is not properly cooperating with you. It’s just that there is a much more effective way to communicate to him. You are a woman and you have been given certain feminine abilities that can easily sway a man into doing what you ask of him. Packaging your message in a positive, loving, and caring matter will make the world of difference in making him receptive to it. Like the saying goes, “you can catch more bees with honey”, so stop throwing mud and expecting something positive to come from that. When anybody feels attacked, talked down to, or disrespected, they will not be as receptive. As stated earlier, even if they give you what you want, you are actually causing long-term damage that will lead to other issues. I know some will say well I tried being nice but he still doesn’t get it. My answer to that is; never let a person cause you to take the negative route. Remain on the high road and if you are in relationship and being positive does not work, then maybe you are just with the wrong guy.

As I always say, we men do need to do better. If we say we are going to do something, then we need to do it. We must be men of or words, and give our women less reason to even consider nagging us. With that said, you ladies are not excused from taking this behavior. Before you start-up with all that noise, ask yourself this question “would I be receptive to this approach if it was me?” Any of you that say yes are full of crap! Nobody likes this negative approach; therefore everyone needs to learn to stop using it. The more you let love lead you, the more love you will find. Move your relationship in a better direction, take a positive approach and stop nagging!

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