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3 Things Single Men Need to Start Doing TODAY!

Single men it is time to start being better men and stop with contributing to the issues many deal with in dating and relationships. I understand that some of you don’t grasp the damage you do to women, and to the overall state of relationships. That’s why I have decided to do my part in making sure you are now informed on the reality of some of these issues. Be brave and drop the pride while I show you the way and help you take the necessary steps to becoming the best man you can be. Let’s begin with these 3 things a lot of you need to start doing.

1. Be honest about your intentions

If you’re simply looking for some bedroom action, then please stop allowing her to believe that you want may want more than that. It’s not cool, and it is simply causing more damage and more dysfunction in the crazy world of relationships. I mean don’t get me wrong, I know when a woman says “if a guy just wants sex, then just say it” this isn’t a suggestion that will typically help you reach your goal. It was a great line some woman came up with to help weed out the guys who are just after sex. However, it would still be best to take an honest approach. You can still find women who are on the same page as you, and you don’t have to lie or “play boyfriend” to get what you want. I’m in no way saying that sex should be your focus, because it shouldn’t, but I understand that this is what a lot of men desire while dating. Just take a better approach so that you can avoid creating more issues.

2. Learn How To Be A Man

The behavior of being dependent on a woman to take care of you, and not knowing how to stand your own two feet is unacceptable. It needs to stop immediately. You will never be able to properly take care of a woman in a way that she needs or desires if you have yet to learn how to take care of yourself. Some of you may know how to stand on your own, but you may be what some consider a “momma’s boys“. It’s great that you love your mother, but if you don’t learn how to cut that umbilical cord now you will have major issues when you get married and you keep putting your mother over your wife (which in my opinion is not a good move at all). It is time to stand on your own merits and start being the best man you can be. Your future girlfriend/wife is not going to be happy with some guy who can’t take initiative to do anything for himself. She is not going to be happy carrying an extra burden in the relationship because she does not have a man she can count on. Yes I know some of you are being taken care of by your woman, so you may figure “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Well guess what, it is broken, you just don’t see the cracks and dysfunction clearly. Trust, you keep it up and it will become painfully clear how broken it really was the entire time.

3. Try To Understand Women

I always say “you don’t have to understand all women, just focus on making a genuine effort to understand your woman”. Which is true, however, gaining some general understanding of women is a great place to start and it will help you moving forward. You may think you know plenty, but many times you may not have a clue. That reality will eventually slap you in the face once in a serious relationship or marriage. So here is the deal, you can either wait till that time comes and try to learn on the fly or you can get started now and be ready for when that day comes. I’m not talking about tips and tricks to maneuvering through a woman’s mind and heart. I’m talking a genuine attempt to understand women and the ways that many of them operate. You wouldn’t wait to the championship game before you raise your level of play, you would practice well in advance so that you have a shot to win that championship. Well it is the same thing here and if you’re smart you won’t waste another day waiting to prepare yourself.

There it is right there and I’m sure many women would agree with this list. There are other things I could list but let’s just focus on this for now. You can learn more as you continue to come back to this great blog that will enlighten you and educate you on the many things I feel would be great for you to know and understand. The single men that take heed to this message will be a few steps ahead of the other guys too prideful to take some good advice. They will see the benefits of taking these steps, and when the time comes that they wish to be single men no longer, it will be a much easier transition. If you’re a woman reading this, well pass it along. The more men we can get to start doing better, the more we can create a positive environment that benefits both men and women.

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