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Love Poem: He Saved Me

love poem two hands taking a piece of a heart
Today we have a guest post by my friend and fellow author Stephania Vereen. It is a love poem that you can find in her book Letters To Words

He saved me
He saved me from myself
Loved me so much he forced me to see what there is to love
Believed in me
Put me on a pedestal
Took everything I had to dish out
And even dared me to give him more
To show that he won’t hurt me
To show that he’s not the enemy
He poured so much of himself into my healing
Into my growth
That he may have lost more of himself than was already gone
Why won’t he let me save him?
Why won’t he let me show him what I see?
Why won’t he believe me when I stress his greatness?
In my own selfish greed
I’ve spent enough time taking from him
And not giving back
Enough time not loving him
The way he deserves
And now
My eyes are open wide
I see him in all his glory
And I want to give him more than I’ve taken
I want to motivate him
Encourage him
Save him…from himself
Love him so much
That he can’t help but to see what he’s made of
He’s my heart
My king
My partner
My jigsaw
Baby, let me save you too .

Author of Letters to Words: Ebook Paperback &

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22 thoughts on “Love Poem: He Saved Me”

  1. HairByDanni

    This is awesome. Perfect example of a King finding his Queen. If only we had more couples like this to pave the way..

    1. RelationshipExpert

      Yes we do need more couples like this, it is a beautiful thing.

  2. ToniaLove

    I love this. Perfect read for me as I am missing my husband while out of town working. All it takes is love, mutual respect & communication.

    1. StephanLabossiere

      glad you enjoyed it. the author has many other poems you can check out. I hope you get to see your husband very soon : )

  3. Jeckahead

    I love this topic. In my journey, when I stopped trying to be saved by someone, my life opened up. I find happiness from within now- I used to fill my self up with another’s fuel, when I really needed my own. Sometimes we get lost in wanting to save someone or trying to be saved so we dont have to do the inner work. I assume it is a fine balance between being supportive of someone but taking responsibility for yourselves. I am looking forward to being in a truly healthy relationship one day.

  4. I soooo LOVED IT! It speaks out of my Heart from her mouth, how I view the man I Love very Dearly,

  5. Williamsarah86

    It is wonderful and amazing

  6. Joelwyrick0

    Save me!! Lol.. Nice work. I’ve always knew my life should be told. I just thought it would be longer. (;

  7. Clea0214

    Im crying because im at this point with my love. Im still hesitant because i trust NO ONE but time will surely ease all my worries and fears. Thx for this

    1. If their is a genuine connection then don’t let fear hinder you. Operate in faith and love and embrace the blessing.

  8. Tiffcountess

    I love it and it is a true example of love.

  9. cocoberry_love

    Its honest, love, n inspiring…

  10. Dana Dandy

    I truly loved this written piece of LOVE…. I got through reading it out loud and in tears. it spoke depths to my spirit , as I feel that I am there somewhere in between. I would like to read more of this author's work. And, Mr Stephen, I am new to your works yet, I have been reading your posts, atleast, daily and enjoying them very much, for all that you continue to do for us sister's and our brother's 🙂 I thank you ! Many continued blessed endeavors to you… How do I get a personal question to you????? Thank You

  11. color green

    I have been married to the father of our four children going on 13 years, separated now since March 2012. Wishing I never missed a mommenty to praise him and now how I wish God would answer my prayers allowing me to give my husband the love he deserves!

  12. Sarah

    When you become one with someone, taking care of them is taking care of yourself. Your personal responsibilities become shared. That is what a truly healthy relationship is: Interdependent.

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