grateful couple showing appreciation

Appreciation is Key

I know I am a little late with this, but let me just say I hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day. It is always great when we take the time to celebrate those that we love. Many mothers do so much to take care of the home and raise children. They definitely deserve this day of appreciation and praise. I think we should celebrate mothers more often, but also celebrate men and women all around. As far as I’m concerned, everybody deserves love. Unfortunately too many people are not getting what they deserve. Society needs to do a better job of making sure we properly take care of our women as well as uplift the men. A person goes through so much and for so many that void of appreciation makes life so much harder. It would be a tough task to make sure every person received what they needed emotionally. Even the men and women in relationships are feeling the void and we need to do better to correct that. Let me help guide you in taking the right steps to show the appreciation I believe we all would like to receive.

Say “Thank You”

As simple as those words are, we seem to overlook them way too much.  A simple thank you can go a long way in showing some level of appreciation. It does not matter if what they just did for you was something simple or extravagant. A thank you is always in order. Make a conscious effort to say those words, and never assume you don’t need to say it. Everyone likes for their efforts to be acknowledged. Saying thank you is a great way to do that.

Don’t take them for granted

Sometimes people develop a mentality that a person “is supposed to do that”. Let’s get something straight, nobody has to do anything. They can always choose not to do a thing for you. So anything they do should be valued and appreciated. Understand that if a person takes the time and energy to do something for you, then you can at least show them some appreciation for it. Nobody likes to be taken for granted. So if you catch yourself taking that route (or get called out on it) then acknowledge it for what it is and make the necessary corrections.

Learn their “Love Language”

Everyone has a way that they give and receive love, but it doesn’t always line up with the person you are with. While you may feel you are showing your partner love and appreciation your efforts may be falling short. Why? Because it isn’t speaking to their need and what they are looking for. Take time to find out how they like to be loved and appreciated.  Never hesitate to ask what improvements you can make in that department. When you two get on the same page it will make a huge difference in creating a much happier and fulfilling relationship.

I usually write to one gender at a time because I want people to focus on what they can do better and not on what the other person is not doing. Today I wanted to speak to both men and women while addressing this topic. So with that said, do not take this moment to evaluate if you are being appreciated properly, instead ask yourself are you doing everything you can to show others and that special someone the appreciation that they deserve. As people we tend to overlook the art of showing appreciation and fail to realize the impact it has on each other. When a person knows you value them and recognize their efforts, it makes them want to do more for you. It makes them feel loved, fulfilled, and gives the strength desired to do better. Appreciation breeds production, and goes a long way towards moving things in a much better direction. Don’t wait for a special occasion, take the time today and everyday moving forward to show the person in your life and anybody that does for you, the appreciation they desire and deserve.