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The Passing of Don Cornelius

don cornelius passing

I know I am a little late with this, but I gave a friend my word I would speak on it and I must keep my word. As most of you may already know Don Cornelius was the host of the popular show “Soul Train”. He recently passed away at the age of 75 from a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. Don Cornelius was the creator, writer, and producer of the dance/music show Soul Train. He was very admired and loved by many, and it is an unfortunate loss.

Many people who spoke to me about it expressed shock and confusion as to why such a popular and loved man would take his own life. I do not know Don Cornelius personally but what I do know is that many of us overlook the fact that a lot of people are dealing with things that we have no clue about. We are quick to assume that fame and fortune equals happiness and stability. We are quick to accept the smiles on people’s faces as proof that all is ok. We don’t take enough time to dig deeper and then when something happens like this we wonder how could this be. We live in a world that has created more emotional detachment from each other through the rise of technology. We rather  text than talk. We can send emails and tweet, but we don’t take as much face to face time with those we care about. With this people not only are more disconnected, but the hurt and troubled have found more ways to hide their pain. If we would make more of an effort to bond with each other than we may actually be able to help one another before something bad happens. If we are going to be so caught up in our own worlds, then we can’t be surprised when we find out that the world of another may have been crumbling right before our eyes.

Again I cannot speak on specifically what contributed to Don Cornelius death. I can only assume that it was a suicide based on the reports but I wasn’t there so I have no clue. I just know that the second I heard about it I thought to myself how we never know what some people are going through. My prayers go out to his family and friends. My prayers go out to anyone who has had to lose a loved one especially in such a manner. Lets take notice of any story such as this and allow it to be a reminder that we need to pay more attention to each other and be more aware of what each of us is going through. It is in that awareness that we will be able to find solutions and make progress.

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5 thoughts on “The Passing of Don Cornelius”

  1. I don’t know how closely you followed don Cornelius but he was a massive control freak and was also very ill.  He was 75-years old and in poor health, I see his suicide as his way of controlling his death the same way he controlled his life.  It’s not uncommon that elderly people do that, but he’s the one that everyone knows.

    1. Anonymous

      I didn’t follow him but what you are saying makes sense if this indeed was the case.

  2. Anonymous

    Feb 9 2021
    It takes a great deal of courage to pull a gun trigger to one’s own head. In fact, it takes a great deal of stamina to even pull a trigger on someone else.

    Self-love has a great deal to do with this and what you said was absolutely correct. Thank you for the post and for honoring your “word ” to write about this legendary loss. I was reflecting and thinking if he’s 70* then many of those who passed away due to this horrible pandemic were probably his peers.

    So many seniors are finding themselves “lost,”. I took my mom to the park during the pandemic just for her to get some air, get her feet on the ground and see “color” beyond the four walls There was a little girl on her bicycle and she was in awe seeing my senor white hair silver head in a wheelchair lady in the park. the little girl stopped the bicycle and she almost wanted to reach out and hug my mom.

    They locked eyes. Now here’s the saddest part, my mom’s grandchildren and now great grandchildren won’t call, write, send a card or even do a video call or visit. See how that works. I’m the bad cop for begging for it.

    Let us just pray that he, Mr. Don Cornelius, may have known The Lord Jesus.


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