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He Says He Loves You, But He Doesn’t Show It

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says he loves you but ignores woman on couch

Time and time again I get to speak to women who are trying to figure out where they stand in their relationship. Sometimes it isn’t even an official relationship. Just a situation with a man whose words and actions don’t seem to line up. They are left confused because they want to believe the words coming out of his mouth are true. Yet when the time comes for him to step up and show her he means it, his actions or lack thereof have her questioning what in the world is really going on here. How can this man say such wonderful things like “I love you” “you’re the one for me” or even “I need you in my life”, but continue to fall short with what is needed to validate these words?

Because he is telling you a lie…plain and simple. I don’t want you to feel bad when I say that, but I do want you to grasp what the likely scenario is. I understand there are some men who struggle with showing their love. I am not dismissing the possibility of this, but as you continue to read I will show you how the situation still needs to be handled in a similar way to the liar. For now let’s focus on the man who is simply playing a game and telling you what you want to hear. Both men and women should understand that words mean nothing if they aren’t backed up with actions. I could tell a woman that I would fly to the end of the earth to go see her. Knowing very well I wouldn’t even entertain driving 45 minutes to go see her. There are some men who will say whatever is necessary to keep you around, and drag you along for the ride. He is being honest if he says “I want you in my life”. Because he wants to keep those benefits you provide that don’t require him to make any real effort in providing you what you need. I know many of you are thinking how this is just horrible. How could a man be so selfish and not just let that woman go in fairness to her. Well I have a question for you. If you applied for and got hired by a job which then proceeded to let you do whatever you wanted. You can come when you want, and put minimal effort into your work. Despite your poor performance they will still give you a full paycheck every two weeks. How many of you will still be “mature” or “righteous” enough to leave that job because it isn’t fair to the company? I’m not condoning this negative behavior by anyone, and I do say it needs to stop. Just please understand how tempting it is for a person to take advantage of this. You can wait for them to take the high road or you can put the power in your hands and do what is best for you.

Now let’s quickly discuss the man who struggles with expressing his love properly. For one most men struggle more with saying “I love you” over trying to show you their love (what they know love to be). So that already works against the chances that this man has a genuine issue. That kind of guy just needs the directions and his actions will be adjusted if they don’t currently line up with what you need. If he is genuine about his issue then the key is him making an effort. If you express to him how you feel in a loving manner and he still doesn’t step up then he is likely playing you. It’s like telling a man you want to hear from him more often by him giving you a call. He then says “well this is how I’ve always been and I don’t know how to change that”. What does he mean he doesn’t know how to change that? Pick up the damn phone and call your woman sometimes, end of story. I mean his unwillingness to make adjustments when you give specific requests is a huge red flag. He is making excuses and you should embrace that you deserve better. Still let’s say I am wrong and this man has a deeper issue that is blocking his ability to show love with actions. Well that means he isn’t ready to be in a real relationship which you then have to walk away from him just like you should from the liar. If you feel you should try to help him then do it as his friend. Not as the woman who gives him everything while you receive nothing or not much (so no friends with benefits). If he can’t learn to show love to you as a friend then he will never do it as your “man”.

Ultimately this boils down to this; is this guy willing to be the man you need. Is he willing to put the same effort you are prepared to put into this relationship. We all have our off days but is the guy consistently good with some days off or consistently  bad with some good days sprinkled in there. If he is the latter than it is likely you should walk away. When he is ready to step up with actions and not some sweet talk, then you can consider entertaining being with him. You have to embrace your worth as a woman and what you deserve from a man. If you accept less than you will get less and it is your responsibility to correct that.

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  • Shade Odeinde

    Another GREAT post Stephan! You ROCK!

  • Gigi

    Stephan…I am in this situation right now. It is very difficult to keep hearing this, but thank you…

  • Joelle Paule

    Thank God for Stephan and this blog. Actions speak louder than words, I am from Missouri(Show me state) I often say this and people laugh; I am dead serious 🙂
    It’s even hard to find a man who will be honest with you, let alone the find the one who will show you how he feels about you? That’s probably impossible to find these days SMH

  • Nttell


  • @Tekee_

    Thank you for telling the truth! U just healed a lot of women’s hearts.

  • KR

    Very interesting article, I couldn’t agree more.
    This is exactly as valid the other way around: from a woman in a mans eyes. I have had this happen to me in my last “relationship” with a woman and I can attest to this. I’ve dragged it for too long in my inner hopes of believing her words to be true and that she was just confused. Tip: Stop talking to him/her for at least two weeks(yes, it’s very painful), sort your feelings and thoughts. From two weeks onwards you’ll begin to realize how much he/she really needed you for sure -oh, but dont just fall for the first weak attempt from him/her to contact you, else you’ll invalidate the process. From them on you’ll be able to see the relationship with new eyes, feeling less needy and more disappointed with the person, and probably realizing you forced yourself to believe in the person words in the past but he/she didn’t actually really care about you. This is something you can’t just realize while in the relationship.

  • Tropicanajuice4u

    This was me for a few yrs on and off with my ex. I believe he truly loved me but his actions did NOT support his love 4 me as his woman.  Even gave direct suggestions and had those “talks” several times but he for the most part came off as if I was coming out of left field with these discussions and making things up.  Many times he made an effort to do better but things always went back to the same thing/ways I had issues with. I was no rosy peach I had my issues as well but I know how I felt, what I observed and what I did not like that was happening with us. We even tried counseling.  During those brief sessions I came to see that he did NOT want to come to true grips with whatever it was he was struggling with inside himself. One big closed shell that did refused to open up.  Sad part is he was the one that suggested the counseling.  There was nothing I could do to help him but something he had to do alone.  Eventually I moved on, never looked back. I am much happier. Still single but happy!

    • LG Kathy

      SO glad that you realized that it was not your job to fix him, and that you deserve better, much better. I just prayed for you to find a good man that treats you like a queen. Settle for nothing less.

  • Agreenwade25

    This has helped me so much. I knew this all along but I kept making up excuses for him, I been with a guy for a year and he told me everything I wanted to hear, moved in with me, then started showing his true colors. Now I’m stuck not knowing my relationship status while he is out of the country(military). He doesn’t do anything to show me he love me and I give my ALL in the relationship. He says he is not affectionate and don’t like to kiss but mind you he did all these things at the beginning. I been over it and I know I deserve better. Do I wait until he comes back or move on now?

    • If you know in your heart you are done then there isn’t much reason to wait. I would just encourage you to communicate this to him and be open and honest about how you feel. 

      • Lost&Confused

        Oh my, I have been in a relationship off and on with a Man for over a year now, it’s up and down. He says he Loves me, yet questions my love…drops comments like if you Love me you would do this r do that for me. He will go out with friends for drinks while I’m home because I have work early the next day. Really confused when he can go for days on end without calling, r responding to text…then apologize and say I’m busy, r I was frustrated and didn’t want you to have that energy…only for me to find out that he was not busy and was out and about doing things for himself. Even my teenagers tell me he is selfish and , I deserve better, yet I Fell in Love with him. As long as I show up, clean HIS house, wash clothes and cook then he will be happy…yet we JUST hang out there while he watches his football r such, and when I want to watch anything, I get oh baby you can watch that when I’m not hear…I do anymore feeling like I’m giving more than I’m giving….

  • lea

    this really help…i’ve been with my bf for 2months the first 1month that i’m with him he say all the words that most women likes to hear from a man he do all the good stuff but a few weeks later he change and he can’t even say I LOVE U if i’m not the first one to say it…what might be the best to do with this situation…I really Love him so much but i can feel that he’s starting getting not interesting to me.he eevn don’t text me or msge me if i dont do first…stupid but I still feel in love with him

    • You should talk to him and express your concerns in a loving and positive manner. If he isn’t willing to make an effort to make things better then holding on will do you no good. Be open to any issues he may also have with you but isn’t fully expressing. it’s all about proper communication but if there is no desire to make things better on both ends then it may just be time to walk away.

  • Estebiz

    Hmmmmm thanks 4 dis piece, it jes enlightened me and helped me c better

  • Vee

    Stephan, what advice do you have on what actions a woman should take in this case, especially if you are in a relationship? What to do or say for example?

    • I believe the best thing to do is express how you honestly feel. Don’t attack with the message but open up in a loving and positive manner. Let it be known what are some specific things you would like to see more out of your partner and always be mindful that there may be some things you can improve upon as well. After that he has to be willing to put in some effort and start making adjustments or you just may have to accept that this is not the man for you (or he isn’t ready/willing to be that man right now). This may lead to a woman having to walk away from that relationship.

  • Cali Mango

    Deep but so true!!!!!

  • George

    I don’t know why the guy is the target here. You just described my partner, the mother of my children. I am faithful, loyal, and great dad. I’ve been there for her, supporting through thick and thin. Others say she should be the happiest person on Earth. Yet she say she loves me but her actions are completely opposite. Because I’m not the biology father of our one child, should I leave, I lose all my kids. No court would ever separate them. I love her so much, but this loneliness and pain is so much

    • I usually focus on one gender at a time but this can go either way as you have expressed. Just like I mentioned in this post it can be that she just isn’t truly in love with you or there is a deeper issue that causes her to struggle with embracing the love that is there. Either way you may have to take a few steps back in order to get the clarity you need or for her to make the necessary progress to move things in a better direction. I’m a little unclear about the dynamic with the children but I understand how kids being involved can make things more difficult. If you need to discuss this further send me an email at

  • Amy

    Excellent Excellent article. No one (man nor woman) should have to try to “figure out” where they stand in a relationship. When people interact with love and for mutual/common good, communication will be open and honest, and for the most part Joyful – or at least respectful and intelligent. If lies are on the table and/or sweet talk is just “sweet talk” – ummmm…it is truly an unhealthy relationship. Thank you for offering this terrific information. Btw – that picture speaks volumes!

  • joanne

    I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and he has been talking to me so horribly as if i mean nothing but dirt to him and also i have found that he has made a profile on a website called and to be honest i am so in love with him i don’t know what to do. my heart is aching and i know he is lying and that he doesn’t care but he keeps convincing me he loves me although he is treating me this way. what should i do :'(?

    • LG Kathy

      What you should do is love yourself and find something constructive to make yourself happy. Then a good quality man will come along and want to join in your happiness and you will see that what you have now is a waste of your time and your heart. Get back out there and explore your options. Don’t be afraid. If somebody really cares for you, they will make much more and better effort than this. Don’t make it easy for him to take advantage of you. Want better, do better.

  • Tony Christopher

    Stephan…..just as you spoke that it can go both ways. I’m currently in a situation with a young lady and the exact same thing is happening to me, however, it gets deeper. She say’s she loves me, she’s in love with me, she needs me I mean she expresses the emotion, however, she doesn’t show it because of past hurts. I asked her how does she feel she is ready to be in a relationship with this major issue but she says she wants to Love and to just be patient with her. I continuously express and show my love for her, that I’m not cheating etc., but she comes of cold. And if I communicate this to her, she gets irritated and fed up and tells me that I can’t handle her non showing side and that I’m not listening to her (pertaining to her expression of love). Also she tells me that she understands what I’m going through and I’m like ,”If you do, stop doing it!” She is so wrapped up in this hard core attitude of not showing her feelings and that she is still single but she loves me and cares for me and appreciate me loving her hard because she has never had that before. Help me out if able!!

  • missyone2

    That was a great article. I am in a relationship now that feels just like that. There have been trust issues and lies with him before and then he broke up with me saying we were incompatible. I tried to move on and then I learned about another huge lie. We were talking as friends and then he said he realized i was the one he wanted and we got back together. But it just doesnt at all feel like before. And if i bring up emotional issues and try to let him know how I feel he always manages to dance around it or somehow turn it into something else. And I always seem to get the phrase just because i dont do x “doesnt mean i dont love you” my friends have told me many times run. hes a liar and only keeping u around for now until something else comes up. Im so lost. I give so much more than I get in return…..

    • naynay whiteside

      This is so me

    • LG Kathy

      Get out, get out. You are playing his game. Get out there and explore your options, or travel, go back to school, spend time with family. This sounds like a dead end road. Never make someone a priority that is only making you an option. Sometimes nothing really IS better than something, this something, anyway.

      • Janine Anne Juyo

        How do I last a day or two without wanting to talk to him? 🙁

  • anita m

    Awww! Its not fair. I think I just got played again. Where are all the genuine honest, “tell it how it is” men. I do not understand why this keeps on happening to me. All my friends and family members are married or in a relationship apart from me. I have been waiting for a very long time for a decent man, none cometh!
    Its like you cant win in love… If your honest with them, you get played. If you stand up for yourself, they are quick to put you down. If your a decent good girl, you get hurt. If you let them wait, they dump you anyway.
    The majority of the time, its the decent women that easily get hurt, notice how you never really see the bad girl crying, because she has learnt the art..
    So how does it leave a decent woman feeling..(well me)!
    I have come to the conclusion, being honest is not working……
    I think Women should train themselves in the art of deception and be emotionless when it comes to Men. In and out of the bedroom/
    Look them straight in the eye and LIE. And for good measure, twist up his best friend. They are true snakes, just like in the Bible.

    • LG Kathy

      No, that is not the answer, to become like them and play their game. You just have to have an unshakeable belief in yourself and your value. And if someone else does not recognize your value, that is THEIR problem- in the meantime, next! Get busy with your life and whatever makes YOU happy, and if some good quality guy comes along and wants to add to your happiness, that is a win-win situation.

  • Pamela

    This was perfect timing. I REALLY needed to read this. I was making so many excuses for him along with everybody else. Oh he behaves this way because he’s African, og its because his mother abused him. Oh it’s because tomorrow he’s turning 23! I’m so tired. He’s a full blown narcissist and I just gotta let him and us Go.

  • BJ

    I just walked away from a 1 yr relationship. It hurt, but I value myself and know I deserve better. I was angry, but now I forgive and let Him be. He would look deeply in my eyes and hold me close, hold my hand in public. He took me everywhere. introduce me to his father and very close friends. He told me he loved me and was in love with me, had plans to move together. He said he could not imagine a future without me. He brought up marriage and said he loved me waaayy before I even entertained it. I took all the appropriate steps and was taking my time w/ everything. I was just enjoying his company and learning to be best friends – the first 3-6mos in. the final 3mos of relationship he seemed to get really comfortable with me and be distracted. He decided not to live together, then changed his mind again and said, yes let’s live together. I said no, because you are not for sure. I later found out he had started seeing his ex. the last 3 mos when I felt him distracted. During that time he told me the same things and tried his hardest to maintain our relationship, but he had pulled out and was giving his attention elsewhere. I believe he truly wanted to be with me and at one point was planning it, but he got scared of settling down. This all happened when his dad died, they were very close. I told him I knew he was two timing, of course he denied it. I walked away and he never came after me. It has been 2 mos and the pain has subsided, however the residue is there. I felt I had done everything according to my very best and still got burned. Sometimes people just aren’t ready.

  • Xtiana

    I feel like crap, recently boiled down to a point and I called him out told him I felt like I’m just another person around, that I felt like an in home nanny that helped pay the bills raise his son cook clean ect. Difference is I love his 4 year old and have had every intention on being a family. They are worth it to me, but after the fact of me confronting him we broke up several times with weeks, I felt like he ripped the hugest piece of my heart out. The thought of him having to leave our home due to lack of my income devastated me because his son loves his house. So I always stayed he told me he can’t express himself and that I am too emotional. I’ve been through alot of crap diagnosed with ptsd due to abandonment, rape, and abuse. I told him I’ll work on it. We’ve had no problems up til that point. I decided to take a pregnancy test and never thought I could piss positive the universe decided to make me mom. He felt like I trapped him, he was upset and to me I was experiencing a miracle. I’m a firm believer that if you can’t love someone let them go. . Breaks my heart at the thought of leaving now because it’s no fair to my child and what about his? I feel like I deserve to be with someone who honestly loves me. I feel alone unwanted & afraid to be rational and make a poor decision over hormones if it’s hormones and not a fair perception.

  • bryteredd33

    Hello! I’ve been with my partner going on 4 yrs. And also we have 2 beautiful little girls going on 3 and he still makes up.excuses talking about my attitude needs to change why should i change my ways when he dosent show me that he wants marriage and also quit lieing about little things.

  • Rachel

    This is what is going on with me right now. When I first saw him I knew he was the one for me. When he approached me, everything he said he felt, I felt the same. In the beginning he made every effort to see me, but when it got official he made every excuse not to see me. I dumped him and went back with him so many times in the little time we were dating. He was just all words and said the most beautiful things that made me think… Maybe he does really love me. But then , back to dating him, it was the same thing. He would not give me any of his time. He seemed very hurt when I would dump him and that is what makes me sooo confused. I made it clear to him that I was not taking him back anymore, but I love him. Not sure what hurts me more, leaving him or being with him and not feeling wanted. This is by far the most confusing relationship I have ever been in but he is the guy that I have been most in love with

  • Abby

    Thank you.

  • mani

    I lv my bf very much bt wid the time he has changed alot infact we had a breakup also in btw but he came nd said srry nd i went back to him witout him i feel lonely i asked him about this but he said tat i love u just d diffirence is i dont show wat should i do

  • just me

    Stephan, great article! Was wondering if you could maybe write about how long to wait for him to want to marry you? If you already haven’t that is.. We have been together 3yrs, even planned a wedding and he backed out. We bought a house together. Things are normally great, except for the days I think about the lack of moving forward to marriage. I do not want to say marry more or I’m out. Yet honestly I’m not willing to be one of those girls who is with someone many years then he leaves and marries the next girl.. Any help would be great!!

  • Grace

    I heard this advice before. From my FATHER. Great article and advice. It’s nice to get confirmation.

  • Andi

    I better stop talking to this guy. Im falling in love and I better stop it. I really liked him how I wish he shows much effort. He says im too demanding.. I feel bad why i even dated a jerk like him.

  • Allison Allred

    Going through this right now. I am convinced that he stopped loving me over a year ago (been together a year and a half). I am now 9 weeks pregnant and don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be with him anymore (my heart can’t take it), but I don’t want to be a single mother for a second time. Guess I should have thought about this before. But remember, it’s not my lack of love. It’s his. I was madly in love with him. I didn’t realize how much he DIDN’T love me, until 2 months ago when he had an emotional affair. This whole thing is so heartbreaking on so many levels.

  • Spare_me

    Recently the father of my child and i broke up. I was so devasted til i couldnt go a day without crying. One day i get a message from my now ex boyfriend. We started seeing each other exclusivley. He was such a gentle man. I never jad to travel to see him. He woudl always call me when i texted him good morning. As time progressed he eventually mety child and createf an amazing bond with her. He would come get me and her to stay with him for days at a time. Then out of no where its like he started giving me a cold shoulder. He wrecked his car and seemed to blame me for it. My car also broke down with me trying to make sure he was ok driving him to the hospital and back home. He didnt offer to help fix it but i understood he had bills to pay of his own. But the relationship only got qorse. He started texting ing my ear when i would ask who was he texting he would say his brother or his mom sent him a message. I recentlu called it quiets with him because i wasnt about to go back down this path. We still continued to talk and he still comes to see me. About a week later his attitude changes again and he stops responding to me. It seems as if i have to text him 3 or 4 times to het a response. He will tell me he loves me but im doing a pattern of all my past relationships and it annoys him. Every time i say i want to fix it or work it out this is what he says but when i say i will just forget about fiximg it he gets an attitude with me… im confused on ehats going on.

  • Nicole

    I’m in a similar situation about 4 months ago I found my first child’s father who hasn’t been in his life for 11 years he said that he didn’t even know that I was pregnant and then we talked and talked for awhile andhe decided that he wanted to be with me of course I was all for it because I have been in love with him since I was 19 years old and then things got a little deeper and he started telling me that he loves me and that he wanted to be a family but he had the worst way of showing it he would stay gone all day he wouldn’t call me he wouldn’t text me barely and I would always ask him how are we going to be anything if you can’t even communicate with me he lives far away from me but he doesn’t even try to talk to me he doesn’t act like he’s interested in me ever I don’t really know what to do at this point I’m struggling because I’m miserable with what’s going on I feel like I can’t do this anymore and when I tell him he just says it is impossible to talk to me he thinks that I should just be happy with the way he is but I don’t understand the way he is how can you tell somebody that you love them but you don’t show them at all I think in the end he just wants to be together because we have something in common which is our son other than that I don’t think he wants to be with me at all my feelings are really hurt because I have been 11 years alone raising my son I don’t know what else I can possibly do to make him happy every time is the same thing over and over again we are living far away and he wants me to give up my entire life to be with him but how can I do that not knowing what I’m walking into I’m so confused

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