emotional pimp woman kisses friend on cheek

She’s Just An Emotional Pimp – How Women Use Men Too

Men are always getting a bad rap for their pursuit of sex. They are dogs, selfish, and just plain old disgusting pigs who will do plenty of wrong to get some booty. If sex was a job, then many men would gladly apply…wait, it is job and it’s called porn. Moving along, they are just despicable and many of them will simply use women for their sexual benefit. Now what about the women? Why are they getting a free pass for the crap many of them do. I mean it is hard for me to say with a straight face that they use men for sex. Only because most men would welcome the opportunity to be used sexually so it isn’t really anything most will take issue with. What many women do is take advantage of men who desire them by taking free meals, benefits, time, emotions, and his listening ear. In essence these women are what I like to call an “Emotional Pimp”.

You see many women get mad at men for taking advantage of their interest and using it to turn their hopes of a serious relationship into convenient sex. A lot of women just refuse to realize and acknowledge when women do the same thing in principle to get the things they desire or value. Now I am not trying to say that a woman giving up her body should be equivalent to a man giving up his time and hard-earned money. What I am saying is that in many cases they are valued equally to their respective genders. Basically if a man uses a woman just for some sex, and then leaves her high and dry, she will be hurt. She will feel like she wasted her time, she will feel violated, and now her guard is up even more when the next guy comes around. Well guess what, when a woman uses a man who is interested in her for his time, emotions, free benefits, etc. That man will be hurt, feel violated, and now he also will be more guarded with the next woman. Do you see what I am saying here? Men disguise their pursuit of sex with the title of “dating” or claiming to be your “boyfriend”. In principle many women are doing the exact same thing in their pursuit of companionship by disguising it as “dating” and sometimes even “friendship”. So tell me, what the is the difference?

Many women value companionship and the extra free benefits is a huge incentive to going out with some guy that she knows she has no real genuine romantic interest in. Plenty of women have taken that date just because they were hungry, bored, or wanted to talk to somebody about whatever. None of her reasons line up with the real reasons he is asking to taking her on a date (get some sex, work towards a relationship, or both). In cases where the two people are genuinely “just friends” then of course this is not an issue. Same way when two adults have a sexual agreement/understanding in place then nobody should cry foul. The problem is when one of those two people knows they are not on the same page, yet they lie or play along to get what they want. That man is hoping for a chance to be with her, and all she does is abuse his desire to want to prove his worth to her. Sound familiar to any of you ladies? So let’s stop acting as if many women are not engaging in the same kind of foul behavior as many men do. Some Emotional Pimps have several men they keep on call. Some Emotional Pimps have a “main guy” that gives them what they need and deserve in a relationship, while the man who is actually their boyfriend treats them like crap and still gets the benefits.  Bottom line, the Emotional Pimp game is real people, and at the end of the day somebody is going to get hurt.

As always there is much more I can say about this. What men and women simply have to learn is STOP LYING! Stop using people and taking advantage of others who want to be with you. Be real with your intentions and desires. We could avoid so much nonsense and unnecessary damage if we were not so damn selfish. Some of you hide behind the fact that you did technically tell them the truth, yet you still knowingly take advantage of them holding out for hope. I spoke about the women today, but you better believe I will have a post specifically for the men on this same kind of behavior (my friend calls those guys Emotional Rapists). We all need to do better by taking a better approach with how we deal with each other. To the women, if you have ever complained about how men use women, then you really need to check yourselves on what you are doing to some men. I know men do a lot of crap, but two wrongs don’t make a right. So put your Emotional Pimp hand down, and set these men free : )…it would be best for the both of you.